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scarfire87: Can we get a bane mask? :(

OMFGwaffled: $9.99 just for thin sheets of plastic connected with string that comes with a marker+pouch.

randomness2282: They would also lose a lot of respect and customers.


Andrew Hagan: WWWAAAAANNNTTTT sooooo BAD!

DaffyDaffyDaffy33322: What is this "brain" you speak of?

LZSchneider: That guy is so adorably cute. xD <3

Alyssa Adler: that awkward moment when you put the whiteboard in the sleeve and then it all erases.

Dragonas Persona: First I was like "Who would use such a thing" In the middle of the video I was "Damn, I need this!"

Dexteritye: because erasable pen with paper is too mainstream...

TheYTeamOrg: That's weird, I didn't know ThinkGeek made reasonably priced things.

prousecolin913: Every man knows what a room with a black couch is ment for

Treguard, the Dungeon Master: Hey, Look! A Marauder's Map, in Whiteboard Form!

Amber Knopinska: come on bronies are stupid and they just all need a toy to add to they collection they will pay nearly anything they are collecting this crap

Amber Knopinska: you know thinkgeek would make ton of money if they could make mlp toys.

frumpy4: Now make a whiteboard marker that can't stab people :P

cementrio: Looks like a cool concept, but is the panels getting wiped off by folding/storing an issue?

pogo101650: wouldnt it smudge though? :O

DuckierSpade: im the first in the no one gives a crap club! hiphiphuray

Boogster Su: Good, but what happens if the contents are mysteriously erased when folded?

Luis III: Omg more efficient what and smartphon and biggest

darkshadow2341: the retro way of keeping a schedule or you could just use your brain

DaffyDaffyDaffy33322: but...i thought my head was filled with concrete o_0

Sonofblaster: How so?

SkuzzyHD: Or you know, get an iPhone

Notgivingit McPrivate: Well, that just went on my Christmas list!

Christ-Jan Wijtmans: finally something functiional but still sucks cause nowadays we have phones and tablets.

itsanoxymoron: *board

Sonofblaster: Says who?

Alanna Wilson: please check out my thinkgeek haul video on my channel maddigan13 ... giveaway to come soon ! thanks :)

darkshadow2341: its like a computer but here's the crazy part its in your head lolololol

Hoxtonite: I see that Vectrex Thinkgeek. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it. :P

xorinoa: I could really use this for school...I would also like one of those sack boys. I'll look for one of those after I get the white board.

TheGabbuts: Make a sofa pocket edition please :D


Amber Knopinska: dude brony costumers are better there was a toy of a mlp selling for over 10,000 and it had still 3days left on eBay (i don't what it was sold for at the end but i remember it was somewhere over 13,000)

JasonNuka: Lol what a hipster

rudini45: mine!

XxjavomecoboyxX: like si eres de anerica latina

william roukis: Where did he get that giant sackboy

bionik6861: been waiting for this :D

Kfo00793: Drop that in some water, that crap is TOAST!

Electricguy: PDA.... :P

ironman711: can I haz??

LostSemicolon: Top row Panels 3&4. :P

randomness2282: If you have to ask why you wouldn't care about the answer

1kingdomheart: plushies are the only thing of pony id buy. all else can burn

Makron5: What? No more music by the wiggly tendrils?


enigmaticlucifer: ........or use Evernote !!!
Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard from ThinkGeek 4.6 out of 5

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Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard from ThinkGeek