Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration

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Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration
Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration
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Maria Esther Miranda: Slaps are for kittys who r scared to spray paint haha kitty´╗┐

Minty Fresh: you toys! "I just rack the post office ones" they are free so stop being a toy taking about how you rack. ´╗┐

JuelzWinkler: Hardcoremarker:-P

lovepaintntacos: @renoCBS Staples

JudochoppinBITCHEZ: I know what yuh mean but itz such a waste of stickerz??

sonickills: @ReviewToLearn or u can rack 5000 from the postoffice

NightmareNB: the only prismas good for stickers are the black, silver, and gold

mrjamest2000: It's called time and effort. Just sit in your room for 2 hrs sketching and crap, it will come.

slikgraffitiking: how do getthem and how do u steal them from the post office

Th3RealJ0K3R: can you use edding makers?

flypro360: sharpie wash off? i always use them though? any help?

nickblakeleon: how did you miss spell color

Zeelack: in uk it is spelt colour, just for the record and americans speak ENGLISH but get i wrong thankyouverymuch out

OMGiTzSNOOPY: hey can anyone plss send me some free slaps...for my black book.. im makin slaps...but i wanna make alot before i start trading...i should have enough by the summer...soo pm plss....i return the fav if i remember or you can jus remind me!!...PLSS...thanks

hitsforkids: is that sticker paper?

scottiscool2: cant like a store ownerjust peel the sticker off?

feerone586: thats not true about the sharpies and bics.ive got a slap still running that i did with a normal size black sharpie and its been up for like 7 months.not faded at all,and rains and snowns alot where i live bro.if sharpies are al u got to do slaps use them anyway cuz u will be lucky if ur slap lasts long anyway.stay up kids...

ADEMIKS: lol, I made this because everywhere I look I see blank stickers and end up writing my name in em!

Tosum The Musical Mastermind: I had a back pocket full of slaps. =.= All my ass sweat made the sharpie run. =.= So def. don't use sharpies. Try DECOs or PRISMAs;; Or sumthin along those lines. =]

prestonmacdaddy: Dope!

mrflystar: a month? nah thats wrong..

TheKittyBandito: that first marker was hella clean

jay dowd: just use oil based markers

narcoze: no style

Tom Maverick Yap: i live in CA i got my in staples..

tuckerjoeparsons: where did you get those markwells

ADEMIKS: In Canada its spelled COLOUR.

martinez199327: where can i get stickers in ca.?

tynitty15: did you spray them with a clear acrylic coat ? using that clear coat would've saved them

ADEMIKS: Bombing science is a good place, or you can make your own.

ADEMIKS: I dont think prismas are very permanent but I've never tried them on slaps. Store owners could scrape them off but slaps usually dont peel off they tear in little bits and get messy. (leaves a think layer behind)

justchill134: @playthroughguypkmn oh its cool im all set with usps slaps they do me good. i wonder if other countries have postal slaps for free too.

ADEMIKS: All sharpie inks will wash off in the rain leaving a blank sticker! The longest a sharpie will last is a few months and especially not over a winter if it snows!

manchestergraffiti: 2 things were can i get them stickers in manchester england and could you use sharpie

eatmipoo: yu cant write sake thts toy man unless yu are sake intoronto

manik1109: About a month ago i slap a sticker on a dumpster and on it was a bomb i did in sharpie and it rained a couple of jus faded a lil but u could still see it!!

truth123stc: where can u get some of those markers the fat one that u wrote with on the hello my name sticker cause that crap is dope....stay up...

My Name Here: yo dont use markwels there water based and fade in sun... use decos or unis like he said

King The Gamer: @justchill134 actully your comment was 5 down lol and no prob if you live in another country i can send you some k lol

dubster1998: My sharpies don't come off stickers, he's talking crap

bigjoker125: u dont steal them because there free

MiZElL54: thats why you spray that clear spray paint on it. sdkfjaos;difjfoooool.

321SPARK: ebay

Will Fletcher: how would you make your own?

ADEMIKS: This video survived quite a long time! Must be a classic, btw oil based markers work nicely

InsaneVandalAx: sharpies last on postal ones

daniel sticknipples: Hey I made new slaps if any one wants to see them just search mrdantheman17. If u guys want to trade just leave us a comment

cookiecamp: OTR 0.50s have a good tip to do slaps with!

spittinflows: @Gojcaj1772 no, they fade out B

Bapeninja: Several people used stickers mayb ur just the outtsider
Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration 3.6 out of 5

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Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration