Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration

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Graffiti Sticker:
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Graffiti Sticker Slaps#5 *TAGS PLAIN*
Graffiti Sticker Slaps#5 *TAGS PLAIN*
Graffiti Sticker Art   Making a Quick Slap
Graffiti Sticker Art Making a Quick Slap
March and April Sticker Submissions 2016
March and April Sticker Submissions 2016
Toy Graffiti Episode 2 - REVIEW + THROW UP
Toy Graffiti Episode 2 - REVIEW + THROW UP

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Maria Esther Miranda: Slaps are for kittys who r scared to spray paint haha kitty

Minty Fresh: you toys! "I just rack the post office ones" they are free so stop being a toy taking about how you rack.

justchill134: @playthroughguypkmn oh its cool im all set with usps slaps they do me good. i wonder if other countries have postal slaps for free too.

justchill134: @playthroughguypkmn thanks bro really it must have took you a while to search back 5 months i cant wait to get those stickers :D thanks

a s: @justchill134 yo i got mine from dur dollar stores, anywhere really, bussiness supplies n s hit

a s: @Gojcaj1772 no, they fade out B

ADEMIKS: This video survived quite a long time! Must be a classic, btw oil based markers work nicely

ADEMIKS: @JudochoppinBITCHEZ You see your just one step behind the scene, graffiti is art--as it comes in multiple forms, your only neglecting another way to stay up. Stay Up! ... ez

justchill134: where can you buy those blank white stickers someone answer.

denzel: Where'd you get the markwells??????

Denis Freeman: i never use Hllo stickers anymore cuz every toy loves them, plus i cant fit my name on them even if i tried. i use label 228s and DHL labels :D nice and big. plus i use prismacolor pencils which u have much more artistic control over. plus theyre waterproof. and then i laminate them with the DHL laminates :D

Zomb1e Turtle: @A1C1D1C walmart

jay dowd: just use oil based markers

sonickills: @ReviewToLearn or u can rack 5000 from the postoffice

Jose Escobedo: @OMGITzSNOOPY I'll trade jus send Me a message wit ure adress n stuff n I'll send u one I guess but u gotta send me one Of ures n please don't bite off my stuff

Dopa_chino: @OMGiTzSNOOPY u can get dem free at usps

daniel sticknipples: Hey I made new slaps if any one wants to see them just search mrdantheman17. If u guys want to trade just leave us a comment

Willy Jones: how would you make your own?

ramenchild: i know , but its good to dream :D

ramenchild: hair spray, or a coat of water proof sealent for shoes is good, u can get both from common stores like th dollar store or foot locker
Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration 5 out of 5

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Graffiti Slaps (Stickers) Demonstration