Bellami Hair Extension Review

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HONEST Bellami Hair Extension Review   Bellissima 220g 22'   Dark Brown
HONEST Bellami Hair Extension Review Bellissima 220g 22' Dark Brown
Bellami Hair Extensions Review
Bellami Hair Extensions Review
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Bellami Khaleesi Hair Extensions Review Game of Thrones
BELLAMI Hair Extensions   Review & Thoughts   Blissfulbrii
BELLAMI Hair Extensions Review & Thoughts Blissfulbrii
BEST + WORST Hair Extensions!!
BEST + WORST Hair Extensions!!

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Jessy Ming: Bangkok Personal Shopper !!! Hello, I buy everything from Thailand now thanks to PSB, for $20 "Personal Shopper Bangkok" (Google it I don't have the exact link) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same cheap service in other fashion cities of the world !!! Maybe you can ask them ?

LetsTalkTiyanna: I only use Revlon or ferries lol I cant pronounce it, or garnier frutisse

Kimberly Moreno: What color hair dye do you use

LetsTalkTiyanna: NOPE!!!

Athina Fourie: do they shed as much?

LetsTalkTiyanna: It can last 6 months to a year, depending on how you treat them and how often you put heat to them, all of my straight hair extensio last to about a year, and i add heat to them alot, but you got to make sure to protect them & DO NOT sleep in them all the time, my friend does that and she has to replace hers every 3 months, so yea!!

Ольга Лукьянова: HI!HElp me please- how long can it last if i wear extansion almoust every day?thanks)

LetsTalkTiyanna: lol well u kno we gotta represent!

mary gomez: i love that puerto rican flag you got there in the back!

Maren 5D: If u didnt wash them yet theyll appear thinner on the ends u gotta wash that silky coating off that new extensions come w they get thicker after and hold curl better

LetsTalkTiyanna: Yes I live in the U.S. && no there was NO CHARGE ;)

Tonye Douglas: Great review! I see you live in the US and so do I... so are there any custom charges?

LetsTalkTiyanna: Thanks, Will Do!!!

Jennyfer Romero: For the longest time I've been debating which hair extension company to go for. For me it was always between Bellami and HeadKandy, i liked Bellami because of the amount of grams (220) which is suppose to make them really thick, but i liked Headkandy better cause from all the videos I've seen, they're consistently thick from top to bottom. I hated Bellami's thin ends. BUT they came out with new double drawn sets so now I'm more than willing to give them a try!! How have yours held up so far?

LetsTalkTiyanna: lol Its not that old!! ha, yes i wear them vigourously, i had them for a good 3 months so far, and there has been minimal shedding. i use a hair extension brush so that helps with them too. but no this is by far the best 200 doallors i spent on hair extensions.

Jaymee Fisher: I know this video is a bit old but do you still wear them? Also has the shedding gotten any worse or is that minimal? That's one of my only concerns

LetsTalkTiyanna: no thats over 300 grams of weave and it will look fake if you do.. thats wayy to much of hair.

Khalia Jones: would i have to get two packs if i orderd the 160 gram ??????

LetsTalkTiyanna: They are a little thicker but, the 160 grams blended just the same as my 200g, its just thicker, but the 160 is ENOUGH! exspecially if your balling on a budget. I'd go for the 160 1st. & see how you like it!

ortal cohen: thank again for responding you are awosome !! do you think the 160 is thick enoufh? u have the experiance with luxy 160 gram... is it much of a diffrence in the tickiness? thank you i appriciate your time !!
Bellami Hair Extension Review 5 out of 5

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Bellami Hair Extension Review