Sony NEX VG20eh [test Movie]

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Sony NEX VG20eh [test movie]
Sony NEX VG20eh [test movie]
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Sony NEX-VG20
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Sony NEX-VG20 intro video
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MinhThai Bui: do u use kit lens 18-200? nice work in low lighting

watwillwedonext: the cameras worth more then the car lol

corerulez: Thank you for that Video, i love it! I think about buy that Cam too, you think its still a good cam? or should i test another one? greetins

DILLØN JAMΣS: Cheers dude... Awesome video..

Ozymandias: Yeah I'll come one day. The whole Europe is Amazing!

Smitz .T: Very nice visuals! Lovely country, and fantastic camera, I'm getting one, cant wait!!!

Fabrizio Ferretti: Thanks a lot!

Forpix videography: In the Czech Republic! Do lou like it? Come on! :)

Forpix videography: 200/18 = cca 10x

Forpix videography: You should buy NTSC version :-)

Forpix videography: Just on tripod ...

Forpix videography: NEX 18-200 in the kit

dixonrussell: This camera, Canon 7D or Canon 5D MKII??? really stuck for choice and need opinions!!! thanks :)

Fabrizio Ferretti: Hi, the camera is mounted on a stedicam when it sees the car's wheel in the foreground from bottom to top? Thanks

anxs220: what lens?

Jarda Syrovy: super, ta stabilizace je dost neuvěřitelná ;-)

Air Abhipraya: It's an AWESOME video likelikelikelikelike

BritishWitwicky: how do I change the setting to 60p?

Asraf Brand: yes, it does
Sony NEX VG20eh [test movie] 5 out of 5

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Sony NEX VG20eh [test movie]