300 Straight 6 Ford Dyno Run

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Why a 300 Ford inline 6 cylinder is a gas hog
95 F150 300 4.9 Inline 6 Turbo
95 F150 300 4.9 Inline 6 Turbo
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Modified 300 I6 first run
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Cassidy Hruby: What did it make

swifthartless: Look at the camber on that slut lmao

Mike Vukich: cant stroke a 300. would be surprised if it were even bored with that claim. this 300 is a stock 300 with an efi head and a carburetor... stock cam even it sounds... probably no porting or chamber work... the most built thing about this truck is the guages... porting, intake, 500 cfm 4 barrel, ignition, and good compression would turn 200 hp at wheels and 300 tq... this truck is making stock power because it has stock internals lol. its an EFI truck with a carb swap.. thats not built by any means

berhorst59: This is a chassis dyno. Hp and tq are measured at wheels-real world. Factory specs are at crank. Huge difference

Trey Teel: I have an 81 straight 6 300 and I was wondering if they would except Turbo and how much work it take to except it if I needed to

David Davies: I like this video
nice to see a gear drive transfer case ( or at least shift handle in an 88)  a 4 speed and custom dash.
not enough brick noses are customized and i like this one!
like like like!!

Is that line lock on the brake master?

Cody Hackler: my turbo 300 i6 is pushing out just over 400 horsepower at 12psi and over 500 torque 

Carl n Misty Weisenauer: Also inline 6 engines were made for torque not hp. If you know anything about inline 6 engines, you know there torque curve (generally) is extremely flat and very low in the rpm range. Usually under 2800 rpm's. Do to this fact no they don't make tremendous HP, but that doesn't mean a inline 6 can perform.... Actually their are a few companies, (like Clifford) that make performance parts for these old torque monsters. With proper tuning and a fine crafted top end these engines can make 300 plus HP and 400 plus torque. That's NA on 91 octane.

91CavGT: People, keep in mind this is wheel horsepower, not flywheel horsepower. You have to take into account drivetrain losses to find out what the flywheel horsepower actually is. With automatic transmissions, depending on the converter, you can have 25%-30% drivetrain loss. With manual transmissions it is much lower in the 15% to 20% area. If you add bigger tires, which this truck has then that also increases drivetrain losses. So this truck probably has 180-190 or so flywheel horsepower.

88yellowjacket: at what rpm does it produce those numbers?

OntarioRedneXXX: My 94 efi 300 came factory with 160 hp and 265 tq your doing something wrong

Bandit Koval: confused.. see my 2.3 with out the turbo has like 135-140 with a turbo its like 180 o.o how can a straght 6 have 145?!

Ben Lyman: Should have more hp and torque than that with all of that done to the engine. A stock carbed 300 makes 120-ish hp and 255 lb ft torque

Derek Joon: We gained a ton of low end in our 92 Econoline Van with a 300ci and picked up on gas mileage just with a set of E3 plugs!!! No Joke!!!

Joseph Kuklok: u sick puppy giving ur 94 f150 a brink nose

zanjani13: Long time since you added a video John lol. Nice dyno run

IDIDieselJohn: Yep, it's pretty much all done, gonna have a vid up of it soon.

peterbilt confederacy 379: have you done anything with the 94 f150 you got awhile back

Vacationtime247: Interesting build. Wonder what the final displacement is after Bore & Stroke. Looks like his shift point is just below 4K according to the tach? VT247

IDIDieselJohn: No.
300 Straight 6 Ford Dyno Run 5 out of 5

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300 Straight 6 Ford Dyno Run