PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
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DoktorTrask: I realy loved the psone, i have over 800 original games for it.

DoktorTrask: Disruptor was an scandal game in germany and was heavy censored and a bit later baned from the german market.

LunarD3A7H: NICE. Starting off strong, I see. Omega Boost was one of my favorite shooter titles as a kid. I even have a physical copy (with the case) that I bought brand new off Amazon a few years back BECAUSE I loved it so much. Tough game, though.

My brother and I used to play Hot Wheels Turbo Racing on the PS1, too. As well as at least one Army Men game and (I think) Small Soldiers. Mostly PvP for the last.

Bushido Blade made me think of Soul of the Samurai, again, too. That game was fantastic, although not really anything like Bushido Blade, though. It's a story-driven singleplayer title.

I totally forgot about Einhander. I'll have to pick that one up again. I think I've only ever played a demo of it (maybe through Playstation Underground's demo disc?), but I always liked it. I'm getting nostalgia goosebumps just looking at the footage!

Heart of Darkness was never one of my favorites (it is SOOO difficult), but I appreciate it for what it is and I'm sure it's a beloved game to a lot of people. I could never get into it, though.

TheCrimsonDuelist: Pretty cool list. I just picked up a ps1 a while a go for 20 dollars at a game store in my area. I already have final doom, wipeout and gex. I hope to get final fantasy 7 soon.

Justin Ingle: Ever play Silent Bomber for ps1? One of my favorite games of all time.

xelyx13: No Critical Depth or The Unholy War?

Luis Gutierrez: Awesome list. Omega boost looks fantastic and I had no idea Polyphony did anything but GT.

TheBrainScratcher: how are these games hidden?

NotOrdinaryInGames: Bushido Blade is one of the most realistic sword games available.

Garry Cole: Anyone remember some game with living balls or some crap. I think it's a puzzle game, but in the beginning it has this red ball on a beach with a pink ball, then gets arrested or something, and a floating grey ball is there telling him something... Weird

mangatic776: lan vestel siktir git, zorla fazla mesai yaptırıyon paraları vermiyon, yarak kürek reklamlarla milleti kandırma

Bob Joe: I'm surprised that I either played or beat every game listed. I know half of them I rented and beat within the 3day rental window.

SHibəliTH: This was very helpful to me as I began collecting for this system. THANKS

MaseOn: They should make a new Bushido Blade. It'd probably be so good today

Wade Schipprack: I don't think heart of darkness is a hidden gem it seems pretty well known. However, people either seem to love it or despise it.

The Android gamer: whats a ps gem

Bloodreign1: I've heard the Strikers 1945 on the PS1 we got here in the US is actually Strikers 1945 II.

Mr. Kebab: Team buddies, great gem

Johnny Alias: You probably aren't still reading comments here, but what I dig about your reviews is that you're an elite collector who isn't an elitist. You've got crazy good stuff yet don't have the ego that usually overtakes that.

Keep it up man. I'm playing only PS1 and PS2 and these vids have been awesome.

Vicious Servant: Thank you for putting heart of darkness on the list. There's a lot of people who whine and complain about it, but it's a good game. Just a bit hard for some people. Amazing Studio was also an indie team, so they worked especially hard.
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems 5 out of 5

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems