PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
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bigceej69: you never even played resident evil 2

Monkeyman 26: I want a ps1 but i know i'll never play it

Jessica Octostar: I bought Ms Pac Man Maze Madness after seeing it on here. Its freakin sweet

Bruno Martins: Jersey Devil. A really good and challenging 3d platformer that i owned back in the day.

The Chance: bushido blade is some classic ps1, part of my collection.

Jaime Brown: cool, I'm happy that i had found this video

Nepu-Tech USA: Wow I remember buying PS1 games when I was a kid and I didn't even have a PS1 lol xD
the first games I bought where FF7, Metal Gear Solid and Apocalypse because it had Bruce Willis xD
One day I almost died of an exploding appendix and when I got home my mom finally got me the PS1!

Best day of my life! would explode my appendix again! xD

Kuson2: My jaw dropped when you mentioned Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing! For years I thought i'd never see a big youtuber talk about that one! It truly is an awesome game, beating the Twin Mill cup without using a Twin Mill Car is an awesome challenge by the way!
Two other hidden gems for me are Twisted Metal Small Brawl, it was released after the PS2 had already came out, and was further eclipsed by TM black, so it was massively overlooked. But in my opinion it was just as solid as any other Twisted title in the series (And personally I liked it even better than 3 and 4) and the other game was The Grinch, where you played as him and the objective was to ruin christmas (Sometimes I love games where you play the antagonist)
I just found your channel the other day and it has quickly become one of my favorite gaming channels! Keep up the good work bro!


Strong Style Gaming: Bushido Blade was such a great time with my brothers, so much replay value

Switch: I like his shirt.

Tom Hill: disrupter was the first Playstation game I ever owned. Really awesome game and I even liked the cheesy FMV scenes

Bad Mr. Frosty: Rollcage and Philosoma great fun games I love to play!

CenkAndroidPC: I still have my ps1 :D
İts really fun still.

tae tea: Echo Night is my hidden gem (and its sequel translated from japanese to english by fans). It is FPS horor adventure with creepy atmospere set to early 20th century. If anyone interested into spirits and ghosts you should definitely try it.

Richard Hartness: I stand by what many have said. If a game is more than $100, it's not a hidden gem (cough, Einhander, cough.) Good video, though. I'll certainly check some of these out.

Zachary Foster: Crusader: No Remorse
Descent 2
Descent Maximum
Threads of Fate
Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return
Twisted Metal 2
Silent Bomber
Wild 9

Tanner Kendrick: EINHANDER... THANK U MJR
Used to play this game back in the day but I honestly never knew the name of it until watching this video. Great game!

chrisfromoh: Metal Jesus, is it true you can heal leopards?

Janos Lamos: tenchu stealth assasin series
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems 5 out of 5

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems