PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
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Itwasme007: The game Omega Boost, reminds me so much of Zone of the Enders on the Ps2. 

Outleteon HD: Fear Effect is a hidden gem

FuckStyle: just get a ps4 fags

ps1 is so crap and crap grafix

BatouSnake: Fuchicomas? I think they are called tachicomas

navalverde12: Silent Bomber needs to be mentioned it has quite interesting game-play mechanics

Gabe Woodson: What ps1 RPGs would you recommend for a beginner ps1 collecter

FoxeyeValkyrie: I am so glad to own Omega Boost and Silhouette Mirage. Actually found Mirage at a flea market for $5 haha. Definitely worth it.

Matuxmatux: What about Skullmonkeys?? Now THAT was also an awesome game. For the soundtrack alone :D.

I was wondering if you could help me out, MetalJesus. I'm desperately trying to find a PS1 game, that I remember only a few details about. It had an intro video where this cartoonish classic American hero looking guy was piloting a gunner-plane and battling it out with some bad guy. And at one point he jumped out and possibly parachuted down. The rest of the video is hazy to me. It was a side-scroller where you could also move towards and away from the TV screen at points. I remember the first level being like... On some pier or docks or smt. You had to fight generic soldiers and you had a machine gun and could also lob grenades etc. And I think there were also hostages to rescue. If you (or anyone) could help me figure out what game it was, I'd much appreciate it. I think the name had "Commander" or "Captain" in it, but I can't be sure. Thanks ahead! -Matuxmatux

Concrete Records: virgin

Ze Germanz: That hot wheels game was so freaking good

Groove Hooves: You forgot LSD Dream Emulator! ⚠

Legendary Chop Chop: This list needs Tail Concerto

NickSparkss: So glad you had Heart of Darkness on this list. I remember playing it as a kid and the deaths scared the crap out of me (lol rated E for everyone, my ass). Such a fantastic game.

TheUsbGamer: Please tell me good shoot em up on the playstation no gradius that sucks

David Garner: My Hidden Gems list:
1) Urban Chaos - Fun open world(ish) action adventure that utilizes the Tomb Raider (classic Tomb Raider) game engine.
2) Ninja Shaow of Darkness - A Diablo-style isometric platform adventure
3) Andretti Racing - Amazing F1 & NASCAR sim
4) Rival Schools - Cheesy Beat-em-up, From the studio that developed the Street Fighter series
5) Mission Impossible - Hitman style stealth adventure
6) Wu Tang Taste The Pain - If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat and/or Hip-hop, you'll definately love this game
7) Apocalypse - Insane third-person shooter
8) Life Force Tenka - Cool Sci-fi First person shooter (a retro classic - no doubt)
9) ODT - 3D action adventure with RPG elements (one of the first to incorporate both action-adventure and RPG)
10) Future Cops LAPD - Isometric kamikaze infused madness

TotalElimination: i just dug mine up

Pizzimontana: Speedy pizza is an hidden gem!

Jack Cooper: Another good game for ps1 on my list was ghost in the shell

tripe: Sigh, I wish I was alive during the 90s. The games were so much better then.
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems 5 out of 5

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems