PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems

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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems
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stephennuno: hey , love the show , been whatching for quite some months now , my question is , i remember as a kid renting this game for psx that envolved a knight kid going through dreams to acomplish quests, i ibeleive somewhere in the begining you did some dream surfing and at some point there was something to do whith the kids uncle ,it was sort of like zelda but whith more of a knights and renosance theme,iguess , more or less, hope i got this game corect enough as ive been trying to find this game for a long time now and whould like to know if you or any of your guests know the name of this psx game. tnx in advance and hope to hear back soon

Isaac Ceillam: i picked up a game called Koudelka on the ps1 and I think it's one of my favourite games of all time.

Jeremy Smith: disruptor!

OscarDaGenius1: Einhander is definitely one of my favorites

Kollective Mayhem: oh yeah, I remember ms pacman maze madness, I had that years back, yeah, it was a great game from what I remember, might have to pick that up again :)

Aljax79 Johnston: games i feel are underrated are Hogs of war, Ballerburg, vib ribbon, tombi, Played a demo of tombi never been to get a full copy the prices are crazy now

Nelson M. Delgado: Threads of Fate, one of my favourite games! try that game, the Story is awesome!!!

steven touchton: I have hot wheels turbo on the n64. Great game

MrKunt: I stumbled across this channel a few days ago, and it makes me so happy. Just nice people talking about what they like, it's not political, it doesn't make anyone angry, it doesn't make me angry and it's a breath of fresh air.


86xdlmx: Hey Metal Jesus, I know this is an older video but I had some free time today and decided to fire up my PS1 again and the first game I grabbed was Omega Boost and reminded that I found out about this game because of this video so I had to take a minute and tell you Thanks for all your hidden gem vids they always lead to an awesome new discovery for me. Keep Rockin' Man!

john smith: anybody looking for a ps1 with 19 games check out

boze b91: right on brotha

jeremy nicholas: is that an 84 gibson les paul ?

bigceej69: you never even played resident evil 2

Monkeyman 26: I want a ps1 but i know i'll never play it

Jessica Octostar: I bought Ms Pac Man Maze Madness after seeing it on here. Its freakin sweet

Bruno Martins: Jersey Devil. A really good and challenging 3d platformer that i owned back in the day.

The Chance: bushido blade is some classic ps1, part of my collection.
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PS1 Collecting - Hidden Gems