HOW TO: DIY Moving Bed Aquarium Filter

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The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): For more videos, pictures and updates:

Leo Pazzo: Bro is it true you should not plumb an aquarium with abs because over time it releases some sort of chemical in the water. PVC is the proper material to use. Can you clarify this? Just because if I can use abs maybe I will as it's cheaper in material. Thanks bud you came a long way as I noticed this is a much older video of yours. Great job

Melanie Simpson: Do you explain this filter a little more in your book? Planning to purchase it in the morning. :-)

Billy Bob: hi joey, i know you probably answered this question before but what's the difference between k1, k2, k3? what's your recommendation for a 160 gallon saltwater aquarium?

discusctx: where did you buy the K1 media from ? 

Richard Whitehead: Joey, How do you know how much sump space, media, air flow, etc to use vs aquarium size and bio load? I've set up a 125, dirt substrate, very light bio load now, but preparing it for a planted discus tank. 

Mireille Gingras: hi joey...i am using wet dry system for my 90 gallon....have been looking at this for a while now...i guess i would have to make it in acrylic to be able to use my WONDERFUL automatic change of water..thanks for that..i am 68 and lifting 5 gallon bottles of water above my head was hard what do you think the thickness of the acrylic should be ??? thanks in advance..

akhurash: How loud is this filter? I want to make a 120 gal tank using acrylic and I'm thinking about using a fluidized bed filter.

gabe durham: i have a trickle filter that goes into a refugium,im thinking about putting the k1 and an air supply into the refugium and removing the sand,would you recommend this or not

caravann26: Do you still like your kaldness filter? Does the media change it's flow pattern dramatically after it has been established and some bio film has built up on it? THANKS great video with the rick you two are the tops

Leo Pazzo: Interesting thanks for the tips and tricks lol 

Richard Whitehead: Love your videos and appreciate the time you spend making them. Any thoughts on cutting up plastic scrubbies to use as media in a smaller version? Unless they just fall apart, I can't imagine why they wouldn't allow bacteria to grow while being moved around. Thanks ahead for your comments.

Leo Pazzo: Overall what would you say the easiest and most efficient sump for a fresh water set up? What should the sump consist of? Thanks in advanced. Maybe make another video on this. But updated 2013-2014 

ICOOKIE69I: Can this work on a 225 gallon aquarium?

ryan mcphee: Where do you purchase your k1 kauldnes

Jeff Mountjoy: Joey, really enjoy your videos. I use pre filter trays like you, K1 media and drip systems on my tanks as well and drain them to my basement sump. Regarding your filter design-I found that using old under gravel filter plates work awesome for the last section of the filter. The wide area allows good water flow through to the last chamber and keeps K1 from clogging up against the outflow. Just thought I would share another alternative. Love the K1 media

Alberto stoppa: Hello I'm Alberto, the first you're the best and I've seen all your videos, I wanted to know the name of the material that you use, thanks for all the wonderful tips.... Excuse my english I'm Italian 

JavierMuyCrazy: what kind of motor are you using. Im thinking of doing this for my 55 gallon and I have a 29 gallon spare tank which I'm going to use for a filter. This would be a awesome project I would love to finish with your tip. thank you sir. Nice filtration by the way. good luck.

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): @ststackhouse That depends on the flow going threw the filter, and the size of the mesh. I tryed the mesh, and the k1 simply pushes threw it. The mesh would have to be firmly in place. The mesh also takes away from the current caused by the airpump to stay in the chamber. Instead, it will disperse threw the mesh, instead of flowing back into the k1. Mesh isnt a good idea.

don mcchesney: Can any one help me out here on my K1 question? Does any one know if it is plastic or ceramic? I've looked on the net but cant find any info on it

ststackhouse: @uarujoey I was thinking the type of mesh used for stitching pattern work with a needle and thread. The mesh is rigid, but the holes are nowhere near big enough for the k1 to get through. I don't understand what you mean about the current being taken away but maybe if I end up doing it I will post a picture because I don't have a video camera. Edit...i think I know what you mean now about the current, I ran it through my head a bit. I'll let you know if it works.

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): Maintenance schedule remains the same. Only filter cleaning is basically nothing. Just rinse the pre filter when needed. What you get with this filter is efficiency and power. The ability to support and maintain much larger loads then regular filters of any type.

Toan Duong: Is this the best filter I c

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): A fish weighs 10 grams per cubic inch. Adult discus weigh upwards of 200 grams. A liter of K1 supports a max of 2.5 grams of waste per 24/hrs. Adult fish are fed upwards of 3% of their body weight daily. So given all of that, we now know your discus will need 50 liters of K1 for that tank. Personally, i have found K1 working at levels closer to 5 grams of waste per liter(double what it is rated for). So i would use 30 liters will be fine for 20 adult discus.

pyro40t: what sponge are you using and where did you get it?

mrchoochoohead: building a filter like this is definitely on my project to-do list for next year. however if you're running this system and you have a gravel bed, how often do you/would you: 1. do a water change 2. vacuum your gravel?

LimonadovyJoee: Hi, how powerful air pump are you using for this filter?

Sub Lis: Also, is it just gravity thats feeding the water to the filter and out the bulkheads?

Brad McAdam: I don't see the filter socks you talked about.All I see is the sponge.Is that the only mechanical filtration you have??

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): @superstarboi Thank you very much! Glad you enjoy them!

Jamie Jonk: Hi, here in south africa, K1 is very hard to get hold off, what else can be used? i love design, so i would like to go for it, but k1 is a problem. What about bio balls?

JetskiJim: A genius pond builder and aquarium specialist called pondguru from the UK ships this stuff all over the world. look for his brilliant videos on here and follow the links to his ebay shop. The guy has a 100% rating score and sends free bio balls with the media to get it started.

Rod D: Joey is there an extra tank somewhere to protect you from power loss?

CHASEREPTILES191: I have turtles , would you recommend this or your typical sump

Mahbubur Rahman Fahim: i didnt get it how it moves are u using any kind of pump or air flow? how is it moving so fast ?

Wilson Tan: what dose k1 do?

Marin Bandalo: what size tank is it good for

iwiied: thank you for the video. What brand and model of the air pump you're using? and how do you like it?

randy anderson: Have you ever run into brown algae which is a diatom? Would a UV light kill it or a diatom filter filter the free floating diatoms out after wipping them off of glass and ornaments? Note: I am not meaning a diatom filter is for removing diatom algea but is simply called a datom filter.

Joshua Grosjean: Thanks man your a life saver! I asked my forum but only got responses like "I'm focusing to much on filtration and not concerning myself with WC" or "there are to many other factors to properly determine waste output for your fish"... It's nice to know people actually do know their stuff! I also have a person tell me that k1 is about as good as a sponge filter... I'm going to go out on a limb here and call shenanigans!

armando aguilera: does this mean i dont need a canister filter nor a wet dry filter if i use a fluidized bed filter?

mrchoochoohead: thanks joey you're awesome. love your channel

koutaku003: Is it not a little too complicated?

Sub Lis: sweet man. your vids are awesome.

Huy Nguyen: no

chris freet: where did you get the K1?

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): @LimonadovyJoee it is rated at 60lpm.

The King of DIY™ (Aquariums): @LordKaiserRSC The K1 fluidized bed is by far the most effective filter you can have. In terms of cost, a wet/dry or trickle tower is generally cheaper. Only because the fluidized bed needs the extra pump to run it. As for media cost, bio-balls and K1 cost about the same.

wonchos: Hows the pollution level in tank with that filter ? Are you happy with resaults ? Good to have this channel, cant wait to see more of your movies. Regards !

Brad McAdam: What size tank is this sump?
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