Mercedes OM606 From W210 Turbodiesel, OM603 Pump

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Sigrm: Did you do any adjustments on the pump other than timing? Full load adjustment, change of elements etc? Do you get the stock 177hp from it without any further mods? Sounds like it's running smooth!

Marko Sandelin: You sir there, have one of the best diesel engines ever made. Planning to get bit more output of it because changed the pump to mechanical? Slap a nice Holset HX50 or GT42r to it and make it fly!

piston head 1243: how much did the conversion cost ye im thinkin of doin the same thing

kentasxxxx: Does om606 engine fits right in to the w124 engine bay? does it needs oil pan modifications or engine mount modifications? NEED ANSWER VERy MUCH, thank you ;)

wilsonnw: I had a worn out engine mount cause something like this...

klstrucker930419: Can you tell me why did you do that?

PCBlakeland: I have a om606 just let me no if I'm right or not if I was to swap an om603 ip I would not need a computer for the engine just a throttle cable and a way to shut the fuel off to kill the motor plan on swapping pumps and getting more hp out of it with correct timing and such How would u go about adjusting the timing on the injection pump please any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Adam Jarvis: Why no overgear? The reason why I ask is I have a om606.962. I plan on putting a om603 pump and getting an automatic trans, and putting it my jeep. There are pumps on ebay. Do you have any sugestiong on what transmission will fit?

wilsonnw: Thanks, I removed and re-fitted it and it's fine now. Hey, my turbo is a VNT vacuum type and I'm not sure how to control it without computers... (cos theres no boost input)

olefejer: I know you are so rigth :-) I take it easy to start width both soon a GT2359V from a 320 CDI goes on, and then maby bigger elements

wilsonnw: Did you have to change the timing pully or IP shaft to make it fit? My om605 with om602 pump swap has hit a snag!?!?

Adam Jarvis: The OM603 had a computer idle computer, did you hook that up? Did you have any trouble mounting the 603 pump to the 606? What trans do you plan on bolting to this engine?

mqabba1980: how do you start the engine without ECU or can be started like the old ones?

olefejer: Runs just fine widthout it, but maby in the winter i will have problem width idle, when wery cold. rigth now i have a 5 speed automatic from a 320 gasoline 722.5 , but using it widthout the overgear

olefejer: If you mount a OM 603 pump on the OM 606, just adjust it as you would on an OM 603 engine. its really that simple.

Adam Jarvis: So just to make sure I have my information correct. When setting the injection timing, Start of delivery for #1 cyl, should be 14.5 degress after top dead center correct? Is that how you timed it?

olefejer: No it should fit rigth on take the Nut of pull the old pump out, and slide the new pump in, of course the timing should bee rigth

vitaliykristina: Hi, I have a 98, E300 TD and I get a strange vibration when I'm in drive and holding the break. When it's in newtral or in park or when I drive it works fine, but ones I stop at a light, 5 times out of 10 it gives me a very strange vibration. PLEASE HELP!!!!

tpvalley: have u enough scope to increased fuelling to make full power on the 606?

olefejer: It is not possible to say what it cost, i have done it all myselv, and depends where and at what price you find the parts,

olefejer: You should go for an 722.3 from an old W124 turbo diesel, 4 speed it is bolt on, and 100% mecannicaly, = no problem

outliftyou: It theoretically fits in, but i'm not sure if it should be modified. I am planning to do the same, just still gathering data on the matter.

piston head 1243: aw right i just wanted to know the price of a pump and injectors and stuff

Adam Jarvis: Did the 603 pump give you any trouble mounting to the 606? Thanks for all the info!

olefejer: No problem at all, its bolt on, you just need to know how to adjust it
Mercedes OM606 from W210 Turbodiesel, OM603 pump 4.8 out of 5

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Mercedes OM606 from W210 Turbodiesel, OM603 pump