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Fixing paint chips on a Ferrari F430 with Dr. Colorchip
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James H: The paint color specified by doctor color chip is a bit darker. But if you look at the video notice in different lighting and different Reflections you cannot even see the spot that I covered up. If you notice because I'm using some halogen lights that gray car actually looks yellow in certain circumstances. I guess in some of these cases it's really something you have to see for yourself without video. I'm totally pleased with the project, I can never do touch up like some people say they can God bless. People struggle to find the spots in real life. If you have any doubts just grab some touch up paint from the dealer and have at it

Bart Majic: Did you even get the ride paint code cause it looks so different.

M. Carr: Ya this stuff is a pain. You must have patience. If you have a large chip, I would not smear. Use the micro brushes to dab and build layers. Dry Time is more than five minutes doing it like that. My GTI’s hood likes swiss cheese so this will be a dramatic difference for $100. Painting an entire panel would cost at least $1500.

f575gtc: Aren't you supposed to fill in the chip with spot putty then paint that in so its not deep?

Donald Chomp: Looks ok but touch up paint would have done the same job at $60 less.

rlucestarlight: I don't see these results with this paint system is any better than typical factory touch-up paint, out of the bottle, when it comes to metallic paint. I can easily see where the new paint (darker) has been applied.

Bull Euston: Just dab and leave. level it afterwards. The metallic lays over a different way when you smear it and dries like that.

Rick Dangerous: the application process is sound... but matching the paint color is always going to be the problem...

Tomer Tzur: you think dr color chip will work on door curves chips from caused by someone open their door on my car?
i got a mercedes cla180
if you know the car you understand what im talking about it has 2 curved lines across the doors

Emma Anderson: This looks really great. I especially love how the method looks so easy for someone like me who's new to this and would be working in her gravel driveway. I bought a newer car and my 30-mile commute suddenly became construction land... four chips already even though I keep a large distance behind semis, dump trucks, lifted trucks, etc. It doesn't look flawless, but I'm pleased to see how it looks on a very metallic paint. I don't think anyone would ever notice that if they're not looking for it! Gotta pick this up before winter.

Matt D: looks like crap..

Hipolito Carlos: I was skeptical but the many reviews by consumers using Dr. Colorchip made me pull the trigger. I was also not too keen on spending $70+ on the kit. I used it this evening (4/9/2016) on the two culprit scratches on my black VW GTI. I am extremely pleased with the results as my expectations were exceeded. The two marks are-were deeper and are no longer visible. I applied between 4 and 5 coats and may apply a couple more tomorrow. Why if they're not visible? Well they are still there but you have to get a couple of inches away to see them. I highly recommend using a squeegee if you do not buy the kit that comes with one. I know that the squeegee is said meant for the road rash but works great to smooth out the paint on scratches as well. I'll be posting this same comment on the videos that helped me through the process. I recommend this product and if used properly should stand the test of time based on other users' feedback.

711honved: I wouldn't be happy with that repair on such a nice car & paint finish. It would make more sense to save the cost of the kit & put the money toward a professional repair from one of the home paint chip specialists.

Leif Nielsen: Nice video -- I really enjoyed how thorough you were and your comments from your experience with Dr. Colorchip. I just ordered my touch-up paint from them and I hope I get as good of results as you did -- fingers crossed.

Tomer Tzur: does the cleaning chemical given in these kits like dr color chip and scratchwizard and paint levelers too
i mean i can remove blobs with it too?

vincnet11: Where do I buy the squeegee ? Hardware store ?

judy barts: This company is full of scrap!! Great for teeny tiny chips and that's it and I'm not sure about that either because over some washing and time it wears off!!! You can get paint to match at any part store and sealant is paint remover. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

Jeff Zahnd: yeah, that paint having metalic in it is going to be hard to match perfectly....just because of they difference of how the paint is sprayed vs laid...but all in all nice application! i'm going to try it out on my corvette now.

Kenrick Chang: Great video. Everything I've read indicates your method is the best and that the instructions provided doesn't really give you the best results.

Going to pick this up very soon. Did the kit come with the small squeegee?
Dr Colorchip Review 5 out of 5

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