Homemade Solar Cells Save Money

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WFGpro: So I'm just curious. Since the electric company comes out once a month and reads your meter, then it would appear that if you run up your meter using typical energy from the electric company, but then on a sunny day your meter runs backwards, then you could actually run up your meter from the electric company, then have the meter spin backwards before their reading, and any electric you've used from them would be free?

aztecsolarpwr: This has been a good watch. Being in the business of solar panel installations, we can say that such videos would inspire more people to use solar energy.

Glenn Hough: starting with 2 panels... and it is great...

Frissen alistar: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM ZERO-NOISE from the gears and the generator because they are silenced underground (Only the outer parts of the turbine may create sound.). This SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS (since slow-moving) and helps the wind energy companies (since it is FREE FOR ALL.). ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

Cheatdemon Hansen: @WFGpro there's 2 methods that are used with solar energy some people use the solar panels to charge car battery's and then use inverters to plug in electronics into the charged battery's. the second method is to get you panel installed into the "grid" where yes you can run your meter backwards, and in some cases, like for people who have 10+ pannels you can make money back by giving back more power than you use
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Homemade Solar Cells Save Money