Miata TopSpeed PRO-1 Exhaust 1.6L N/A

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Miata TopSpeed PRO-1 Exhaust  1.6L N/A
Miata TopSpeed PRO-1 Exhaust 1.6L N/A
Top Speed Pro1 Exhaust Miata 1.6L
Top Speed Pro1 Exhaust Miata 1.6L
Topspeed Pro-1 Exhaust Sound Clip Mazda Miata in and out of car. Turbo charged 1990 miata
Topspeed Pro-1 Exhaust Sound Clip Mazda Miata in and out of car. Turbo charged 1990 miata
Topspeed Pro1 Exhaust 1.6L Miata
Topspeed Pro1 Exhaust 1.6L Miata
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Skyline: Hi do you think it fits an 2001 NB miata ?

LeadFootLiam: Is this a catback?

Richard Graham: Doesn't sound as good (subjective) as my Magnaflow with 27" Thrush glasspack in line ...removed the CAT...local guys aren't sniffing yet. Increased pipe to 2 1/4. Big jump in acceleration and without the Thrush noise-to-death. Btw Chris you might wanna get a high pressure oil system...running awful low!

Jimmy Phan: Does this exhaust come with a silencer?

TrackMyGps: Just installed. Ive had it on for two days and it is extremely loud! I mean OMG LOUD! Looking for a silencer to shut it up. However with that being said it performs well. 

ChrisJuliano: @Dowdproductions Cool story bro

eddiegratis: what kind of cat less test pipe do you recommend?

MiataPower96: the tip of the exhaust is 4 inches right?

Miguel Lopez: No resonator?

dv8hays: Nice sound sounds like mine almost. But mine is higher pitched at high rpms

Joshua Sickenberger: Will this Fit on a 2006 Miata?

Giggity Goo: Can it handle FI systems?

ChrisJuliano: @lagunaskater Not sure

TheUnknown714: The catalytic converter will not affect the sound, just don't put the silencer on it. The silencer just sucks the fun.

ChrisJuliano: Yes

stycarl47: what did you end up spending on the whole exhaust system? i just picked up a 97 miata and im looking at running something like this, but i dont wanna drain my bank account right no

ChrisJuliano: I dont mind it at all, its loud though if you like loud exhausts get it, if not then dont.

ChrisJuliano: @r35killa Agreed:) Coils will be purchased hopefully sometime soon.

lagunaskater: do you know the horsepower gain?

smoke8900: i cant believe how amazing this exhaust sounds for only 250 bucks.

TheUnknown714: you can get this catback exhaust from ebay for about 220.00 or even cheaper. It just depends on whether you get the titanium tip on it or not

ChrisJuliano: @HannibalACP82 Thanks man!, sure is for only having it for 3 months! I wish I could paypal them the $ and do it all online to make it easier. I am honestly just to lazy to do it haha. I got a few in mind but s2k lite wont be it:p I am going for a few other if I do:p

zzkambe: @Dowdproductions LOL.. for a guy that doesn't like Miatas, sure watch alot of Miata videos...lol.. bright guy!!

ChrisJuliano: @zzkambe hahahhaa

ChrisJuliano: You can hear it in the video, for sure a difference.

rxmaster: isn't your oilpressure a bit low @ 4k rpm?

Vestee j: I got one with 4-1 header sounds good a little raspy but great for the money and really light compared to stock

Law19157: boring

BaldLocks: What a riced out miata. Poor thing.

R35killa: so much better then the old one and it is starting to look so much better cant wait for it to be slammed

BoKiNaToR0o: does this exhaust go on the 1.8L NA miata?

Michael H.: I had this for my 10th Anniversary and it was great!! But only for one day.... Police...!

ChrisJuliano: @eddiegratis Topspeed has one, email them.

BRGMiata97: sounds quite good. but im not sure the piping will clear the chassis bracing.

Kit Fok: sounds better than a Honda. and yes i own a honda and a miata. so SHUT UP!

ChrisJuliano: @JimTheFreak28 Nope

Fungus Exterminator: I can tell by your lower oil pressure that you're running synthetic oil, right?

jakedavis951: I just ordered mine today. Is there a large difference when you switch to the test pipe?

xstr33tr4cerx: @JimTheFreak28 the pipping is 2.5 wide all the way through and the 4 in tip is what gives you the low growl. if it was 4 or even 3in all the way through it would sound like crap

Keshawn Gosiengfiao: is this exhaust really umbearably loud? and does it rust easily?

Mackenzie Nichols: what is the whole rig from front to back? im looking into getting this just want to know all you used please help.

Superfluouz: i want to leave my catalytic converter on, however want the sound as well, would the sound of the car be much different with the catalytic converter, if so how much quieter will the car become compared to the video?

Superfluouz: awesome thanks, and agreed

Dowdproductions: If you need that big of an exhaust to make your car loud then the cars not worth modding

illestFlavor: How is this exhaust on the highway? Would you recommend it for DD?

ChrisJuliano: @12Hypothesis No but they might have one for that year.

HannibalACP82: Your ride is coming along! When are you getting the custom vanity plate we talked about? hahaha.

Szilard Pop: nice Miata... I'm looking to get one myself for X-cross with my friends...

TheUnknown714: this can go on the 1.8L NA miata, you just have remove the big ol u bar for the rea. or else it wont fit. and if you dont want if rubbing metal to metal, you have to have the brackets cut off. thats what I ended up doing with mine. it is originally made only for the 1.6L but will fit the 1.8L with those minor modifications. And it sounds awesome with a header.

planters92892: i just got a miata and when i drive it rattles inside like CRAZYYY but every time i see another person driving a miata theirs doesn't :( is it just mine or what?
Miata TopSpeed PRO-1 Exhaust 1.6L N/A 4.9 out of 5

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Miata TopSpeed PRO-1 Exhaust  1.6L N/A