Thongs, Jock Straps And No Pants!

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Jason Harms: that turned me on dude! Ihave an underwear fetish

CanadaCraig: huh?

Ogden Lane: BIG TEASE ... but cute!

Alex Bull: YOUR NOT DAVEY WAVEY!!! DONT USE BLOG BUDDIES!!!!!! Get you're own intro!

Elsa S: Um, Davey wavey says blog buddies...

Mark Cordon: Gorgeous legs

Paul Smith: what about your Daks :-)

TattoosLovers Tiger: Hey buddy i need help when i wear my thong not the flip flop i mean my men`s panties is it the norm if my two balls is sticking out of my thong.

georgemel: I like celebrating Best Deal Day with my friends, too

AHtheOne: wow ur so hot !!!!!!!!!

Gregg Allen: D I R T Y S O C K S (dot) C O M

thisherecat2: What language is he speaking?

johnb1054: That was hilarious. Keep it up Shannon

N1232777: nice ass

rocky315w: Sorry for those guys that tuned out early. No matter what you are waering you wear it well, thanks. You went from eye candy to the whole candy shop.

RoseDemorus: What language are you typing?

EuroMIX2: In places like the UK pants means underwear, so "pants free" is as good as saying you're naked here.

N1232777: i would love to have you sit on my face

George Henderson: We r American not dumb

Dax Marshall: he's cute

activejames: Wow, just found your video and was entertained. You are beautiful and funny. Loooove your accent. i am in California as well. Nice ending to the video as well. ;)

keithsbustrainvideos: I call trousers trousers NOT pants but my pants are referred to as my UNDERpants

golfmachine03: that was great, bub. funny and informative. lol. love ur "double standard" at the end, dancing in both thongs and a thong. :)

Jason198261: You are adorable !!!

Lachlan Mcintosh: I'm British an this video is incredibly patronising to me and my country

Subhan khan: If you desire to build muscle, you should do a Google search "H6x Muscle Monster". They can help you get the body you deserve.

bloodandwinearered: When you dance in thongs like that you risk attracting all the "feet" people.

blueboyblue: Actually, in the USA vs UK Aluminum is spelled differently. In each case they are spelled like the sound USA = Aluminum UK = Aluminium Not really important, just thought I would point it out. Also, Vitamin - UK = Viht-a-min, USA V-eye-ta-min. Zebara - USA = Zee-bra, UK = Zehb-ra In both case, each goes against standard rules of pronunciation at different times. It is a curious thing.

Blue Collar: "Piss take" ;)

thisherecat2: MUST UNDERGO accent reaction. People will know you are from Australia.

BBQNBLUES: Shannon; You're such a Tease ;) }{ugs

YOitsJohnDough: First expression: This guy watches Davey Wavey.

briefken: wow, dude, you are so much fun to watch. Your undies, make me horny, just watching. Your butt, and bulge look so hot in your jocks, thongs, and undies. Your blog is lots of fun to watch. Kudos, keep making hot videos. Hugs Ken

Brooklyn Kid TRC: aha..

BabyE: LOL

Gregg Allen: D I R T Y S O C K S (dot) C O M

bluelightalarm: me too - if someone told me they were going 'pants free' I'd think they were going commando. I've heard of American's referring to them as pants but I thought Australian's called them trousers/jeans/chinos like we do in the UK

PJ Abad: do you have a porn movie? ;D

GreatUmbrage: "thisherecat2" never gets tired of posting that same reply to other people's comments. I'm thinking she's not very well.

alaninnh: Your Aussie terms run close to mine in New England in the States. The only difference I saw was "jocks", which can have several names here. I think "jocks" originated with the Jockey Shorts brand. Flip flops is most common now but when I was a kid we called them thongs.

bcraig5: You tease! You didn't dance in your thongs, you just moved your legs back and forth in them!

Chris Brown: As Benny Hill's Chinese character might say "You Lilly Lod!. You being stupid irriot!!" (So am I!) How our languages cause confusion! Like "alum-in-e-um" in UK, and "al-loo-min-ee-um" in US. Or "Carry-be-an" in UK and "Car-rib-bee-um" in US!!

toegasms2011: oh hun, please show us foot guys your feet...please.

entengeneng: Gay

boredfromky: I personally wouldn't classify "pants free" as being naked. For me "pants free" is just that- no pants, not naked.

luvncraze: Nice legs, what time do they open?

ArealTears: Im lost in YouTube.. But thanks for the VeryIinformative Facts.. :P

tomynator: We love you ..

rickyocean1: loved the dance hahahahaha:D
Thongs, Jock straps and no pants! 4.2 out of 5

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Thongs, Jock straps and no pants!