Thongs, Jock Straps And No Pants!

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Timothy Pickens: What a character!!! LMAO

David Ortmann: I adore you. This was wonderful.

Shyho: mhmm

Robin Rodgers: Do a collab with Zoella

Joseph Kilgore: i cant be leave that you feel off the bed , however you have very hot looking legs and you have a really great body , i wish i could in ausi , where would be the best place to go over there ?

TattoosLovers Tiger: how do I tell if my jockstrap fits me well thanks alot of help here would mean alot to me thank you again.

ChrisSaysIt: Love the unico flip-flop.. wait.. XD

Florian Zarqawi: That was very cute, funny, and yes sexy too.

Barry Morse: hot!

freckle lover: I did too I squirted too

Andrew Mcguire:

Ax_1: Why is your armpit so disguisting hairy?

Chibougamau: me mastruabated to you like 40 times  watching you video ,  something about you me love :) 

Eds UKGamerz: Good video explaining the differences, can i ask what is the most comfy mens thong (underwear type) you've come across for day to day wearing? thanks

Jason Harms: that turned me on dude! Ihave an underwear fetish

TattoosLovers Tiger: Hey buddy i need help when i wear my thong not the flip flop i mean my men`s panties is it the norm if my two balls is sticking out of my thong.

CanadaCraig: huh?

AHtheOne: wow ur so hot !!!!!!!!!

Alex Bull: YOUR NOT DAVEY WAVEY!!! DONT USE BLOG BUDDIES!!!!!! Get you're own intro!

Paul Smith: what about your Daks  :-)
Thongs, Jock straps and no pants! 5 out of 5

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Thongs, Jock straps and no pants!