How To Make Your Own Reptile Egg Incubator

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Darryl Saundry: I like your idea but the Habistat is pretty expensive, they average around $120+. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to purchase a ZooMed or ExoTerra incubator?

PsychoBabbleJa9: @52cmercer yep :)

Ykes: my bearded dragon laid eggs and we never saw any signs till the day before, i put a tub with some soil in (reptile soil comes in a block) and the next day she layed 16 eggs, i wasn't sure on what to do so i rang my local store and they said to keep them in a tup with the soil and place them ontop of the soil the way they were, then put a heat mat under at 84-85, and place a few layers of kitcken roll over the top to keep the moist in as we dont have moss at the moment, will this be ok for them?

PsychoBabbleJa9: @ny51luw I prefer to keep in on the outside as it means the mat is even less likely to overheat. Then you can just moniter/adjust temps according to ur thermometer readouts

randolphcamilleri1: @RexTheDragon121 thats exactly wat i need to find out, you havnt found out yet have you?

Emondre Johnson: great vid

DeathChant89: ahh thank you :) i think my gek might be pregnant, shes getting bigger by the day, i hope she doesnt lay too many eggs!

ny51luw: if u put the thermostat on the heat mat wouldnt it be A different temprerature to the incubator

tampa bay geckos: thanks for this vid came to good use

PsychoBabbleJa9: Cheers :) I have a high yellow pair but if they breed successfully I'm looking into buying some SHCTs and tremper albinos at the IHS reptile show in June. Do you sell the babies?

MrGoalieguy11: @thefunkeymonkey4u at walmart or a plant place

LlamaGumby: did u copy oggiereptiles

ny51luw: where did you get the white tub thing

Ciaran McGoldrick: Are leos expensive in the UK. In Ireland they're ridiculuos.

PsychoBabbleJa9: for mostly females its 80 - 84 (farenheit), a 50/50 mix is 85/86, males are 87-90. u can also have "hot females" at 90-92 for brightly coloured females, but they tend to be more agressive so i wouldn't recomend it. For brighter coloured females you can keep them at the lower temp for 3/4 weeks til their sex is "locked in" then turn up the heat. Also, geckos kept at higher temps for the 1st year of their lives tend to be brighter. see ron tremper's website for more info :) xx

TSLA6: at your local garden shop and its really cheap in canada here its about 6 bucks for a huuuge bag. Perlite is also a good incubating substrate either is good

PsychoBabbleJa9: Not sure about the heating lamp, at least not for this set up, but I sure it could work with a few adaptations. The eggs dont have to be in the dark as far as I know but remember they would be burried in the wild so as much as its not a specific requirement, it can't hurt to keep things as realistic as possible. The light wont hurt them tho :) hope this helps x

mrclumssy13: Niceeeee work!!

Carwyn Bassett: hey! my leopard gecko egg is 60 days old and kinda yellowish on the outside but feels soft and full. anyone think its fertile? :)

RexTheDragon121: wat watt is ur heatmatt

52cmercer: btw this is so cool! hope it works i'm building the same one tomorrow :D

klophew: could i use damp sand /dirt instead of vermiculite. Also, what do i do when the eggs hatch/ how will i know coz they'll be trapped in that tiny little box. And also how long approx does it take for eggs to hatch after being layed? thanks

PsychoBabbleJa9: @ny51luw you can spray it every so often (not the eggs tho, just the substrate) if you feel it needs it.

52cmercer: did this work with real eggs??

PsychoBabbleJa9: tbh u'll be spraying/ checking on the eggs every day so any new hatchlings shouldn't be in there more than 24hours. Eggs should take 6-8 weeks to hatch depending on ur temps. Higher temps hatch quicker but also increase ur chances of them drying out. Higher temps means spraying A LOT but too much can then cause the eggs to swell. Lower temps=easier=girls=more money :D. Keep the lid on to maintain steady temps. Vermiculite is better than soil/sand.

PsychoBabbleJa9: yeh it is. not sure bout the date but i think theres one in june nd september too

PsychoBabbleJa9: @ny51luw Thats what the thermometer is for

stephenandkyle1234: instead of poking all the holes in the styrofoam just put a little glass of water in there for the humidity and then poke like 2 to 4 holes in the egg box

MrGoalieguy11: @thefunkymonkey4u walmart or a plant place

geckobones: nice cage and this video has helpd thanks =D

SorryIWasBornAwsome: I advise you guys not to do this if you want live geckos. Their needs to be humidity, and it usually should not be direct on that. The eggs will usually die out. Go to related videos and go to wereboas (home made incubator) video. no offence to you in any way, i just wanted to advise people of the different ways. My freind used this way, and his eggs dried out fast. I advise you use another one. Thanks

PsychoBabbleJa9: Yeh. I looked at a bunch of different vids and books but the is the set up that seems to work best. I think its slightly different from his udated version but this works for me :) x

eliquidmatt: This is amazing, so glad I watched this before buying one for £100+ !!

ny51luw: will it be better to put the thernostat senser in the cricket box

Mazdarx82012: All you need is the styrofome box with a heat mat on and.your box with verminculite you dont need thermostats

PsychoBabbleJa9: the heat mat plugs in to the thermostat, then the thermostat plus into the mains. the mat gets powered through the thermostat. :)

PsychoBabbleJa9: Neh ur better using a rep one as u need the thermostat and human mats might not be compatable

Troyhart100: thnx y the way didnt get much outta oggiereptiles one u have been very useful and as soon as i get my dragons i will be watching this video :)

jake kealy: how many pets do u have

110879lisa: this is my second time to incubate my geko eggs my first lot had died there was condisation in there. I have done everything u've done but there is condinsation inside the tub what should i do.... and whats the chance ov all the eggs surving.

DrBeardie: online

KizoSykes: ive heard t use like an inch of sand, theres loads of different ways to do it

heath66666666: did this work for you?

ny51luw: where did you get da white box from

stustokes203: @carwyn1990 to be honest mate they prob aint fertile suppose to hatch between 40-60 days best way get a small torch and shine it through the eggs if they have a pinkish hue it means there fertile if not means there dead

geckosnguns: lots of wires ! ;-) !

pezzlauk: you place to box directly onto the heat mate, wouldnt it be best on a shelf above it so to speak.?

fatjuk: cool vid u can use the same setup for consnake eggs!

BrAnDoN MiTcHeLl: im actually working on making an cardboard incubator this very instant and I just checked the temperature and it reads 97.1 so yes you can

Dingle Dingleton: best one ive seen yet. well done kidda
How to make your own reptile egg incubator 4.4 out of 5

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How to make your own reptile egg incubator