My Tummy Tuck BEFORE And AFTER

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Natasha Lee: OMG you look amazing! I finally got a chance to
Watch this vid after you told me about it the other night. You look amazing and what a transformation but by far the best thing about it is your amazing, friendly bubbly personality! I'm going to binge watch the rest of your vids this weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon darling!!!! Xxxx

Maggie O'Moore: I know that this is way late, but congratulations! You're a massive inspiration to me as I've struggled with my weight all my life, but you show the real life results and pain that you've gone through and it gives me that knowledge of what I've got in store. Thank you for being you Lauren and I hope you're happy with life and that you're still not giving up xxx

Elaine MacKenzie: Lookimg good! I'm gutted I'm up but coz I'm highland can't get anything on nhs ..

Melissa wagner: WOW!! Amazing and inspiring transformation! Good for you. The last video I watched of yours made me cry with you.. I hope you're doing well !

llJ2ll: Did you have to pay an additional cost for the revision and lipo?

Gavyn Spencer: Where do you get this done too

VSG For me: Looks wonderful.

odalis lugo: wow you look amazing! i had never seen the scar this way but to be honest with you i would prefer it this way cause yours looks just perfect! can you please give us the info of your doctor and how much you paid ! thanks :)

Alexis Makekau: Hi lauren, I just want to say thank you ❤ i just found your videos now and they're really helpful and inspiring! As of recent i have decided that it was time to make a change. and starting at around the same weight you were when you began your weight loss journey, it gives me hope, knowing that with hard work and dedication, that it is possible. Anyways, thank you! ❤

Ateo Traductor: We need to see this in 2016. Video in bikini please.

Marjorie Joseph: I know it was a while ago,but your stomach looks amazing...your doctor did an excellent job.

Lauren Bolton: i'm so pleased you got this you deserved it i admire your confidence, i haven't ever gotten my sagging skin out on camera you're really brave i don't show mine to people and have been single for ages through my own choice i bet it makes you feel so happy to finally be here :)

Odds n Ends: You look fantastic thank you

Mirel Walsh: very brave off you , well done for your honesty and am pleased you are happy xx

LILIAN10853: well done are you perfect now ,enjoy you deserve, I really love this idea and now you give me power to do the same.thanks

Lisette Ramirez: Iauren I have been watching you for years! You're so real and I love that about you. I've been trying to lose weight for many years and recently got serious about it. I used to be paralyzed fromThe shoulders down and just started to walk 3 years ago. I had you on my mind wondering what had happened to you and if you had achieved your goal after the loss of your loved one, but I could never remember your name until I ran into your newest video in the mirror video and could not believe my eyes when I saw your beautiful face again! Thank you for not giving up! I would love to meet you some day and have tea with you! God bless you sweetie 😘💕

borracha Loc: congratulations

borracha Loc: mine is ugly disgusting n I have in between my legs sex is a challenge I'm married it sucks

Karen Quick: Congratulations a little late, Lauren!!! You are such a brave, strong, determined gal, you'll always be able to do whatever your heart desires! I am so proud of you and thank you for the awesome inspiration!!!! I hope that now in August of 2016, you're really happy and healthy!

Victoria Lowe: congratulations it look fantastic!
My tummy tuck BEFORE and AFTER 5 out of 5

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My tummy tuck BEFORE and AFTER