Reggie Weed Plant Flowering Outdoors

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Hector Rosales: Reggie's high last longer. my opinion. and I've smoked alot of good stuff.

john doe: reggie is still a strain and reggie which is low grade(not my opion its a measurement of quality) is a sativa dominant that is not liked because it has a "weaker" potency but lets call it for what it is. a. its a matter of opion and tolerance. b. some people are too worried of being "odd" for not liking reggie. also i like reggie but its the most known to be laced.

Gavino Vega: mexico really don't care about they're weed along as the cartels make they're money


liljohn2191: Are yall freakin stupid saying " freak reggie" weed is weed. Reggie is just a strain (sativa)of weed which has a potential to be as good as so called kush. The reason people say it sucks is because it comes from Mexico which is very bad taken care of and that it is pollinated by a male and produces seed wich makes it weaker. Now if you have a female plant it will be dank. See, different stains have different smells and tastes, it depends on your personal preference. Don't just judge something if you don't nothing about it.

carlosmartin99linco: How much does a plant grow?

james avery: im growing a seed I got from reggie too. mine is about two weeks and it already smells like skunk and it doesn't even have buds yet

christian yoteco: freak reggy ?? ..maggot ass trend follower

christian yoteco: freak reggy ?? ..maggot ass trend follower

2700diesel: How old are they

2700diesel: How old are they

420highallday!: @MrDGKidz any seed is good, if you have a good dealer, ask them for some high grade seeds, in my opinion and experience of growing Dro is the best, in my state it's $20-60 a gram and they are the easiest plants to germinate and they grow fast, but the quality is only as good as you grow it.

Deez Mutts: so before its down graded to reggie does it start as sour?

Angel Ramirez: any seed is a good seed then only difference for reggie is how they let it dry and its fertilize by male

kyle booker: No lie I'm I'm growing sum loud azz reggie I got fool'd thought it was sum superloud until my white guy told me like datz sum bomb azz reggie... I still think feel like it prob..blew harder then any 1's loud but I'm growin it now cause I can't find no kush seeds...1st time grower needs HELP ASAP..PLS SAY BS ON MY COMMENTS datz wat I like....nbs

ashley Underwood: Using then you are going to come out with some crapty weed w low thc levels. You need to feed them w fertilizers, nutrient rich water, keep them trimmed to support growth, and handle w care. As for the picky people, enjoy weed, regardless if it's Reggie or the dankest dro

ashley Underwood: That plant for breeding/seed-producing. The plant focuses more on producing seeds than on increasing thc, their insect repellant. As to answer some of the questions about dead/yellowing leaves. Those are usually the leaves you want to cut off with sharp scissors because those are the leaves that are receiving no sunlight and are a waste of time and resources for the plant. Trim those immediately. Yes all you need is a pot(MINIMUM of four gallons) sun, and water. But honestly if that's all you're

ashley Underwood: At the three people arguing below me. I used to grow for 7 years and lemondeeee and Jen are both right. You both are missing that it's not just one thing that contributes to the levels of thc. You have to be extremely careful when curing and compressing because you can lose alot of where most of the thc is stored. But unfortunately, lemondeeee (the one making an ass out of themselves) is right also. You CANNOT place a female plant next to a bunch of male plants unless you are specifically using

ashley Underwood: @lemonadeeee and

JOHN STONES: i tell u these mother freakers dont remember 1st time smokeing awww man u cant tell me reggie aint have you stoned....its like now for new smokers and older people u still got some good reggie out there i cant lie thats better than good loud
reggie weed plant flowering outdoors 5 out of 5

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reggie weed plant flowering outdoors