Reggie Weed Plant Flowering Outdoors

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reggie weed plant flowering outdoors
reggie weed plant flowering outdoors
reggie weedplant flowering outdoors prt.2
reggie weedplant flowering outdoors prt.2
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Bag seeds? Bag weed!
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eduardo rodriguez: who's that pretty girl´╗┐

xxHUNDREDS: freak reggie

Angel Ramirez: any seed is a good seed then only difference for reggie is how they let it dry and its fertilize by male

BiggieSmalls11111: @ZachyT5445 wow thats absolutly correct!!!! your can get some seeds from some crapty weed and grow it properly and it will come out to be as good as you grew it!!!nice dude...i dont think alot of people relaize that..they think a plant jus naturally grows into crapty brick weed or something haha...only thing is if you took chronic seeds and threw them outside they wouldnt be bad...matter fact jus becuase of genetics you could gow it natrually and still get some decent smoke

bobby: I'm sorry but before you continue, please learn to spell simple 5 grade vocabulary. It's actually "defense". I hope you're not a grown adult misspelling words. That won't get you far in this world.

CJPapan: As much as reggie sucks, deffinatley the plant to grow for beginners i grew 3 reggie plants in my basement and i got a good 8 ounces and made me some money and bought me more reggie seeds and some flame crap for me and my buddies. Me personally will not smoke reggie

420kingpen420: I love reggie

ashley Underwood: @lemonadeeee and

gir683: well you see, I still don't have a job. the reason behind that is that i just want to finish school. two more weeks and i can work fulltime. i don't want to do part time.

supaflywilkins: @69aDime and burns nicer

JOHN STONES: i tell u these mother freakers dont remember 1st time smokeing awww man u cant tell me reggie aint have you stoned....its like now for new smokers and older people u still got some good reggie out there i cant lie thats better than good loud

cadalac todora: @mnymatt Im not an expert, but i beleive it all depends on how its grown. Say you were to take some reggie seeds and grow them hydroponically, it would be dank as hell. And say if you took some "chronic" seeds and planted them outside, the bud would be seedy and not as strong (similiar to popcorn or reggie)

nodogyougay48: I'm not bringing it up, it has nothing to do with my maturity and, I'm not preaching. This is what we call defence mechanisms, you avoid answering the questions by trying to removing credibility. Really this tells me more then if you were to answer. You're like an open book keep going.

Andrew Green: freak reggies! i freaks wit da kushies

JenDaniTanner: you have no idea how old i am, and what i've done..anyway, trichomes are WHERE the THC is in the highest concentration, and they can be knocked off easily, so tell me how using TRASH COMPACTORS wouldn't affect the potency, and i never mentioned taste, that has to do with how poorly the plant was grown, and what it was grown with...ALSO,the plant's genetic makeup does not determine the amount of THC, or trichomes. trichomes are produced for light protection, UVB, or UVA i think, so try again, lol

madtownmadman: @420BudiZhighlife If you're speaking of Mexican sativa, like seen here, not too bad. Even during the last couple weeks of flowering. Especially if you just have one. If you had a bunch, it might be a different story. Just grow various plants around it, to blend it in with its surroundings. Set up a security camera pointing at it, recording. Dont underestimate what someone might do if they do stumble upon it. Been robbed a few times myself.

gir683: what makes you better than me? its all ganja. you're smoking for ALL the wrong reasons if thats what you're saying.

MrJayy500: How long into growinq did tht take u ?

Deez Mutts: so before its down graded to reggie does it start as sour?

kyle kapono: say, how the freak do u harvest reggie?

JenDaniTanner: mainly the fact that you're wrong, so far... i'm sure there must be more to come though you know what trichomes are?

420kingpen420: Reggie is still weed mother freakers, how can you not love weed?

comptonscbp: Is thiz stress shreebo? Cuz shreebo lookz like freaking dirt thiz crap lookz like some good chronz ill smoke thiz crap freak the BS!

HiTiLLiDiE602: hell yea we always grow bomb regg over here in phx

Y0UNGPR0JECT: u can get decent reg for freaking dirt cheep these days

nodogyougay48: Really..? Backed into a coner and all you have to come at me with is a simple spelling mistake? I thought you would have more.. but I guess I didn't give that much either. I love how you feel the need to express such grief at an attempt to undermine and take away from the point. Still we had the consistency of age dispute. Very informing please go on..

BlakeR4114: mnymatt you obviously dont know anything if you think you can just flower a chronic strain outside.

bobby: You're stupid, kid. You obviously never grown weed. What the hell does trichomes have to do with this? Reggie doesn't have large amounts of them because its low in thc. But you go by what your dumb friends tell you, probably. You say that I'm wrong even though what i say makes since and it is the reason reggie is low in thc. The weed being compressed does not lower the thc and make the weed taste crapty, you idiot. It's the male plants that freak the female bud up.

Victo Ota: iidk bout yall niggaz but reggie smells lik musty nd crap but ill get the medical benifits I PREFER A LITTEL TASTE WITH MY BUDZ LIKE DAT DANK AZZ DRO

bryson d: how bad does it stink?, cuz i hav one outside.. freakin neighboors

djserna9851: Yea. Your the type of people that make stoners look bad. Your just trying to get "freaked up" on weed.

bobby: How do you know if i acknowledged what you said or not, kid? Trichomes falling off doesn't make the weed that week. If any trichomes fall off, its the ones on the outside of the bud, jackass. Trichomes are all around the flower. There is no way that would make reggie that week. That is a small percentage of the potency gone. Its the seeds that are produced while the THC is producing too, but instead of using all its energy to make THC, it uses more than half its energy making seeds. Learn some.

bobby: You actually can, kid. You're an idiot to to try correcting someone with such a stupid statement. All you need is a pot, the sun, and water.

SSBIRDCITY602: thanks

bobby: You are a kid or you wouldn't have been immature enough to reply back. You also use lol like some dumb teenage girl. And why are you over using caps for unnecessary reasons. So, once again kid, you aren't right. How do you know what the cartel uses. They don't like people knowing anyone who is with the cartel as it is. Who said they use trash compactors? That is one of many things they use, little kid. You're lecturing me on something every stoner should know.Go get a job, you random no life kid

Rollin Loud: that doesnt make any since... why would you plant reggie? its a waist of time why not chronic?

JenDaniTanner: -_-

bobby: Ha prove me wrong. If i compressed some orange kush right now, it wouldn't effect the potency one bit. So i don't what you think is funny, kid.

cnieto20: Trim the,yellows........and bud fresh off plants gonna be fire

JenDaniTanner: for sarcasm mainly, but let the insults flow, lol, and i could name a few more, but they all do the same thing, compress, knocking off trichomes, which contain a large amount of THC and other cannabinoids...if you can put YOUR childish side away for a sec, stop the insults and just listen, you might realize it'd take a monkey not to realize what i'm saying makes sense, and therefore saying otherwise would make you wrong, also nice one on not even acknowledging nearly anything i said

throwdessay: i love hydro but reggie will still get you high as hell, theres nothing like a natural organic bud.

conveys7: omg how do you grow it like that outside ?

eduardo corral: how long it take u to grow this im growing one myself

Vijayrahmuzic: LOOKZ WHACK

420highallday!: @MrDGKidz any seed is good, if you have a good dealer, ask them for some high grade seeds, in my opinion and experience of growing Dro is the best, in my state it's $20-60 a gram and they are the easiest plants to germinate and they grow fast, but the quality is only as good as you grow it.

kyle booker: No lie I'm I'm growing sum loud azz reggie I got fool'd thought it was sum superloud until my white guy told me like datz sum bomb azz reggie... I still think feel like it prob..blew harder then any 1's loud but I'm growin it now cause I can't find no kush seeds...1st time grower needs HELP ASAP..PLS SAY BS ON MY COMMENTS datz wat I like....nbs

itinkgirlzhot12: my friend sold me 2 grams for $5

TheLocalskater93: if its reg it wont be tht fire

bailey swope: no one wants to smoke dirty ass reggie

nodogyougay48: What does it matter if he or she is a kid or not..? Why is that such a big deal and why must you ALWAYS make mention of it? Seems childish to me..
reggie weed plant flowering outdoors 4.4 out of 5

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reggie weed plant flowering outdoors