Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box

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Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box Review
Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box Review
Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box
Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box
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FCS Spring 2014 Soap Box
SOAP BOX REVIEW // Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS) Spring Soap Box   2014
SOAP BOX REVIEW // Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS) Spring Soap Box 2014
Fortune Cookie Soap   Spring Soap Box 2013
Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Soap Box 2013

Did this video help you?

xxBriannaxx: I love the names for the products lol Great videos Jen!

River Song: You can't be serious O_O

Busy Mama: I was having such a crummy day before I watched this, but I ended up smiling the whole way through! Your expressions and descriptions were genuinely priceless in this video, so thanks for the pick me up! :)

Allason Turner: Jen, I love you! You make me smile every time I watch your videos.

philippawhitney: Oh great! Thank you :)

lisashoegal: Did anyone notice Jen is only wearing one earring in this video??! Loved this video Jen. You have me wanting to order myself a GlossyBox (UK version of your Birch Box).

Shari Mason: I'm in Australia and I think its costing me $34 or so every three months. Its something special, so I'm treating myself!!

saramcsmith: I didn't know about trying it as hand soap either! I am ordering now! :)

CreateOneDay: "Kiss my @ss (laugh) can I say that?" Jen, you're so cute.

Denise Prater: I know you get quite a few of these sample type boxes, what else do you get and are they worth it? how many product's do you get with each FCS box or does it vary ever season?

Wendy Marchan: I just received an email from FCS and your YouTube review video is in my email! Just thought I'd share :-)

Tiffany C: Jen you are too precious! Your enthusiasm is contagious.

Kathleen Howard: FCS has the best, names and descriptions for their products.

rosielloyd12: I hope you find your earring! Its the one that was almost falling out in your vlog 'lunch at wholefoods' after you went to target. Maybe its in your car?

Christina M.: loving your first impressions!! I'm getting my first FCS box with the spring line and I am soooo excited! Thank you for introducing me to such a fun product. I LOL'd at the Dirty Hoe OCD.....such great fun names

maral0ve22: my favorite spring/summer scent is potting soil or whatever that smell that has to do with plant, manure maybe ?-? but it smells good from a distance but I LOVE that smell ^-^

sarahelizabeth022: Aw I'm sorry :( must have not been fun to realize that. Have you found the earring? if not, I really hope you find it!!

The Sweet Life: I think I would love this box :) I may have to ask for a subscription for my birthday...that is tomorrow! LOL

voguee2 .: Had to make a purchase after watching this!!! :)

Jessica Vaughan: I've been thinking of trying a subscription box and just wasn't sure which one was best...I think I may try FCS Box. You seem very happy with it. Most reviews I've seen or read are good. Thanks for sharing!
Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box 5 out of 5

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Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box