Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box

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rennablue: I love watching your open boxes, your reactions are so genuine. You made me laugh when you found the "Dirty Hoe" - too funny!

lisashoegal: Did anyone notice Jen is only wearing one earring in this video??! Loved this video Jen. You have me wanting to order myself a GlossyBox (UK version of your Birch Box).

Yor Nom: When you do this type of video, you need to put your hair back. It's very distracting when you keep touching & playing with your hair!!!

Olga M Jimenez: Loved yours

Denise Prater: I know you get quite a few of these sample type boxes, what else do you get and are they worth it? how many product's do you get with each FCS box or does it vary ever season?

BubblyDayz: Jen I felt so close to you lol I'm so glad your getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera. I've seen a little wild side of Jen and now I want more lol

sarahelizabeth022: Aw I'm sorry :( must have not been fun to realize that. Have you found the earring? if not, I really hope you find it!!

Wendy Marchan: I just received an email from FCS and your YouTube review video is in my email! Just thought I'd share :-)

Kimberley Connor: You should take a look at Solstice Scents - they make fragrances that are so unique and interesting, I think you'd love trying them out.

Milana Berg: Earring*

greensocksrun: One earring?

Milana Berg: Why are you only wearing one eating

CreateOneDay: "Kiss my @ss (laugh) can I say that?" Jen, you're so cute.

xxBriannaxx: I love the names for the products lol Great videos Jen!

M Barrager: Thank you Jen and yes you are missing an ear ring. I hope that you find it.

voguee2 .: Had to make a purchase after watching this!!! :)

rainyafternooncafe: I love your enthusiasm. :) Very cute video!

Cynde G: Great video!

philippawhitney: Does anyone know if FCS ships internationally??

Melissa Sasada: YAY, I was waiting for this

Allason Turner: Jen, I love you! You make me smile every time I watch your videos.

palmtreeprincess1: O Jen...I so look forward to ur videos...no matter what they are!! You're SO REAL and your expressions CRACK ME UP!!! I always feel happier after watching you!!

philippawhitney: I wet my plants hahahahah

MelLovesFashion: You look like actress Cynthia Gibb....she played in a lifetime movie called Fatal and Deadly Vows with John Stamos! She is pretty don't worry! lol

Tea4me10: Can't wait for mine to come!

Christina Walter: Jen all the products I bought from fcs I loved thanks for the introduction to this awesome company :)

Mallorie Monk: I've been sampling different monthly subscriptions. I'm not a fan of Birchbox, but, this one is definitely something I would be interested in. Thanks for sharing!

escapegrl1: Loving the nail color!

Wendy Marchan: The did make a special Valentine's Day box! 2 actually. A naughty box and a nice box!

Katie Roberts: Jen will you be vlogging every day in disney? I hope so as I love your vlogs and hauls and just day to day following you around! Its very theraputic watching someone else be so busy!x

RanayPerez88: Ahahaha " I had to break out my teeth" so funny Jen!!

PaperScrapHoarder: Yippeee..I can not wait to get my box.. A few items will be gifts as I am allergic to a few of the scents, but that is ok! i cant wait to get mine..Thank you for sharing.. Hope you find your earring

Tomato in the City: Jen, FCS did a valentines box, but it wasn't part of their themed box line. I believe that I paid $19.99 for it and comes with 6 products (give or take a few). Mine should be here in the next few days - maybe I will do a video response to it. I LOVE FCS and agree that it is my favorite subscription service of them all!

ClearlyOrganized: Can't wait mine. I got the notice today that they deducted my payment. Such cute names for the products!!!

TheBusyBeeBuzz: I lost one but didn't realize it until much later :(

Olga M Jimenez: Loved yours

Khyati's Life: you seem so incredibly happy its so cute~

Katy Pierce: I wasn't overly excited with the Grinch themed soap box. I didn't like the pinch of grinch body butter and the Cindy Lou Who perfume oil seemed a bit child-like in scent. I almost cancelled but thought I'd give them one more chance and now I'm glad I did. Can't wait for the March box. Aslo, we have been using the fortune cookie soap as hand soap in addition to our liquid soap. The cookie is still going strong and you can still see the outer details on it. It's been 2 months.

Jessica Vaughan: I've been thinking of trying a subscription box and just wasn't sure which one was best...I think I may try FCS Box. You seem very happy with it. Most reviews I've seen or read are good. Thanks for sharing!

livelaughlovesmi1e: I have always had the WORST luck with spray bottles, but I have never had an FCS one fail me:)

blinketyblinkblink: wow your office didn't vacuum in all that time?! o.0 but at least that means you have your earring back :)

TheBusyBeeBuzz: I hope to find mine too!

saramcsmith: I didn't know about trying it as hand soap either! I am ordering now! :)

Tiffany C: Jen you are too precious! Your enthusiasm is contagious.

sarahelizabeth022: yay!!! love you, Jen!!

sharirohde: love love love FCS! Thank you for getting me hooked on them you enabler you! : )

waterski1995: blinketyblinkblink the office cleaning crew do not vaccum under the desks. I think they move the chair and that's it. I'm ready to bring my dust buster in to do a deep cleaning!! LOL!

Paloma Brighton: oh my gosh ! I tried imagining Jen on cocaine... ROFL.... oh my.... XD

Olga M Jimenez: Love your viideo Jen. Tgjh

SillyMando2008: You should of the re filmed since you were only wearing one earring.
Spring 2013 FCS Soap Box 4.8 out of 5

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