Butterfly Jigging For Tuna

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Butterfly Jigging for Tuna
Butterfly Jigging for Tuna
Saltwater Experience:
Saltwater Experience: "Butterfly Jigging for Tuna" Season 3 Episode 8
How to Catch Tuna using Butterfly Jigs
How to Catch Tuna using Butterfly Jigs
Butterfly Jigging Tuna Technique
Butterfly Jigging Tuna Technique
Shimano Butterfly Jigs Catch Bluefin Tuna
Shimano Butterfly Jigs Catch Bluefin Tuna

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Gary D'Alessandro: swag

David Fritch: For anyone watching, NEVER LET A SKIP JACK GO! Just as good as bft, great sushi, great tuna like the others. 

refusekevin: what jigging rod do you use? i have a shimano stella sw20000 reel ,is that suitable for this reel?

WolfPackNJC: you guys should come to North Carolina and go offshore tuna jigging and topwater popping!

Chris Tattoli: what jiggs are those

Tyler Collins: did he really ask "is a skipjack tuna"? Wow...I feel like skipjack tuna is very common here on the east coast.

mharrisgoodwin: what kinda leader do yall use and how do you usually rig it? do yall use wire?

kyle smith: somthing you might try that has always worked for me is a large rattle trap! just thought id say

bmxflyfish: How many feet was your rod?

Donboddahme: Those XPS jigs are hot. Plus they are not going to break your bank like the Shimano brand. Great show. Aloha

anuvatt: Love the show guys, great work! Would love to go speed jigging with you guys.

itshimkevinkim: gloomis imx in the 17lbs rating and a shimano calcutta TE 200 really nice reel with a really really nice rod you're gonna love it and you can use it for just about any inshore fish

Saltwater Experience: Those are Quantum Cabo 80's

Saltwater Experience: Those reels are Quantum Cabo 80's

SmoKeBoY45: a spinning reel

SmoKeBoY45: I need a nice reel and rod for flounder and black sea bass. not too pricey. any recommendations?

Saltwater Experience: Versus and ESPN 2: Saltwater Sunday and Sun Sports.
Butterfly Jigging for Tuna 5 out of 5

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Butterfly Jigging for Tuna