How To Make An NYC Mop

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NYC mop review
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homemade nyc mop in action
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how to make a nyc mop (england)

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Ryan Willis: I use histe markers

Kasper Leinonen: lol why put electrical tape? U can just say u only have deodorant on u if u get caught.

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ParikhFC !!!: How did you edit on your iPhone ?? It's pretty good

Tyler Wood: felt is a piece of a cloth ? or sponge .... whats the title of this music

homageforLINCOL: Like you couldn't taste the marker or wait until the deodorant is empty ...

Ultimate Railfan: How Does It Write Can U Make A Video On How It Writes Please

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ChroniKz Junior: how do i get felth or where can i get felth

zNeuland ll Edits and More: Music ?

AKO Graffiti: good job..

Tristan Gabriel: will printing ink do?

TheBombBros1000: Duuude! Don't use higgins! it's water based, which means it's water soluble. it'l wash off with soap and water. There's no point in that. PEN INK RECIPE: (Use crapty pens and buy packs of 50 or buy the cheapest 10 packs) 90-95 black pens, 5-10 blue pens, 1 1/2 cups isopropyl alcohol, 3-5 caps of break fluid (or WD-40) (Use the cap on the break fluid bottle to measure), dissolve a crap ton of salt in water and add that. Put like 4-5 grams of table salt. Just barely dissolve it in enough water to make is liquid. You gotta use water cuz salt isn't soluble in isopropyl. Then if you can, go to your local pet store and rack a bottle of fish medication that has either methylene blue or malachite green. Add hella of this, cuz methylene blue and malachite green are both chemical stains, which will make your ink stain harder and bleed through layers of paint. The break fluid/ WD-40/ slows the drying time, which allows the ink to set in more and stain harder. the salt contains iodine, which is an oxidizer, which will add a dark brown/black stain.
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How to make an NYC Mop