How To Make An NYC Mop

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NYC mop review
NYC mop review
NYC mop review
NYC mop review
NYC mop review
NYC mop review
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homemade nyc mop in action
how to make a nyc mop (england)
how to make a nyc mop (england)

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Matej Mitterpach: marker is not refillable

Brayden Barnes: yull get a marker but smell like. b.o.

Eliaz Summers: what song is this

gabe pan: i dont have felt could i use a sponge

( its a dumb question but i thought id ask anyway)

MrBati122: What's the song? The name in the desciption is the wrong one

Ryan Willis: I use histe markers

Kasper Leinonen: lol why put electrical tape? U can just say u only have deodorant on u if u get caught.

david sasturay: sime salioo

ParikhFC !!!: How did you edit on your iPhone ?? It's pretty good

Tyler Wood: felt is a piece of a cloth ? or sponge .... whats the title of this music

homageforLINCOL: Like you couldn't taste the marker or wait until the deodorant is empty ...

Ultimate Railfan: How Does It Write Can U Make A Video On How It Writes Please

Michael Jordan: accellent choice of music sir!

Csaba Antal: music ???

CREED Graffiti: @MoosGraffiti Now do some tags with it!

M€RCY: gold ring playyyer

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monokaos77: what's sound????

HOPER CDH 1: cooool$_$

Trampoline Parkour: Parkour and graffiti is my
How to make an NYC Mop 5 out of 5

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How to make an NYC Mop