How To Make An NYC Mop

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Original NYC Mop Review
How to make an NYC Mop
How to make an NYC Mop
NYC mop homemade. homemade ink. Review
NYC mop homemade. homemade ink. Review

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Steff&Stuff: Great video!

yogabagaba36: I like this song

Tony R: sad hobby

L2MOH: Is normal ink good?

Daniel playin': is that pen ink?

headcoLd 7: Brother Ali, dope song choice. Saw him, Dem Atlas, and Atmosphere in portland last winter.
Only flaw here is the mixing ball. It's INK bros. no mixing ball required

George Xatzi: Pls tell us the matirials

DoS SeC: How bout u buy one for 4 Euro or some crap. But nice idea either

Emperor Lioneye: That track is nice I need a blunt and a cup of coffee 😂😂

PimpinOutBlocks: Check my channel out for a dope HARD STAINING INK tutorial!

Al Holguin: Stupid song and that black tape was unnecessary...

Midsize_Newt: some people are kids and can't order offline without getting caught :) there's reasons why people make their own crap. Every dedicated graf artist started young, and made there own markers. Found there own fattys. Racked their paint. Didn't buy crap

Supreme Whiteboy: How to make bingo mop
1: go with granny to bingo
2 : when leaving ask the people that work there if they have any empty bingo stamp things
3 if 2 don't work just look in the trash
4 when found bingo thing dildo take the nib off, it may seem like you can't but it's there
5 empty old ink in it and add your own
6 wrap it in tape and go bomb

Freddy Gzz: Comon mee.!

Семен Камчатский: Хахах, домашний сквизер=-)

QuienesRoe: I´ve been using this technique over a year and it helps alot !

deadfire18: Does a Sponge work also?

Slix Tocsik: That song is dope


Gabriel Camargo: what ink is that?
How to make an NYC Mop 5 out of 5

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How to make an NYC Mop