Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation

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Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine
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2014 toyota yaris 1.2 dual vvt-i 0-140
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Glenn Hynes: maka higha ding ding!

Kebong De Guzman: Is it ok if u missed a gear change in dual vvt-i??

Javier Luzzi: Motor de Corolla 

Frankenslide: thats chinese not japanese u ignorant moron

Christy Bobby: Vtec loses compard to this

SapoCururu: it's not chinese, it's Japanese A98Girl

mogas: well if u don't want those Vtec, VVTi or MiVEC, just get a new set of cams.. =)

dawnnati: i did undestand very well ....yes i did :)

sahirbutt4008: @WestLosHomiez when the timing of valvs is changed the n injection time should also fuel is wasted???

kubson012: vtec forever

Balázs Fazekas: Good to watch this animation. I'm work as test engineer where this Toyota ZR VCT and OCVs manufactured. :)

Guanaco91: scion xd! =D

Ninjatunenl: Dutch is the worlds most known language...

Jeffrey Vargas: does the scion tC have the dual VVT-I??

Sahil Bhatia: who says English is international language no more than 15 nations has mother tongue Enghish in United nations \you can speak in French, Hindi, Arabic etc etc

sahirbutt4008: @WestLosHomiez ok dear no problem thnx for the knowledge...:-)

BlackmorePK: TOYOTA

Imreadingthisaloud: @kuvuakoj they have - 2zzge. Stepped bucket on the valve stem. And now they have VALVEMATIC - dual VVTI with Continuous lift, not this 6K lift, but always lifting. :P

hmong power: why can toyota put vtec on there too, k20 has vtec and varible value timing.......

luckyme namnam: The freaking video in Chinese!!!

illlanoize23: That vvt just kicked in, yo!

Terbaek666: so this is how vvt works....i thing vtec is much cooler and much powerfull than this enjine built..i love how to hear when the vtec came..sounds much better and furious..XD

JTheGuitarPlayer: English version?

nissanprimerare: VVL only !!!

Terbaek666: @iENJOIskating209 no...vtec use rocker arm to push down the valves more deeper as it reach usually upper 4500 rpm compare to vvt that only switching the cam pully...XD

Litestorm17: Which engines have Dual VVT-i? Is that the 2.4L's?

almarai185: CAMRY V6

twistedyogert: The last Toyota car my mom had was a 1990 Camry station wagon. But i don't think it's insides were anything like this.

QU1ZA5: @riceball83 friend, I speak Spanish, but i like your native laguage.

Emil Wadsager: this would have been so great in English

zimmyb6t11: What. Frkn English would be great

Damo_2j: @panggilnamaku19x that sounds like my girlfriend

Guanaco91: scion xd = dual vvt-i >=D

Bow Maboonkong: it in thailand only

WestLosHomiez: @sahirbutt4008 Im guessing no. Because if it did change then it would be a waste.

ALDO villa: vtec and i vtec is better than this

riceball83: i m Chinese, and this video is speak by Chinese.

Franco Tulusianto: any translation for this video?

rx8emperor: retard, please stop talking to me.

dustydrifter4: @zimmyb6t11 or you could just learn mandarin. Idk why it wasn't in japanese, totally caught me by surprise lol

ericb11211: i totally understand now...-___-

madhatter786: 2zz ge??

dandim23: @iENJOIskating209 not even close

Dissez503: y put the title of the video in english when it's explained in chinese or japanese? whatever it is I don't understand it

WestLosHomiez: @sahirbutt4008 Of course they do. Do you see a carburetor in new vehicles? NO

Niwat KaewKlang: toyota namber 1

edison19920: a lot of people tell me the xrs engine and the celica gts are not the same...and can i make my vvti sound more kick hard


edison19920: to plynix ...the dual vvti can be use for racing and is the same strong as the vvtL.

dunfoRe: I understand the whole VVTLi, VTEC thing but I don't understand why the engines need to run at such high rpm for it to take effect because as you may or may not know these engines lack in lower-down torque due to making their power at high rpm so are not very nippy. Surely they can just implement VVTLi, VTEC etc into an engine and not have the need to rev so high to take full advantage of lift?
Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation 4.7 out of 5

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Toyota Dual VVT-i Engine 3D Animation