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lego man hit by jet engine
lego man hit by jet engine
M61 Vulcan
M61 Vulcan

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Humdinger Dog: One of my favorite weapons it’s just awesome

Sara XIII: crap where them zombies at??

Time to rip those freakers apart!!

Die Cousinen zocken: nice gun

Matt Huff: that's too long of a shot... the guy was lucky he didn't break the dang thing. the heat generated by that long of a shot is hot enough to melt and warp the barrel. always fire in bursts of no more than 3-4 seconds.

Tekura Shio: 슬로우모션이 소용이 없네

Devan Cross: Best weapon ever!

edward martis: I would like  to  use one  of these   on   SFO  and Oakland  City Hall's........for starters; then on  to  the  DNC    and the  Dems  in Congress................

Vash Stampede: Even at slow motion, it sounds faster than any regular machine guns.

Dreiste Crackbitsch: to all NRA guys...go to hell

AxelNeedsAMedicBag: It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this weapon... For twelve seconds.

Steve intentionallyleftblank: Lol. Sounds like my lawnmower. Now I want to shoot one of these bad boys.

Devan Cross: 100 bullets per second imposible!


Devan Cross: this is the terminator 2 gun?

Maxim Balakhonkin: Its bullcrap. What for you need to hammer 1200 shots? One shot one dead. its good, but not for it.

imloved53: Dude hit Sumthing. Make it interesting

PhantomMatrix: How come they didnt use any tracer rounds?

이주헌: 바스티온

eddys wrath: Why does it sound like some one is having diarrhea?

RAYMOND STEELE: Hmmm , nice . I  have a job for this + about 10,000 rds LOL
GE M134 MINIGUN 5 out of 5

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