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Lego m134 minigun (mini)
Lego m134 minigun (mini)
LEGO Minigun M134D Vulcan
LEGO Minigun M134D Vulcan
Minigun M134 Toy Gun  игрушечный пулемет Миниган
Minigun M134 Toy Gun игрушечный пулемет Миниган
Cessna A-37 DRAGONFLY -- Jet Attack Aircraft
Cessna A-37 DRAGONFLY -- Jet Attack Aircraft
Toy gun review
Toy gun review

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Jay Bob: Good anti-rapefugees tool.

Jason Tebbit: Hunting at a new level

metzger: i would clean every ghetto with that.

J Ashton: A months wages gone in 10 seconds.

PhenomProductions23: Now take it off the Stand and Fire it like a Real Man, Jesse Ventura or Arnold.

Comrade Commisar: I would personally call this as 'No ISIS gun'!

deere3321: I worked on these in the Air force in the 70's. They were the nose gun in A 37's. For the most part they were very reliable and trouble free. Very simple design and easy to take apart and reassemble. Great video.

squrt43: I want one!

معاوية فلسطين: ich liebe amrekinanesches waffe 😘😘😘

ถทธิเดช. ต้นปรึกษา: ผมถทธิเดชต้นปรึกษารายงานตัวครับ

Chong Marin: it costs 400,000 dollars to fire this weapon, for 12 seconds...

Chippy The Butt Monkey: Don't tell me you can buy them in America?

YOSHIYA ODA: 7.62×39?

AllBlacks4Life: Be nice to see it at night!? You'd see tracers right?

Thedeadedits: description XD

The Flyer: why i want to be in the us military

Phill Huddleston: Wow, it's very fast even in slow motion. This appears to be firing even faster than other miniguns I've seen in other videos. Are there different models or brands?

jose barrera espada: hermoso

MrJovani 2u: YES

Rowdy5000ismine: Fail for targeting the broadside of a car with ALL 4 DOORS MISSING. What an awesome demonstration of this weapon's impact on open air.
GE M134 MINIGUN 5 out of 5

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