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Lego m134 minigun (mini)
Lego m134 minigun (mini)
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LEGO Minigun M134D Vulcan
Minigun M134 Toy Gun  игрушечный пулемет Миниган
Minigun M134 Toy Gun игрушечный пулемет Миниган
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Cessna A-37 DRAGONFLY -- Jet Attack Aircraft
Toy gun review
Toy gun review

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john smith: that gun is powered by money...

John Price: Imagine the fun you could have with one of these at a BLM protest.

Ivan Emrich: They arent shooting it right. Call of Duty says that you must have awesome gloves to shoot these.

mr Exia: 1:11 Rip Headset users

Alexander Sarchet: 'The most fun you can have with your pants on'
Yeah, but what if you strapped it to... Never mind

JOSEPH: Never understood why they are called "mini" guns.

Sykokiller: Looks like fun but all I see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ per minute.

Takes away half the enjoyment.

CHUUMPASS: yeah, more minigun action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Top Hat Sheep: love the description

justen paul: sounds like america

MelonMan/RomanScrub: that kid there is like ""pfft, noob, my cum even goes faster than that"

TheMaleRei: Holy cap, per second of fire, how much $$$ in ammunition is that?

Man Alive...

snooboo: why are some people not wearing ear protection? Wouldn't that be extremely stupid?

jose 2015: queria uma dessa no Brasil pra da nesses policiais podres e assassinos daqui....que pena que aqui no Brasil não existe democracia !!!

Jeffrey Wicker: little known fact: originally developed for late night milk runs to ghetto 7-11's.

saskcop: "GE - We bring good things to life!"

Rabindranad Tagor: WTF ???


for all of you tropers

amazing lifestyle&gaming: What is the stuff thats dropping on the side?

Man in Tidy Whities: Who knew a company that makes home products (refrigerator, washer machines, etc.) can make an awesome weapon.
GE M134 MINIGUN 5 out of 5

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