Shorai Battery Comparison

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Shorai Lithium Iron battery vs Standard Lead Acid Comparison test review
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Shorai Battery Buying Guide at
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Best Motorcycle Battery! [Shorai Review]
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Triggerman1820: Whats the deal with people being such buttholes with their comments?

Arthur M.: Why is it that you are not showing the installation of the Shorai battery? Is it that you are putting the older battery instead? Come on we are not dumb.

Angus Davies: Shorai should never be charged at over 14.6V. After install, check the voltage across the terminals with the bike revving to regulator limit. Never run a bike with a dorked regulator. If you ran your bike with a dorked battery for a while, your regulator is probably dorked too, and will fry any battery.

Bjarni Einarsson: Hmmm... I think real testing would be when bike is cold and started for the first time at new day etc.

areibu: Great video, not too many comparisons out here on youtube. Very informative and helpful, thanks.

DrGreenThumb: Sounds like the starter kept running for a few seconds after it started with the Shorai

Jon May Ride: @ digitalfuktard- your keyboard skills are impressive for someone who is obviously mentally retarded.

digitalfuk: Video was good until the dumbass music came in at the end. Kill the stupid music dumbass.

malcolmmcbchen: Try RCE battery! This company's batteries have build-in BMS,I installed one 4.6Ah on my scotter, and it works better than my original Yuasa TTZ-10S battery! Most important, they use A123 cells,and using unique design inside the battery-cells connection!

Tango165: I've been using one for over two years in a Monster 696, no issues what's so ever- has been 100% reliable..

James Morakis: I want my money back will be calling Monday feb 9/2013 to shorai. This is my (2) one they are junk!!! First one 4 months (2) one 3 weeks and fried my bike. Dealer said they are junk also. Now he has to go thro my whole sistem to see what happend. I am pissed!!!!

James Morakis: People if you want problems with your bike go head and buy a shorai!!!! It fryed my 2009 r1 with 4500 miles. wish i never got one!!!!!

YOUNG WIKLE: Shorai batteries have no built-in battery management and will fail. Period. The bigger the bike the bigger the fail. Over-sold and under-engineered, they are a pox on the future of Lithium powersport batteries. No battery cell protection whatever. Buyer beware.

04218158: cool, thanks for that. I was wondering what happened if they were drained completely flat.

Two Slow: still working fine. I even ran it flat twice due to an electrical problem. Got the problem sorted out, went out for a 30 minute ride and worked fine after that.

LETSWIM1: Thank you for making the Shorai battery video. It's gotten me interested in having one for my Yamaha R1. And now that it's been over a year since you've had it in your Ducati, how's the Shorai performing now?

aymnot: Thanks again, also have a V-Twin and it needs a strong battery or you can forget a ride that day!!!!!

Two Slow: I've even ran my battery flat twice from failed electrics, and once it's charged it ran just fine.

aymnot: Thanks for this am in the market, and I am tired of battery drain on the Yuasa

skeetwuzhere: i don't understand what biglift said, but, good right up.
Shorai battery comparison 5 out of 5

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Shorai battery comparison