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Nalini Maraj: that's amazing. wish I could get that treatment where i live here in Trinidad.

bluehavencd: The filing of my feet would be torture to me.

Thea C.: My mother's callous would get so hard and thick that it would crack and it would bleed. Also, I run so I would get weird callous patches on one area that are really thick and uncomfortable. It make it hard to run because now there's thick a thick rock on my soles.

Jack Patton: Why would someone want to remove calluses? They protect my feet when I go barefoot and hands when I do work and climb. That must be a guy thing though.

x X: this just made me want to get a pedicure.

IrishLincoln: Step 5. Vomiting

pal98111: I think I've seen gentler fairriers.

mdooms76: Dag her feet were dirty aside from the dead skin!

John Tyller: @Cara - Here is a new device in the market That will remove foot calluses very fast It's name is Emjoi Micro Pedi You can buy it cheap in this site: Get 10% Discount and Free Shipping by using the Coupon Code: micropedi

mrsfwills fifi: I am a prof manicurist of 23 years and I have bought this product at an industry trade show and it works like no other! Trying to find it now!

calql8er: mmmmm yummy!!!! :9

mazbey: not painful at all, a bit ticklish depending on your threshold. absolutely works, first time

spoons2007: Is that painful ??

Miss Trill: thats not really callus tho is it. Thats more like a dry cracked heal. Calluses are usually near the balls of feet near the underside of toes.

airbornecow1: I give this product a 2 out of 5.

airbornecow1: If you have thick callus on the ball of your foot, you have to use 3 packs to remove it.
CALLUS PEEL 5 out of 5

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