LG Optimus Showtime - Straight Talk

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LG Optimus Showtime - Straight Talk
LG Optimus Showtime - Straight Talk
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Lg Optimus Showtime Reveiw Straight Talk
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Rick brisco Jones: Thanks for the review, when i first got my showtime it would stream youtube vids lightning fast but now it buffers a lot. It takes forever to get through a 5 min video but it does fine on wifi, do you know of a setting or something i might have changed that would cause this . The phone is great second only to the iphone in my opinion , ive only had this problem for a couple weeks so its bound to be something ive done. Thanks

Kristal Aho: I love my showtime!

voss297: Irra Mel You really need to just chill and leave the man alone! He couldn't help it because he talks like that. That's human nature so if you didn't like listening to his voice in the first place, you should have kept your comments to yourself.

Hannah Sybert: You mentioned the Droid RAZR, and I just watched your video on my purple Motorola Droid RAZR lol your wallpaper was the default set on my phone 

Lizzy Ann: Is there a front camera?

Marshay Booker: Love it good review can't wait to get it but can't find it anywhere

justin cain: I understand. I'm in Alabama, I got the southern accent that you just cant get rid of

ZRozDaMan: It's Showtime,Folks!

Deangelo Kendrix: Got this phone and its worth the price!!!

justin cain: I understand. I'm in Alabama, I got the southern accent that you just cant get rid of

Irra Mel: I cannot STAND your voice. I couldn't even get to 1 minute of listening to it. Too unbearable. This is seriously the first video that I just couldn't listen to because of the annoying voice...and I've watched thousands of videos over MANY years. From the little bit that I heard it sounds like you're purposefully trying to speak in some hypocritically hideous 'cowboy' accent. Blech.

Tyler Juhlin: Does this phone have a front-facing camera?

rkg4christ: 3g

mims akuma: Iv been reading some reviews bout this phone and the main issue they keep reporting is that the battery life jus drains away too fast. Have u had any problems with the phone since you got it?

creamins: and what size of card do you have? I saw you had an hour long movie so it's gotta be a bit bigger right?

scguy022: How is the color? The LG Optimus Zip had colors looked "off". Thanks for the feedback!

Dawn Walker: I am having a problem I bought mine today and got it going but I can sent a picture message but I can not receive a picture message. if you can help. Thank you Bama girl

rkg4christ: When you are on the screen that shows all the texts of the person who sent you the picture. Tap and hold on the picture and it will give you an option to save it to the phone

FlamingDovahkiin: Do you know what size SD card is supported?

Brad H.: @Tyler Juhlin yeah it does

Jacob Largent: Nice accent!

dovedarby: Thanks!

Tanner Carter: Does this phone have Verizon or ATT coverage?

Tristin noble: What about the lg optimus black or motorla defy

MsLexy2014: what about front face oovoo or skype ?

angryGTS: Android 4.0 and up supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and WEBp image formats

lawrence johnson: i also have a Galaxy Proclaim and the charger inside the phone shattered, so i was going to just replace it with another Proclaim...but they no longer make them anymore. so im now thinking of getting this phone...how do i transfer all my old pics/videos/contacts to the optimus?

JzNotJayZ: Hey quick question. I know that the phone is 3G and not 4G. Is it slow or fast when your connected to the signal and not wi fi?

TheJoncic: How is the quality of the built in video camera? HD or pixelated? Choppy or smooth?

dj sullivan: can you use the front cam to video chat?

Brittany Bell: I have this phone on boostmobile lg venice. I love the phone hate the service thinking about switching to straight talk.

Dobi girl: Guys, i have heard that straight talk has a tweeter support, so I tried to tweet them. Their response was superb, my questions got answered.. LOL.. just want to share..

Darkshadow652: so does anyone else have problems using headphones??? i try to put the plug in the headjack an it doesnt reallt connect it easily comes off

Justin Greene: You can buy a extended battery from ebay

1482man: Can you transfer apps to your sd card on that phone ? Or do your apps stay on internal memory ??

GrantDaGawd: "kinda cheesy.. nahm jus kiddin" hahaha

Misty Forbes: Yes it does.

rkg4christ: Up to 32gb compatible micro sd card

Tracy Oswald: Okay i think this video is great cause im comparing phones for straight talk so in july i can buy one. I like how he described the camera and the qualities of the phone. And my question now is and i hope some can answer me if the front facing camera is good for taking front facing pictures and video chat?? Does it do video chat if some can answer i would appreciate it! thanks!

anthonyvildosola: Can u use face chat on the LG Op. Showtime?

Forgoten214: This one runs off the Verizon network right?

blenderhead14: Is the screen gorilla glass? lol i just want to know.

Shawn Hudson: Hey sir, I love straight talk and have been researching this phone.. My last phone only fit just a few apps before storage became critical. Have you had any issues installing apps as in running out of space for installed apps? Thanks again sir!

jenlyn2474: where did you get you time/day screen from?

Nathan Rolling: okay, so what was the name of the widget that you downloaded? I am about to get that phone, and I would like to have that app!

Pathonex: This is a great review man.!

rkg4christ: Was fixed by Straight Talk. It was caused by some issue in the system somewhere, but it was fixed.

808BAMS: What type of image format does the showtime support? Where can i download images from?

Arse Hole: Hold the power button and the volume down arrow at the same time to screenshot

WRATHSTARZ666: 3g...... is the standby time good does it last the whole day..... or if I'm not even using it all go all the way down to like 50% from a 100% on full charge if I don't even use it... if I Buy this and I can't buy a protection plan from Walmart so is it durable and waterproof I don
LG Optimus Showtime - Straight Talk 4.6 out of 5

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