Lil Wayne In A COMA After More Seizures// OMG Is He Dying??

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Lil Wayne In a COMA after more seizures// OMG Is he dying??
Lil Wayne In a COMA after more seizures// OMG Is he dying??

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Venus X: when you take xanax & opiates the way he r prone to have seizures ALL THE TIME, mixing xanax with other drugs can & will kill you

MegaPsycho84: I don't like Wayne but I don't wish death on him,I think this is the second time that this happend?? Stay off them damn drugs Wayne!!!

Kaleb MacCall: You guys are so mean. Even if his music sucks... you dont say they should die.

Swift Charisma: dis nigga ant ganna die nigga will reborn.

❤Samore Love TV❤: Thanks for commenting.

mike terry: Lil Wayne is a human stop hating

Kush_312: Lil wayne is my favorite rapper. I love his songs! God Bless You Wayne and Family! hang in there!! :)

❤Samore Love TV❤: Yup smh I can't! Thanks for commenting! Xoxo ;-)

❤Samore Love TV❤: Very true we surely do. Thanks for commenting! Xoxo

Melanie Eichelberger: Sorry but yall wanna pop Molly y'all wanna sip sizzurp? Ok have fun with them seizures

Jackson Hancock: Haha lil weyne

❤Samore Love TV❤: Sure does

Tyler Moore: I am a teenager and i listin to lil wayne but i had friends who do drugs and ask me for some but say no!

Dorian P.: I don't think TMZ will risk a million dollar lawsuit, and Birdman has more than enough money to punish them if what they reported was false. I think Wayne is in critical condition but to keep the press at bay they're telling people it's all good since they don't want a circus.

Johnny DeBest: i hope this lil bitch wayne dies go burn in hell u piece of!

Rafael Delgado: Hahahahaha freaking nigger

Tech1Tv: i like Lil' Wayne music,but if what i heard is true i guess he really don't care. He need to stop smoking

HCAirsofter: He cant go rip wayne u will be missed

❤Samore Love TV❤: Hmm....

Chris Snuffer: Sippin on the Seizzurp,

tweetloveable: you sound like the going to pray that God soften's your heart.

Ian Curtis: shut up bitch

Power Brighter: LIL WAYNE IS A SAMBO CLOWN This whole story was a "Publicity Stunt" to generate album sales he NEVER was hospitalized Wayne is a attention whore he will do anything to get media attention.Last month Wayne made fun of Emmett Tills death a 14 year old boy who was lynched and murdered then after that he insulted Chris Bosh's wife

CallOfDutyGaming5531: @Mason Taggart truu crap brother

❤Samore Love TV❤: That's kinda my thought as well.

❤Samore Love TV❤: Is that a biggie lyric I mentioned?

francisco rodriguez: yeah men Jesus will just not the time yet but he promise only god not his fault he control by the devil.but god will make he miracle again so they know the he is the good god thank you

KrendroHelioSystem: If he disnt do all them drugs maybe he wouldnt be in his situation

❤Samore Love TV❤: Wow you all are sure teaching me a lot. Learn more and more everyday. Thanks for the knowledge.

relaxingmagots: I hate lil seizurs

Jimmie jr Bivins: Its not from smoking dumbies its the leand

❤Samore Love TV❤: Hopefully!

Daemous: If that's the only way for his music to stop, then so be it.

❤Samore Love TV❤: Thanks for commenting

Epice BoyJuice: In my honestly think lil wayne is a dumbass 12 year olds look up to him..... this craps messed up..

dollbaby4400: Thanks my honey boo but he needs to slow down..prayers for him..Blessings..Doll

❤Samore Love TV❤: Ok. Thank yea sometimes media can exaggerate. Thanks xoxo ;-)

❤Samore Love TV❤: Excuse me?

❤Samore Love TV❤: Yup smh

❤Samore Love TV❤: Uh hmm TMZ is the worst lol Thanks for commenting. Xoxo ;-)

❤Samore Love TV❤: It's a real drink??

Rayann410: all that smoking hes doing lol, hopefully this "scare" was a wake up call for him. TMZ is something else though lmao

Royal nash: sizzurp is an expensive drink too. i think a pint goes for 200 to 300

kdurant9351: Pray for Wayne that he can learn from his mistakes

Alanna Macmillan: woah bitches calm down. hes a person too. goddamn put in some respect.

Marquel Hawkins: Prayin 4 the hip hop soldier Lil Wayne he the reason iStarted rappin u in my prayers Wayne

freida dee: I'm not a fan,but I pray that he will call on Jesus. We don't know what he's going through....

❤Samore Love TV❤: Very true!

angry grandpa fan: i will never do syrup one time it is bad u black out never do pills eather just try to stick to weed

❤Samore Love TV❤: Yup seems like he has a death wish. Poor kids...
Lil Wayne In a COMA after more seizures// OMG Is he dying?? 4.5 out of 5

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Lil Wayne In a COMA after more seizures// OMG Is he dying??