Far Cry 3: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 Gameplay Frame-Rate Analysis

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ASB “Anand SB” PCGamer: ...I played this back before I knew what frame rate was...I never realised it was this disgraceful on both consoles...

Errol246: Frame rate is horrid on both consoles. I had fun with it on PS3, but how below 26 fps is a nightmare.

Drugsbranch: son i am disappoint

Midogame: One of the worst optimized games on consoles. Still, Shadow of Mordor wins the prize.

Azur Vajraca: im on ps3 and my fps on far cry is about 30 only :( please help me how to get it up?

IpCGames\\ Pc Gaming: Even my hd graphics 4000 run better

Витек Чесноков: ps 3 and xbox 360 is very old and its starts so great games with not bad graphics, that great, but they so old, so play that games on pc with ultra graphics i play on pc with ultra graphic and with 80 fps

MaxAero: I notice the drops because of the screentearing, on ps4 there is none and it's 99% just a steady 30, should i get this game for pc?

Gamer K: During actual gameplay fc3 on ps3 framerate is tolerable, not great. But during cutscenes like vaas phone intro, falling down scafolding while saving jasons girlfriend, etc. its like it stays 20-25 fps, & NEVER holds 30. Far cry 3 is why im sceptical about fc4 on ps3, might as well wait until game gets cheaper & i can afford a ps4/pc, havent decided yet

Filipe Ribeiro: I really wanna know what is the frame rate of far cry 4 in one ps3. I'm playing and its like a slowness but, im accustomed

TheSentimentalGoat: K xbox 360 has an amazing advantage in fps. But the ps3 has better sound quality. Other than that, they're bpth the same. But still I'd rather better fps than sound quality. Xbox wins

Biased Milk Hotel: My CPU's integrated graphics can run this better than lastgen.

iZoweR Designs™: PC is better...

al13nb0y: Still impressive for consoles that are 9 and 8 year old in my opinion.

EnT3R: lol what do you expect from a almost 10 years old machine wich costs $99?

3CupcakesInAPie: The XBOX 360 might win in this frame category but developers like crytek were lazy and decided not to look into the power of the PS3... It had more power than an xbox... An xbox was just easier to make this game for... It's sad... Bioshock infinite is a prime example of PS3's ultra power

Kauan Arruda: xbox wins

ictdude1: none are better they are both crap, my pc can stay above 40fps where as a console cant even stay above 30....

Matteo Ferrazzi: all of crytek's games are unplayable on my ps3, I don't know about anyone else. I have a wii and switching between Crysis and Metroid Prime makes it hella obvious how poorly the former runs. I feel like technology is going backwards instead of forwards.

Tribit Kudy: Well i play this game on my ps3 console... And PS3 have problem with far cry 3.
I am waiting for Far Cry 4.
Far Cry 3: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Gameplay Frame-Rate Analysis 5 out of 5

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Far Cry 3: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Gameplay Frame-Rate Analysis