Master Reset Verizon LG VX9200 Env3.MOV

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Master Reset Verizon LG VX9200 Env3.MOV
Master Reset Verizon LG VX9200 Env3.MOV
LG enV3 for Verizon - part 1 of 2
LG enV3 for Verizon - part 1 of 2
LG enV3 (vx9200) Overview - Verizon Wireless
LG enV3 (vx9200) Overview - Verizon Wireless
LG enV3 VX9200  Review & Specification
LG enV3 VX9200 Review & Specification
lg env3
lg env3

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Merence Tckenna: When I reset my device it shows a pompt to erase everything and restore to factory default but then says all suer data willl be save. What is going on here? Thanks for the tutorial BTW.

arturo lemus: my phone is locked with a passcode i forgot it i need help 

Patience Oliver: thank you, this was very helpful!

Marco Kellough: Hey I hey a Verizon Lg vx9200i haven't use this phone in two years forgot password is there any way to by pass so I can reuse the phone

Trevor Duncan: Wilson, I'm not sure how to unlock an overseas phone. In the US, a phone must be unlocked by the original carrier / provider / manufacturer that sold it. There are some websites that profess to be able to unlock a phone for a small fee. I really can't advocate one over another, but I bet you can find some answers with a quick google search.

wilson guzman: trevor ...a friend left his lg vx9100 before he went home oversea, its a nice phone anyways can i use this phone,or how to unlock it some how, i want to use it for short . tnx

Trevor Duncan: Hi Kalysta, if I understand you correctly, it sounds like you want a privacy code to protect your phone? If so, that should be possible through the menus on your phone. I would suggest calling your service provider from a different phone for the most effective assistance.

Kalysta Beaver: I have the env3, & is there any way to get a passcode on it besides the okay button like numbers? If so plz respond I need to know . :/! Thanks.!

Trevor Duncan: Well as my mother always told me Joseph De La Torre... it takes one to know one, honey. I see your channel has 0 videos - at least I'm out here doing something with my time on YouTube. Thanks so much for your feedback!

Joseph De La Torre: Totally gay thumb ring...hahhaha a boy wearing a thumb ring lol...might as well wear a wig, high heels, and slap on some lipstick

Trevor Duncan: Hi fruitcake, That is correct, we currently only purchase current smartphones as most feature phones and pre-smartphones do not hold much resale value.

Snowflake Frost: Thank you ^_^ but you no longer take EnV 3?

Trevor Duncan: Thanks for the feedback, I updated the link which is just cellseattle (dot) com

Trevor Duncan: Thanks for your question! For this I would recommend contacting your service provider for assistance with your forgotten password. Have a great day!

Snowflake Frost: Hi Trevor, where can I sell my phone? You don't leave a link?

Aimee-Rose: I need to reset my phone because I forgot my password. Do you have any ideas on what should I do? Thx.

Trevor Duncan: Hi Jenna, I was unable to locate the video you speak of, can you send me a link? My first advice would be to pull out the battery, wait a minute then put it back in and turn your phone on. If you're still having issues, let me know! ~Trevor

Jenna Hinckley: I need to reset my phone bcuz my bf called me so many ones it froze!! I can't exit out of the screen! Look at my video at what's wrong and please help!!!!
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Master Reset Verizon LG VX9200 Env3.MOV