How To Choose And Use Insulation - This Old House

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Northwinds: how about for sound proof

Jose Javier: 2:30 epic fail he said "you staple it" and then the thing says no stapling required lol

Shank Montgomery: Have you discussed insulating a crawl space on this channel?

Eric Agront: Very good info I never knew there were many type's of insulation.

Biker Bmw: Hi! Really useful video.,. I'd like to ask a question... I live in Mexico, near Mexico City, where temperatures in winter go to 0 or 1 degree Celsius, so it's super cold but still it's very cold. My house is specially cold since it's oriented to North so it's also very dark in winter. So my question is, is it absolutely indispensable to insulate all the walls of the house or it'd be ok to insulate a couple of walls and see how better it gets and then pick up from there?... Thx so much for the advise. Regards

Steve 1961P.: So are there any issues with first coating with closed cell and then once set, second coating with open cell? Or is there a reason not to do this? I am in the Tampa Bay area, so most of the time we are trying to keep the heat out. Also, what would happen if we used closed cell against the inside of the roof and then over the years we developed a roof leak? Where would that water go and how would you even know it to know it needed repair? Also, what about fire safety? No one ever talks about fire issues.

Peace and Love To All: I live in zone 6 (hot & cold). I have a tongue and groove ceiling which is impossible to air seal because the old ceiling was left in place. It was a cheap drop down ceiling made of card board. What do you recommend I use an air barrier or a vapor? I'm having a mold problem in attic. The vaulted ceiling appears to be fine.This is a 3 season cabin renovated to 4 season home to 2 yrs ago. At that time the roof was pristine.I'm bagging up all the fiberglass shake n rake insulation and air sealing. I was planning on doing an air barrier on the ceiling. No visible mold on insulation so I was gonna reuse. I have a roof ridge vent, bit no soffiets. Please advise, and thank you!

Cougar Land: That's why these guys work on old homes... so they can stick wiring down cavities where there is little insulation in the way. Most of these methods "blow" your chance of touching that cavity again. Of course if people cared more about external insulation as they should, then the stud bays wouldn't be such a big deal.

Cougar Land: 2:21 For the love of God, don't do it! One pin hole and you're screwed.

Cougar Land: 1:49 "sometimes you wanna"? Aren't house wraps a code?

wirehot09: The guy in green shirt is defintly from Detroit

andrew beaudry: Put a torch to each insulation
Wich one burns fastest

nic190: Great video. Now I know to get the vapor retarder ,live in north east

ricardo clemente: things to considered in any insulation: fire; sound; temperature; moisture

HELLCAT WOO: How much can i make doing this type of work

eltouristoduo: idk why polyester is now unheard of in USA. It used to be available. Its
the best because it's not nasty like fiberglass. Fiberglass is terribly
irritating and unhealthy. Makes it horrible to get into attics etc. Denim gets a little 'old' after several years so not best for certain uses.

Stephen Woods: Brilliant! Thank you for clarifying some of the basic ideas with insulation. Well done guys.

Ski Fall: toxic foam!

ltcajh: I like a show that teaches you how to fix and build. All the other shows entertain, but don't teach you much.

vkatgol: can you use both open and closed cell in the same area ?
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