SSD Vs. HDD Performance Comparison

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
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SSD vs Hard Drive Torture Test
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SSD vs Hard Drive vs SSHD (Hybrid Hard Drive) Boot Up Time Comparison
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SSDs vs Hard Drives as Fast As Possible
HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison
HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison

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Hans Balais: I just built a new pc last week. My options were a 240GB SSD plus 1 TB HDD and 960GB SSD. I'm glad I went to the larger SSD. I still have my old Alienware x51 desktop that has a HDD, and man, SSD is way faster!

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MaxTerritory: I'm buying a i5 Editing Laptop. Should I Buy This Or? Laptop: Acer Aspire E5

oldemiro silva: gonna get one 250 ssd today God willing ...

yaman s gaming: can i get more fps with ssd? and how many?

Dimitri Sainis: Can't wait to get my 500GB SSD.

King S: LISTEN BRO. Ssd is better but just say if you need more storage. You can just buy a hard drive off ebay and connect it via the USB port and if I wanna save large games then I can just plug in the external hard drive whenever I need it. Isnt that good? Also, When you buy a PC with both SSD and Hdd then if you save files in the HDD wont that crap get slower

Tran Thai Binh: The SSD clearly makes you open Photoshop faster, but does it allow photoshop to run faster after being opened?

yan xu: Wow, I never thought the speed difference can be that huge.

Weaglas: Damn, I need 1tb ssd to load my porn faster.

Jochem Boon: 1099 for a 160gb ssd.... How things have changed over the last few years.

alamrisa: 20 sec VS 40 sec. Not only you reach the desktop faster, but when you get there the computer is responsive as opposed to a HDD which needs even more time loading services and processes.

manuelypili: honestly my traditional samsung 1TB HD actually loads just as fast as the SSD in this comparison, if not faster. I have lots of files in it, it has about 100 gb free. Althought i will have to buy one to compare it myself.

McNetDeck: I have an i7 HP Laptop, with a 1 TB HDD, Windows 10. Boot up time is roughly <10 seconds. I can't image it getting much faster having an SSD instead.

There are benefits to an SSD though.. better read/writes, longevity, performance increase is there (even if only 2-3 seconds difference).

I just wish my desktop wasn't pre-built. Nothing wrong after four years, but I'd have to take certain parts off to be able to position the SSD + SSD Mount and I'm too lazy for that.

Emmett: So this wont help me online at all will it, when im browsing ?

Joemark canedo: round 1 ssd win / round 2 ssd win / round 3 hdd win price.

Hekcy_: lol i am on budget so staying with HDD and plus i can wait a couple of secs

sushil ADOKAR: Hi, I own a sony vaio laptop having 2GB RAM, Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, 500 GB HDD :- Its operating very slow.

Which SSD will best fit for this to improve performance / speed.

Cards with Chris!: I already knew the direction I was leaning. I own a Macbook air, and I know the difference that the SSD makes. This just makes me want one even more for my HP laptop. That is definitely going to breath some new air into that computer, and I cannot wait for it.

Shmaehdawlf Shmitler: Got a part time job, and I'm going to work until I get $2,300
My specs are going to be

Cpu: Intel i7 6700k
Gpu: EVGA gtx980ti sc + acx 2.0+
Motherboard: Asus maximus VIII hero
Ram: Corsair vengeance ddr4 3000mhz 16gb
Case: Corsair carbide 100r
Psu: EVGA Supernova 1000w
Cooler: Corsair h100i
Storage: Seagate 3tb hhd, San disk 960GB ssd

I'm not posting this to boast, I just want some tips, to make my setup possibly better
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison 5 out of 5

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison