SSD Vs. HDD Performance Comparison

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
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SSD vs Hard Drive Torture Test
SSD vs HDD Performance Comparison - Samsung SSD 850 EVO Review in Telugu
SSD vs HDD Performance Comparison - Samsung SSD 850 EVO Review in Telugu
HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison
HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison
SSD vs HDD (Laptop Speed Test)
SSD vs HDD (Laptop Speed Test)

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MIND NOVA: He doesn't know where the left is.

Gabriel Ramos: Damn! Are there people so whiny and impatient that they need to log in the second they do a cold boot?! My quad-core i5 i bought used for $150 is wakes up from sleep instantly every morning. Every once in a while I have to do a cold boot when I go out or something but I don't notice the 30 seconds it takes cuz I'm doing other stuff checking texts, shooting down a little fly of a Spitfire on Wings of the Luftwaffe etc. But hey if you've got to be a sucker here's something else you can consume.

RIZKYANTOE: Poor hdd...

Shreyas Kulkarni: Windows 10 boots up under 18 seconds in my HDD (SATA 3gbps not 6gbps and 5400rpm 500gb. #WDC5000LPVT ADV format ) With secure boot off and UEFI and HDD controller in AHCI/RAID. When I got my hands on a SSD, it boots up under 10~12 seconds.

Tommi Kalpio: SSD is must, really.

Neeraj Arora: Great, since I installed SSD. I regret why I did not install it earlier and saved hours of time wastage. Is their anything else which can improve desktop speed besides upgrading from HDD to SDD?

Yasser Almoswr: SSD speed 7200

Atlas: if i buy a SSD 940 GB, would it be quicker than a SSD 120GB ? or is it just the space??

Ryder Storm: would love to upgrade but I'm lugging around 7 TB of data... I have so much stuff I gave up trying to delete the excess and duplicate items cause its just way too big of a project. Tends to happen when your dealing with professional level 3D equipment... I wont touch a drive thats less then 2T. I can fill a 240 gig SSD with just my downloads folder alone... I'll wait until SSD's are the standard, and HDD's meet their maker at most places. Like Floppy to CD to Flash drive.... HDD's will one day be stone age tech.

Angelo: what if the CPU is celeron and so slow that can follow the speed of the SSD?

Randomisticful: Do you really need the annotation over the HDD?

Minecraft Youtube Parody's: no wonder my pc is crap, it cant run minecraft at 20 fps

Swedish Dissident: Time is money (it's so worth it). I'm upgrading my refurbished ASUS N56VZ to a 512 GB SSD.

moade333: When bought SSD concentrate on reading and writing speeds.
Most SSDs have a great reading speed but almost equal writing speed to HDD, be careful...!!!!

VengefulSage: dont waste your money on a very big ssd for all your crap. Just get a 120 gb or something for your os and apps and thats it. keep all else on hdd. simple as that

Johannes Dolch: In reality the difference is even bigger. And whats more: At the bootup test what you did not test is to start doing something immediately after startup. Thats where i feel the biggest advantage. On HDD even if you see the desktop it is quite a while before you actually start working. Try opening Word or a Browser and see how long it takes it to actually function normally. Its gonna be infuriatingly long. On SSD basically as soon as you can see the desktop you can start working. Open you Browser and it will start up and be operational in 1-2 seconds.

Jonatan OTW: Newbie question! So SSD is a lot faster loading both operating system and applications, but what about all those who use a smaller SSD (I know this vid is old, let's say 60-100GB) for running Windows and then have a larger harddrive (say 1TB) for both files and programs, games etc. Will the stuff on the harddrive also be loaded faster since the OS still runs from the SSD? If not, I better make sure to install my favorite games on the SSD I guess... But games these days take up so much space

Tribulation Prepper: Great comparison... Thanks

Jason Bourne: The configuration 6 years ago make me puke.

Anub'arak: I don't know why every SSD vs HDD videos have the HDD taking really long to boot. My 7 year old laptop with HDD boots within 25 seconds.
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison 5 out of 5

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison