SSD Vs. HDD Performance Comparison

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison
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SSDs vs Hard Drives as Fast As Possible
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HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison
HDD vs. SSD Performance Comparison
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damola olayemi: I bought an Asus ROG but after a month my screen started Fluctuating what do I do

Kaos Kaki: selisih cuma 20 detik.... tapi harga beda selangit....

Lodewijk Vogels: SSD has some great lifespan. My HDD died after 6 years not bad. But a SSD is faster and yes it helped in games too. The only thing that does HDD better is the price both worth it (:

Lodewijk Vogels: I have a SSD (:

The Angelboy: Thanks. Great video

عمر: very nice ^_^

Asyraf Cboy: my hdd is much faster than his ssd lol

Optimus Prime: OK 160gb is not much for storage for movies and music files? Hmm gonna look for cheaper ones out there.

Zariche Yruga: what if I use 240gb ssd for C and E D HDD?

Fantastic Jellyfish: Are all ssd provide same speedy performance? I'm looking for a new laptop and I can see 150 gb ssd and 225 gb ssd with 1 Tb hdd. I never considered ssd until I learned about the speed

DivideByZero: the amount of Fake Asus comments are so funny

kona702: Look...I am not a pickle so please dont take anything I say as an insult. I merely wish to educate people when I see problems with explanations regarding computing. You took the time to post I appreciate with respect I am going to correct you.I was an IT professional for about 8 years before moving to accounting. So my opinion is valid and certainly has merit....So....The size of the source image file on Photoshop (or any program) has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the loading speed of the base program. This program defaults and "ignores" the originating file content until it has loaded sufficiently, next it loads the file that needs to be accessed. Therefore the time difference, although significant and important, has NOTHING to do with the size of the source file. When the screen first pops up with the photoshop window should remain the same speed regardless of content. After the initial program graphic is when it accesses the file and where our differences are possible due to file size. Does this dude really work for ASUS? If so I would never buy one due to this low budget unprofessional demonstration. (Im not a pickle...I just dont want anyone that is naïve to the field to take this as correct information and think that this is how this stuff works.) YES...a SSD absolutely DOES make a lightning fast improvement, but not due to the size of the file being used to launch the program.  Programs  ALWAYS launch using the computers RAM memory, which is IDENTICAL to the build of a SSD. After the program loads to a specified point, the marked and measured delay can be calculated by the time it takes to it search the sector(s) of the HDD...based on the SSD's instant IC's with the latter.Bottom line:HE IS 100% CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSD IS THE crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO MUCH FASTER AND BETTER REGARDING FILE ACCESS AND TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is just simply a piss poor demo and explanation. This is supposed to be an explanation from experts of a major computer company. To me the uneducated information provided looks like a budget camcorder filmed likely in the 19 year old authors parents basement. Is this where ASUS makes its units? I think not...this video is prolly just a post by a bored troll. Please dont listen to this anyone...its ALL wrong!!!!!!!!!!For faster load times...increase your RAM...not HDD. Next get an SSD and your "CONTENT" will load faster.Regards,KonaSomeone tell me why I am wrong! :-)

kona702: @ 2:02 he claims that a 278MB file is a "very large" file. HUH???? I know this was 5 years ago but 278MB hasn't had a speed issue to load on ANY drive since like...2002...Very poor demonstration; even in 2011....

_My_old_name_was_cringe_ Mining: Starts at 0:36

Midget: wait im still confused is SSD external hard drive? or they are completely different?

tahir leon: waooooooo

Илиян Попов: HDD should be always the best.This thing SSD has been created by the SATAN.

Parker Brooks: I know this video is kinda old already, but the interesting thing is that my HDD computer is probably as fast as his SSD computer was (and my computer is not even that new or top of the line).

Max Moon: fake

Farooq Ishaq: a really large file is 2GB not 278 MB
SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison 5 out of 5

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SSD vs. HDD Performance Comparison