Rocket Stove Mass Heater

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Rocket stove heater for a workshop or a room
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888mrshu: add on to my previous post the Romans probably invented it   
will not be putting videos of working fire on the tube because I don't want my fuel source to go away or somewhere else my only fuel cost is sweat and an empty truck
 mine is built from fire bricks and does have viewing window but its on top of feed tube with cast iron door from a stove clean out so it shows on ceiling makes you realize not all fires are the same

888mrshu: is it legal ,if the burgers in town halls had their way there would never had been gas light let alone light bulbs,yes they work well,mine does, but requires work, cutting,stacking, drying fuel, these are not for people,who don't like the first bit, if you do,your gonna be warm,and be able to boil on top of it as well.Barrel top between 150C  and 200C when burning right,fire chamber 600C plus   Flue outlet temp between 40C and 60 C with 30ft of heat tube

iendhtj kiend: Not in this house. In a city I'm sure it would be though.

Franken Stein: holy crap is this illegal??

karl De Pauw: i was thinking off a half pirex boll to be the window to look at the fire would that work?

iendhtj kiend: Thanks for the positive vibes. I think that it didn't perform well because of the distance I put between the glass and the horizontal burn tunnel, but I was scared of the glass getting too hot. You may want to use actual stove glass and move it near the flames as the front bricks are in the original design. Adding a tall chimney that goes nearly to my roofline cured the back-draft I was having.

J Gybl: I Like this design. Your innovative use of the block glass is great thinking. (why didn't i think of that type stuff) & how yo have the radiant pipes tripple stacked your room has got to be WARM and COMFORTABLE!!! thanks for showing-gonna try one myself.

wai president: I like the fact that you can enjoy the view of the fire, will the glass get smoke and get dark, if so how can we clean it? I been trying to build one that I can see the fire. please reply to, thanks

linuxxxunil: way too much smoke. other stoves on youtube have zero smoke practically. e for effort.

iendhtj kiend: the most important thing I learned was that despite not building the burner and riser correctly which caused it not to draw well. Adding a chimney just above the roof line makes it work nicely, so try that if you have trouble and need a very quick solution on a cold day!

royalspin: Seriously ? after all that work ? Well thanks for sharing your build anyways .I'm sure you learned a bit during the process.I'm going to be building one myself hopefully before winter kicks in.Thanks for the reply.

iendhtj kiend: yes, it was finished a few weeks later, but destroyed about two months ago because it was my grandparent's house

royalspin: Where was the narration and explanations ?? Excellent build so far,I would like to see the finished product.I'm assuming since this was from 2009 that your finished by now ?

Marialla: @lespaul49 Genius!!

TheDavedickey: can you send me plans for this i would like to build one like this

nlechm25: Can i get a copy of the plans you used?

Logan Jonker: @lespaul49 Brilliant!

Yowane Haku: Thanks for this video of the stove, It is one of the best so far for actually showing a "complete" stove and how it goes together, been looking for one of this style for awhile.

iendhtj kiend: @slocar1 I can send you the plans if you want.

marshgre: WOW and the exit gas is so cool you don't have to worry about the shopping bag touching the pipe at 1:30. Cool.
rocket stove mass heater 5 out of 5

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rocket stove mass heater