SAR: XD-M 9mm Review Pt 1

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CWB1863: The XDM 3.8 in 40 cal was my first firearm purchase.Great gun, love it!

Steven Conroy: Could/Would you tell me where I could get a list of Everything I would need to build my own Complete, ready to fire, AR-15 ? I have been CCW card carrier for 6 years but other than Shotguns, and 22 semi auto hunting rifle, I have never had much interest in long guns until Now. If you would be so kind as to steer me in the right direction, would you also tell me any particular brands to steer clear of. If you do not want to do this, I will understand, Be Blessed and Safe,,, Steven

Oscar Martinez: REALLY good stuff. Keep these great videos coming!

kylelee1911: 2:57 pause thats why i hate dovetail sights too much wiggle room

crashtest2302: Actually, i have never owned a glock, although I have shot many 17's, from the gen 1-4. However, I am more of an HK person. I DO NOT consider my self a glock "fanboy".

goatkiller68: man shut the freak up. i can not stand glock fan boys like you. not all of you guys but its so annoying that all you can do is say glock is awsome when there are clearly other good guns. yes glock has proven it self and i do like them my self but i also do like the xdm as well as others. to say its a copy of a glock is retarted. all companys take crap from each other regardless of what the item is from knives, guns, tv's, phones, computers...

posjoey: any difference between this and the .40 cal?

Downtownskaterat: @crashtest2302 um no...

SAR-1076: @dadiddlydooda Its a track from my imac video editing program :)

crashtest2302: It's just a crapty copy of the glock

ssbrosking36: @UrbanKnight12 Yes the grip has something to do with recoil....

MonGo WonGo: Sweet vid. Bro. I just purchased a XDM 40. Looking forward to seeing part number 2. Great job!

losunimo88: hi! which have the slimmer or shorter grip, reach to the trigger? xd or xdm? ><

teckforce37: just ordered one in bi-tone!

Jack Attack: This review is 100x better than a nutnfancy review because it is short, direct, and to the point. It doesnt involve an extra 15-30 minutes of nutnfancy giving opinion after opinion just to hear himself talk. I also like how you named the channel Safe Arms Review, instead of doing something arrogant and prideful like name the channel/project after yourself... *cough nutnfancy project cough*

Field111: yeah man, sweet gun, ive put about 20k rounds through mine so far and its an excellent range gun

Tim Duncan: 19 round magazine? Wow. Talk about firepower.

Pivotist: LOL XD xD

SAR-1076: @bmstylee wow, I have never heard of anyone, LE, military or CCW instructor suggest such a thing. I can get a XD or XDM, or Glock for about $550 and thats not much to ask. I look at the torture tests of both and they both pass the test. I cannot say the same of lower cost brands. However it is a personal decision, so whatever floats your boat, I guess. :)

SAR-1076: @bmstylee If your firearm is for CCW and the lives of you and your family are at stake, I would NOT go with a cheap one. I suggest XD or XDM or similar model. :)
SAR: XD-M 9mm Review pt 1 5 out of 5

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SAR: XD-M 9mm Review pt 1