Draw Lucy (Elfen Lied)

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Draw Lucy (Elfen Lied)
Draw Lucy (Elfen Lied)
Elfen Lied Lucy Cosplay Transformation~ (Makeup)
Elfen Lied Lucy Cosplay Transformation~ (Makeup)
Let´s draw - Lucy
Let´s draw - Lucy "ElfenLied" [SpeedPaint]
Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied full transformation
Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied full transformation
Lucy from Elfen Lied in LoveGear~Kinematic Lovers.wmv
Lucy from Elfen Lied in LoveGear~Kinematic Lovers.wmv
anime: Nyuu Elfen lied drawing - old man's child. Dragonfire
anime: Nyuu Elfen lied drawing - old man's child. Dragonfire
Elfen Lied Ep.1 - English Dub
Elfen Lied Ep.1 - English Dub

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Konsti Yo: Nice coloring

animelover11: *claps* that's amazing I absolutely love it!! you did a fantastic job!!!!

Kato The Flareon: Awesome and love the music!

elensar-geek: Waouh !!! Very beautiful ... neeed (*_*)

Tamara Sorbo: @MiniDimii she drew it in pencil first then she went over in marker

Brami-cha Foxxy: I love the drawing to saying the truth.. But no offense but, her cheeks look a bit fat and Well she looks a bit sad.. Nice art work.. Please don't be afensive for What I say.. Keep with you art, beautiful art! Keep practicing you'll be a artist~! <3

Celesta Baaij: Wow, that's really pretty!!

Eikichi Onizuka: Beautifully drawn and colored.....Nice and wonderful *)

M.L. Swan: Oh and are you using Copic Markers by any chance?

milosweety2: Ehhhhhh!!! Who chose the music creepy!!!'''!!

Nicholas Millan: You did a very good job drawing Lucy :)

BloodredHeartOfRoses: Poor lucy...

Only Ali Drawing: Holy crap. That's it.

Superstella xD12: Hamme

Chabohenne: I LOVE IT

tengaimakyozero: 「Face」以外は、上手だと思います・・・(・_・;)

EEnell59: yes

EEnell59: really good, especially for anime. im still new with them myself but i highly recomend them

Zack Taggart: The music is giving me feels ;~;

EEnell59: ?? what do you mean?

teo kalfagiannins: Thats was amazing :) big inspiration Thanx ! so much for the upload

Stuberto96: Beautiful...

Chrissy Hart: I love Lucy

Chrissy Hart: I draw anime too please someone check out my channel it's new though and I'm new at the hole computer stuff and subscribe or comment

lukas Andrade: coopy

MRandradee MRandres: i whant to konw how do you know wen to use the color that is for the drawing

EEnell59: axualy no ,bro. i didnt film myself doing the lead outline because you could hardly see it and took too long, even with speed. compare it with the original picture and youll see i didnt trace.

MiniDimii: Anyone else, Here from Maxmoefoe? :)

Michelle Burke: Im good at drawing but i wish i could getbthe right shadeing like that,

Martín ti rirín: copy pfff

M.L. Swan: I love it! But the face and head bother me a little...but all in all, it looks fantastic!

leotrim sabrii: awesome

Daniel Dalwigk: wow O.O i wish i could draw line that

FrOilein Anni: Das wichtigste fehlt @____@ Gottverdammt DIE HÖRNER!!!!!!!!

Bethan Kelly: This is so amazing! I look forward to more videos :D

David Jackson: lucy is one scary chick sometimes

333ELBarto333: This is awesome the only problem is definitely the right cheek it looks like it's swollen as if some one give her a punch XD But honestly the drawing and the coloring is just amazing :D

MRandradee MRandres: what i mean is that how you make to know what coloryou use when you colour the hair

phong nguyen: Good but her cheeks look really fat

Magicaldream12: Wow das sieht echt geil aus vor allem die Haare

MiniDimii: All she is doing is tracing?

M.L. Swan: well, i just wanted to know cause i draw a lot and i have recently found out about copic markers. how good are they?

Chrissy Hart: Elfen lied it's the best show although the beginning was weird for me cause she had no clothes on so I didn't watch that part

Chrissy Hart: You color your anime girls really good

bvillamar1: un poco rara de el cachete derecho pero te salio hermosa <3

Tracy Cummings: i CANT draw that good lol

Fran KakEvoTaM: Шта ита ? -.-

Isabella Wall: What freaking moron would put this in comedy category this whole series is sad ad IRS my favorite

joelle2001: Amazing!

Nasiha Hussein: Lovlove it
Draw Lucy (Elfen Lied) 4.5 out of 5

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Draw Lucy (Elfen Lied)