How To Use The Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Maching - Part 1

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How to Use the Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Maching - Part 1
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shasha elf: Love it

Vitality1000: Thank U for this well explaining video that you made , Peg !! I bought 2 machines of these many years ago ( an earlier version, am living in Europe , Austria , Vienna ) and was not successful using it that time . But I never threw it away . And now I wanted to begin again using it without having disappointments , so I searched for help and good tutorial . And I found it here . I am happy to say that with your help it works out very well with the one I never used before . The other one has a problem with getting the thread down and having a right sew , I think I was too brutal past times with the machine and ruined the mechanic of it , I surely was too impulsive in the handling back then. I tried to get it fixed myself now , so I opened it up and watched the inside mechanical stuff , I think the machine cannot pull the yarn down in a propper way , sometimes it works but most time not ...Do you have any ideas what I could try with it ? I do not want to throw it away , at least I have some material to fix the other machine when needed ......

soulofthebeloved: I just wanted to thank you for this little series of videos. I bought one of these maybe 20 years ago but could never figure it out. Yay for the invention of youtube! I'm so excited to actually use this to sew with until I can get my real sewing machine back (it's in storage because we moved) and I was just itching to sew something. This really helped me, Bless you.

Kay Myself: Wow, ur tutorial helped me a lot. I was not very sure how to thread this machine and how to operate it.

Hilal Saygılı: The machine works, the needle goes up and down but it never sews. I changed the batteries, the needle, the fabric, the thread, but it didn't work. It sow well when i first bought the machine, but it doesn't now. What is the problem, please help.

Renee Cook: my handy stitcher wasn't threaded right and it will not stich what's wrong

Norah Carper: Si viene todo eso, significa que o bien , lo que mandan a Argentina es basura o que aqui en argentina, los que la venden son ladrones, porque solo trae, 3 bobina de hilos y un enebrador, que vergüenza de ver que gente ratas son 

BabyHatMeo: Dear Peg...followed your instructions and the machine only catch first part of stitching and then came loose... :(  is it a defective machine..????

Tangela Applewhite: What type of batteries?

oinkey doinkey: can i make a skirt using handy stitch?

Alex oasis: Hi Ms. Baker thanks a lot of sharing this with us, I'm happy using the machine right now, this tutorial was very helpful for me. Take care. 

Selene Hasse: Thanks for your help, Peg! :)

sylvia hi Peg i have the same problem as Aleksandra. 
why doesn't my machine work? it is threaded correctly, but doesn't sew, it doesn't make a knot, the needle goes in and out without staying in the fabric. thanks a lot for advice.Please help

Abi Kugan: I'm a beginner at this and I bought a Singer Handheld Machine which did not come with an instructions manual :( When I was trying to figure out (on my own) how to change the  bobbin, I ended up loosing the spring. After that is when I found your video and tried to follow your instructions on how to change it, but now it doesn't seem to be working. Does this mean that I can no longer use the machine?

Marta McCormick : We're did you get that

Jinger-Belle Pelham: Thank you Peg,I appreciate your honest response. We will use a regular sewing machine together.

Jinger-Belle Pelham: Hello Meg, I have a question, is this good for a child that is just learning to sew and generally sews doll clothes? I am looking into getting this for my daughter that wants to learn how to use patterns and sew doll clothing. I really need a response ASAP,thank you.

Aura Majdanik: Ms. Baker, I hope you are doing great.  I bought a handheld sewing machine 10 years ago and I was not able to use it until it occurred to me that I should YouTube it.   Thanks to you and your video; I am on my way of  making a roller shade for my kitchen,  Once I'm done, I will send you a link for you to see.  Thank you again!

shrouk Ahmed: hi , i"m 13 years old and i like to sew i want ask you about this machine is it good ? and live longer ? and can it fit my age ?  thank you and i really need a reply thank you :)

Layla Alvand: please tell me how can i order this . i m living in toronto.
How to Use the Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Maching - Part 1 5 out of 5

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How to Use the Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Maching - Part 1