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Smoking & talking about BHO. ISO.Shatter and wax.

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Atom Nemo: Jesus. Why not just smoke some flower and be happy? Lol way too complicated. 

Brownkevin7: can someone explain to me how making shatter is profitable?

Chronic Kush: 30 gram yield off a half pound of flowers?! that sounds wrong... i get ounces of shatter for 8 bills... something isn't right.

infringinator: Jesus dude with all that work you might as well make meth in an RV. Dude...if you love cancer might as well spray butane on your salad too because if you that stupid to put a gas with known cancer causing properties you really have burned out in life. Also, the funniest is watching people inhale butane as they heat their pipes to smoke this crap...and wikipedia clearly states the fumes from butane is toxic so go ahead folks! keep being stupid! 

Hob Knobber: Old guy here, whats the difference between this and old school hash?

John Broyles: How can i get those glass tubes??????

Brandon King: What's the best alternative for Everclear?? It's illegal here in Cali. :\

marc vandette: Do you realy need to use grain alcohol to do this? or it doesn't matter?

Learn2Draw: I wouldn't call this shatter because it looked like it was sticky. Shatter you can touch and hold in your pocket and it still will not be sticky. All you are missing in the vac. 

WombRaider: What your doing is clearly illegal and you know you shouldn't be doing it you freak.

Glorbin Highbit: How in the HELL do I get it out of the corners? Ugh... Real life problems.


Peter Parker: yuck, wtf is wrong with you people?

HP Stacks: Why is your razor blade disposal filled before you even start?

Andy J: Nice video. 

Dan Houghes: This might be a really stupid question but say if you where to do this whole process with tabaco or other plants would you still get a simalar resolt? In looks and potency im talking not if you get high from tabaco lol

Luka Penava: what is grain alcohol ?

Vash The Stampede: So many flaws, where do I start? Bleached filters, grinding the second run and losing THC in the grinder, then combining the less potent second run with the first, and claiming the water vapor from the boiling water from the dish under it was the oil milking up. Not saying your methods are bad, just saying they could be better

Mya Darling: Its a video about how to make it,not how to profit from making it DUHHHHH

ArcticinVein: I've seen clearer crap, cooked with less filler, better profession, much better lab rigs, and less talk with much more of a simple explanation. But we all know there is always somebody out there that's going to simply do it much more exact and perfect as the variables are processed and understood more in it's current state. Either way, Still You did an excellent job, you are very well focused and do an excellent process from which you learned your recipe. In time you will only get better. Nice work.

REDPotriats757: All that work just for that ?? How exactly do you use shatter 

Emman Pascual: What is 'Shatter'? I was just watching some people smoke marijuana, then saw this an thought "Is that a form of drug or related to marijuana? I'll check it out." And I don't know anything about it. What is it?

Swedish Holmberg: Theres a better way..quicker CLEANER and much higher quality. Use Bud only. I can see butane gets cold but has a lot of impurities that done evaporate. 

Barron Johan Von Shitzengiggles: what is the first song called and who is it? please :P

Nick Vishwamitra: What the living duck? Half a pound of weed only yields that much shatter? What a waste of money?!!!!

Jonathan Hunt: 30 grams of dank shatter for only using a half pound is really good idiots. people dont want to smoke a bunch of weed and resin their lungs up. wax is alot stronger, cleaner and smoother if made right. all i smoke 

Matt persico: This will b my 1st time using everclear ! so.... i dont haveto boil the everclear out just freeze it????

sammy tucker: It is profitable because BHO is literally more money in weight than gold is. A gram of some really good shatter can sell up to 60$ a gram and around here a dim or .1 gram of regular weed is 10$. Shatter is expensive therefore if you are making/selling it, it is very profitable.

Glorificus: Stupid druggy maggots.

Justin T: That is a waste of time do it the Wright way buy a distillation unit it cost a decent amount but if you do the process the Wright way you get the purist oil/ SHATTER you can eat our smoke and if you know what your doing you can take a half pound and get a quarter p back I've seen it done multiple times and once again done Wright medically did wonders for my friend and brother who did pass away from his disability ...R.I.P. but it is Werth it and done the way that was just shown alot of people don't do it write and don't extract all the butain and get sick or can really harm yourselves ..b careful. .

manoj j: nice song 6;00

Damien Harris: where did u get the glass tubes or do u know a sub for that

Garbazzo: To much of a hassle. I'd rather do a run then vac purge instead. Plus it 12 hours "faster" then his method.

Kammi jacob jr: If you pop a hole in your cans and release the propellant and extract the rest you will get less harsh hits. Adapt or get left behind.

James Anderson: You gotta video on how to winterize the filters

H8MEx808: Do you even Toke bro

JACK MULLIN: this is nice

Dodo Ps: hi nice vid dude everclear 45 or 90 ? and can i use another alcohol ? no exist in my country thanks

Rodney Zelayandia: We have a Endocannabinoid System, the largest system in our nervous system... Yet everyone saying cannabis is bad.. Sigh.. GMOs are bad why the freak no one goes as hard to tell people how bad that is..

thee jambo: What was the return there ? Lookedclikexaround 4-5 grams out a half lb !! I've only ever done bubble with ice/water and qwiso, don't get me twisted, it looks great, peace.

Phillip King: He'll yeah that crap looks fire. I've been using a vac purge but I'm going to go buy a bottle of Everclear right now!

stuntmancr3w: Hey bro's, I was wondering if anybody knew how to make wax more dry/solid. I got some watery wax (too much crap left in it) is there anyway to get that out without a vacuum chamber? like could I leave it in the sun, or like 110 degrees in the oven???

Sean Kittrell: To the poster. I hope you read this. You use a coffee filter to control ppm.. that is maybe 15 microns. What a joke. Then you are running trash plant material with SEEDS!? Not only that but you do a second wash.. and on top of that you agitate that garbage? THEN YOU LET PEOPLE SMOKE IT? That second wash on that trash pm after you agitate it is nothing but chlorophyl. Fats and just left over junk from the first wash.. to anyone ready this. All a second flush does is improve yeild but drastically lowers quality and taste.

Henne F: Witch song ??? at..18:00

Jamison Moore: nice shatter batter

Will Gonzalez: Woody what happened to your update on shatter tech bro! You should've deleted this one and kept that video instead

glockpoppin: Nice job! Im from Los Angeles, and I can tell you that looks bomb

Robin Novlesky: You my friend need to look into getting a Sous Vide. Essentially a device used for regulating the temperature of a water bath.

Gavin L: How many cans of butane are recommended?

jovany huerta: Where could I find the glass tube

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