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Shatter using high heat. Transform your BHO into shatter.
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Knottyy's Trainwreck x Super Silver OG Shatter BHO Video!!

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Atom Nemo: Jesus. Why not just smoke some flower and be happy? Lol way too complicated. 

Brownkevin7: can someone explain to me how making shatter is profitable?

Chronic Kush: 30 gram yield off a half pound of flowers?! that sounds wrong... i get ounces of shatter for 8 bills... something isn't right.

John Kimble: Dabbing seems cool and I have tried it, so I know it is strong. No matter how much you defend it; the concentration of psychoactive compounds has been known in history to be bad in the long run. ie. Cocaine heroine, methamphetamine. I am not saying that THC or any related cannabinoids are at all like thos drugs; we know this. But I think it would be ignorant to say that this is 100% safe nor to say that this will have long term adverse effects. Who knows? it actually could be safe. For me? I think ill sit out on bho waxes for a bit.

Hob Knobber: Old guy here, whats the difference between this and old school hash?

Brandon King: What's the best alternative for Everclear?? It's illegal here in Cali. :\

WombRaider: What your doing is clearly illegal and you know you shouldn't be doing it you freak.


HP Stacks: Why is your razor blade disposal filled before you even start?

marc vandette: Do you realy need to use grain alcohol to do this? or it doesn't matter?

Andy J: Nice video. 

infringinator: Jesus dude with all that work you might as well make meth in an RV. Dude...if you love cancer might as well spray butane on your salad too because if you that stupid to put a gas with known cancer causing properties you really have burned out in life. Also, the funniest is watching people inhale butane as they heat their pipes to smoke this crap...and wikipedia clearly states the fumes from butane is toxic so go ahead folks! keep being stupid! 

Vash The Stampede: So many flaws, where do I start? Bleached filters, grinding the second run and losing THC in the grinder, then combining the less potent second run with the first, and claiming the water vapor from the boiling water from the dish under it was the oil milking up. Not saying your methods are bad, just saying they could be better

blasterman9: I've seen clearer crap, cooked with less filler, better profession, much better lab rigs, and less talk with much more of a simple explanation. But we all know there is always somebody out there that's going to simply do it much more exact and perfect as the variables are processed and understood more in it's current state. Either way, Still You did an excellent job, you are very well focused and do an excellent process from which you learned your recipe. In time you will only get better. Nice work.

REDPotriats757: All that work just for that ?? How exactly do you use shatter 

AshtrayAnnie: There's a lot easier method for the final 2 steps lol. So you don't have to scrape it up with how many blades

john johnson: Worst looking shatter ive ever seen. LMFAO 

MGS-Steve: sorry rather smoke all the bud that you used to make that any day of the week bro but each to their own i guess. Cool "How to" vid keep tokin bro.

Emman Pascual: What is 'Shatter'? I was just watching some people smoke marijuana, then saw this an thought "Is that a form of drug or related to marijuana? I'll check it out." And I don't know anything about it. What is it?

Paul Schpinkter: I always say weed isn't addictive, but when you use it to process other forms of higher potency like people who synthesize opium to heroin or people who process cocoa leaves to cocaine I think that might be a form of addiction.

Swedish Holmberg: Theres a better way..quicker CLEANER and much higher quality. Use Bud only. I can see butane gets cold but has a lot of impurities that done evaporate. 

Morganna Hayes: damn this is so bad ass I love stoner music thank you for the video

Justin T: That is a waste of time do it the Wright way buy a distillation unit it cost a decent amount but if you do the process the Wright way you get the purist oil/ SHATTER you can eat our smoke and if you know what your doing you can take a half pound and get a quarter p back I've seen it done multiple times and once again done Wright medically did wonders for my friend and brother who did pass away from his disability ...R.I.P. but it is Werth it and done the way that was just shown alot of people don't do it write and don't extract all the butain and get sick or can really harm yourselves ..b careful. .

Dodo Ps: hi nice vid dude everclear 45 or 90 ? and can i use another alcohol ? no exist in my country thanks

karlitos saiyan: it felt weird like I was in a science class awesome video bro dam I want to come by and vape with u

Sertrazepam: you definetely got skilled doing this, but l'd take all the buds you used to make that small amount of shatter and smoke them as usual, even if the high is from another planet, that's way too much weed to ''waste'', respect anyway, hard work right there.

ICE Trey: its like making "crystal" weed lol

furyus01: The issue I have with shatter is the process also strips out the health benefits for only 15-20% more pure thc. My honey doesn't have butane because I slow cook it at low temps in my oven for about 6 hours till its a pure liquid. I'd rather smoke a little more honey and get all the benefits. 

David Malone: Thank you. Why butane outside? Please explain dangers. We have garages blowing up in Colorado. Is there any way this could go "wrong" ? Shalom.

mike lanza: can u use dry trimmings for shat making

Jude Nd Bailey Sandoval: How much did u yield off 4 oz

jamaica4lifes: So sick of these ignorant ass freaking comments... PEOPLE, DO YOUR RESEARCH ON BHO AS A WHOLE AND THEN COME BACK AND SAY IT"S BAD. You freakers have no brain.

Adrian Columb: So the butane is gone, but are there any residues from the grain alcohol? Also we don't have everclear here... is Absolut vodka gonna be OK or will it leave a taste in the shatter?

Johnny cash: Informative & entertaining. Thx!

Jacob Robl: The background music you used. Can i please be sent a play list. Love the video and live the video combined with the music even more.

pau1magic: no better method then the razorblade at the end? see alot of guys get it off in one GIANT plate , takes good photos looks awesome the razor looks awfully dangerous having to pull it off at the end of each one.. espcially high ass fff lol

Capp Blanks: oh man i will probably never smoke this stuff :( an ounce cost me $300+ if im lucky

Gordon Smith: Whats the song at 8:49

Anti Marijuana: I remember back then I never even heard of this stuff. If I wanted something really potent I would have to make finger hash and if I wanted to get more advanced I would make kief, but this crap right here is crazy.

jamie dudley: yo y take the shatter tech video? with the vac purge etc

Joshua Leeman: thanks for the vid

Legna Rodriguez: Powe5x dumbass not powerx5

hinahina89: i need both of the first jamaican songs please and thanks

Kobie Nichols: what do you think about the honeycomb wax?

Andrew Pantoja: crap looks to freaking dope I want to try it out 

SaintLopeezy: to everyone hating on butane.. it gets completely evaporated if you do the procedure correctly so there is nothing but cannabinoids in pure shatter. 

Andre v d merwe: good stuff man

Dan Houghes: This might be a really stupid question but say if you where to do this whole process with tabaco or other plants would you still get a simalar resolt? In looks and potency im talking not if you get high from tabaco lol

Luka Penava: what is grain alcohol ?

Blunt Master: could you do it without filters to make budder?

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