Vikings: Season 2 Trailer

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Ruben Derny: I wish they release the ost of this trailer

Benjamin Drinkwater: I remember when this trailer first came out and everyone screamed "OMFG WHY ARE THEY SPOILING FLOKI'S DEATH IN THE TRAILER" and I'm just sat here like "... he got hit with a stick. There's no axe head on it."

Ovidijus J.: Watching this while listening to Walking On a Dream is weird, all i need now is weed.

Syfiewow: so basically a garbage trailer that shows nothing about the show, unless the show is an endless battle 24/7 with no storyline..

U W0T M8: I cringe so hard when "Vikings" speak English.

Martin Taki: no pobre floky

Hashim Hamzah: الفايكنج كانوا وثنيين

WhiteMetal: great quality and very good serie.
Thank u!

Johntsarev: damn, awesome video quality here

Drunken Sailor: No one has a helmet? I thought this was on the "History" Channel.

teod1112: Egbert was king of Wessex in 796? 
Costume design is good, but I hate it when a director does not know the history.
In that time Beorhtric was king , Egbert  was a teenager .

Trippy Toad: Great, but seasons far to short!

Maurits Arts: Whats

Maurits Arts: Whatsappen the name of the song

Johnnywhamo: Never seen this before so I watched the entire 2nd season in one day.....what a total crock of crap crappy TV show. crapting acting with soap opera worthy writing. The fight scenes are so over the top with any given character wiping out 10 guys with merely the touch of a blade or axe and near every blow is a death blow.  I would have turned it off after the 3rd episode had I something better to do. Needless to say could not care if every one of them get wiped off the face of the earth. 

Dagger Sword: This is from season 1 at episode 7 or 8

eric johnson: Ragnar will die in a pit of snakes, rollo duke of Normandy?
If the show even tries to follow history at all

Dan McGladdery: I like the way it told us who dies.

Laz N: that freaking betrsying king

Joshua Capps: This show is amazing!
Vikings: Season 2 Trailer 5 out of 5

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Vikings: Season 2 Trailer