Taurus PT 1911 AR

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Jr Cap: What do you think of trading my two ambi safety to. Your single side safety of 1911 ?

22Addict: I have a brand new one, wife got it for me for Christmas about 5-6 maybe 7 years ago, the Wilson combat stuff was not standard on them, not even the mags! It came with a laser/light combo sight, 2 mags, cleaning brush, take down tool, the thing is beautiful, I cherish mine and it's a safe queen! It came with competition barrel, trigger, etc...right out of the box it has over a thousand dollars in upgrades for that $875 price tag but mine is priceless and no telling what it's worth! May do a video on it since there's only 2 on YouTube and they are pawn shop finds! Subbed you and it came in a hard case!

Miles-From-Home: the lighting is kinda blah, what color is that frame? great video boss, Great 1911! just got the 1911AR taurus for 524 here in kansas, but seriously what is the color on that frame?!

Jayson Shelton: Cabot makes a Left Handed 1911. Called the Cabot South Paw.

Ash: How many rounds of HCL can I fire before the leads starts to foul the barrel? Just so I know when to stop and clean it.

EN187: Taurus does make some great guns, I have 2, a pt100 and a .357 mag. For the price they are great, not to mention the life time warranty. My buddy has the all steel pt1911 great shooter. Love the looks of yours

f8talh8red: @Az1911fan after tax, transfer, and shipping. mine was $680. same model

mcekim2: Great video man! My only 1911 so far is the same PT1911A (no rail) but with the same aluminum alloy frame. I got it at a local pawn shop last year, they were having a Black Friday sale on used guns. I Picked it up for $331 plus tax! You have some awesome 1911's man! I'd like to get another one this year but we'll see... I just picked up my 1st AR. So many guns, so little money...

RETIREINARIZONA: If your gun is lost or stolen i thought we were covered by NRA insurance up to $2500.00 ? This should cover just about any hand gun cost.

BonnevilleTB7: Great video, love those grips and the two tone colouring of the gun itself.

PuppetMaster1791: Your right about lefties, around 1 in 10 Americans are left handed. As far as the left handed 1911, look up local gunsmiths and see if any of them are up for the challenge in your budget range.

AZONTHREE: Nice 1911 have the same one but in the all black finish. Which pawn shops do you recommend checking out in the phoenix area?

dcselwitz: Thanks for sharing ... excellent info.

Harry Blackman: What pawn shops do you go to? I never find anything good when I go. Although, I did see a gold plated AK once that looked pretty cool.

Dan Tesch: Well damnit, if I had just been more patient my question would have been answered.

Dan Tesch: Are those Wilson Combat grips on that Taurus? How incredibly paradoxical. Grips from what many consider to be the best 1911 manufacturer (I personally prefer Ed Brown to Wilson Combat, but that's me) on what is definitely accepted as a 'low tier' 1911. They do look sexy, though!

Bj: @iRockGlock i think the AL means aluminum frame.

Bj: @iRockGlock AR means accessory rail

Bj: people bash taurus, but it was my first 1911 and functioned perfectly. it functioned out of the box like my kimber did after a good 250 rounds

7852matt: That gun looks great. Have you seen the 1911 ruger made this year? What are your thoughts. It looks like another bargain 1911.
Taurus PT 1911 AR 5 out of 5

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Taurus PT 1911 AR