How To Host COD4 On GameRanger

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Haris Iftikhar: it still is not working, :/ no one can join my room..though people using the same internet connection as me like my friends sitting with me and using my internet are able to join while others using their own connections aren't able to join.. pls help

Eddy SKontorno: Thanks it still works!!!No lag, my pc sucks > i run cod 4 at min to medium graphics.Settings- Dedicated : no,Auto -team ballance : Yes , Allow voting : No ,Punkbuster : No. 

George Dessa: +kakandinhox no u cant play COD MW 2 in gameranger only cod mw1

rowan purjan: how to get the ip 

UnR34LGAMING: @DarkHiei55 eh ?

hassaancool: @JustFrazy Man what Vsync do is lock the fps at your current screen refresh rate, like 60 fps for 60 hertz and 75 fps to 75 hertz, thats how it works........

Merlin ORKO: my friend can not join and when I host it it lags like crazy

UnR34LGAMING: @sylviurotaru This is a feature in Gameranger, it basically means that gameranger has not detected activity on the port that COD4 uses.... In other words the problem is with the host.... I answered the question that you asked but tbh I don't think its gonna help you... Maybe you should try joining another room ?

Kakandinhox: Dou you play cod6 (mw2) cracked version when yes... did you play online?

UnR34LGAMING: any of these problems and you have to port forward port 16000 protocal UDP, if you dont know how to do this, ask someone/google it. If you see me online and i'm not busy i might talk you through it.

Kevin Leppens: @UnR34LGAMING Jeah tried to type /status in my console but nothing happens :s

flynn caroway: hey friend please i need help this website is blocked in my country please download the file and upload it for me in mediafire or something else please help me in that

jampsor: does anyone here know who [MWPz]GrimReaper is? if anyone wanna play against him tell me iam the almighty [MWPz]GrimReaper mohahahahahahaha

Kevin Leppens: Is there a way for me to kick people from my server on gameranger? because i can only do it by vote now. I want to know if i can kick them without vote

UnR34LGAMING: "If you try to host a game and the console opens up thats because you got it set to "Dedicated Server" ie. You host the server but you cant play. You need to set it to a "Listen server". Someone else had that problem in the comments... ermm.. I dont think it says "Listen Server" but change the server type in the options right before you start it. Good luck."

num1gigon: My friends are trying to play COD4 via Gameranger but we cant seem to get it to work. The host can launch but the game is very laggy/jumpy and the people who are trying to connect to the host only get a "Waiting for Host" message. Any Ideas?

gameloftrf2010: @flynnfitzherbert oh man.. so sad.. :P

Badabedo000: Do u have an email where I can send u what my console is saying in a pic?

UnR34LGAMING: @ellavybeo When you click start in GameRanger, the games launches and you should see the game server options, make sure dedicated is set to 'No' and make sure PunkBuster is off. As for ports, make sure your not getting the NAT router message when you join/host a room. If you see any player names in the GameRanger lobby in italic that means your having problems making a good connection to them.

Razvan Chereches: TY very much is WORKING!!!! TY!!!!!

scotty4Him: every time I host a game when people join, I click start, but it then aborts me, what am I doing wrong?

jjohn416: i mean i just open console n nothing else happen something like warning come up in console but game dosent starts do i have to type something in console to start the game ?

nasa esa: when i host it open a console it say warning help,.........?????

Viktor Stojanovski: Thx a lot for this

UnR34LGAMING: That is exactly what my video was for, just do what the video says and your problem will be solved :) Goodluck.

UnR34LGAMING: @rbjr420 This isn't a crack related issue, there is a few ways I would go about this. First would be to look for the file on the CD/ISO and copy it over. If not you might need to ask a friend for the file. But to be honest I can't see it being something wrong with the install. I'd need to know more. feel free to add me on xfire - unr34lgaming

I Am Mr Juice: how can i host a dedicated server on gameranger? with this file..

UnR34LGAMING: @DarkHiei55 When you click "start game" from gameranger, the game will start and you'll see server setup screen, what map you want to etc. It will say near the top "Dedicated" Set that to "No"

Jessey: is there a way to do it on mac?

nbhuiyan1230: i tried exactly as you said in this video, but still the "waiting for host" problem is there...

originalee: Very usseful video!it helped me ty man

Jason Mulder: You should never advice people to turn of their firewall! People need to port forward the correct ports.

Louis Laws Clifford: 3 years too late mate.

MrThisDarkness: Yeha i do know how: 1. put mac in a box 2. unpack windows computer 3. do as the video says Hf~!

nbhuiyan1230: i found the solution guys...after doing what is shown in the video, if you still have the waiting for host problem, then turn off game ranger, start cod4 multiplayer on it's own, then go to options, select graphics, then turn anti-aliasing off.. the waiting for host problem will be solved. if users cannot connect, set your windows firewall option to moderate and turn off all other firewalls if you have them (such as in eset smart security personal firewall or any other antivirus firewall)

Darklord Whisper: dude!!! I love you it worked 100% perfectly I followed your steps 1 by 1 and all went fine!! I Love you!!now i can host cod4 servers yay thx

UnR34LGAMING: @num1gigon Yes, this happend to me, what i did was turn off AA and it worked... strange but it got mines working. Tell the host to turn everything on low, AA off, he can keep the resolution up. This fixed it for me. Let me know if it works and does the host have Windows 7 64bit ? might only be happening with this OS.

Khan Hassan zai: just download it past the patch in the cod4 (copy and replace)....and start hosting no error to me.

raudonas21: Hi. could you help me? Anyway, when I start the server it opens the game, i select the map the other stuff too... But when I press start it opens the console, the console writes some stuff until the last sentence: "Hitch warning: 3730 msec frame time" and it stops, so I wait, wait, wait... But nothing happens... Wth ? Answer please, thanks

Roger Betz jr: i go to install the patch from the video and i get a missing mss32.dll error but it is in the file?? any 1 know!

Sorin Rotaru: it works , thx

jjohn416: it opens console wtf help plzz

hassaancool: i am having 2 probs 1) when i start game in hosting it runs at half the fps then normal like 30, 35 etc usaully its full 75 fps at vsync on and without its 150+ 2) it starts but even if i wait for 15 mins no one joins i dont know why plzzz tell me whats wrong and you will helping me a lottttt thnkxx in advance..

UnR34LGAMING: @hassaancool When I had the same problem as you and I worked out what the fix for it was and it worked and it worked for other people. I can promise its either AA or AF. You only get low FPS when hosting and its fine when you join someone else game. Same problem I had. I could be wrong but it sounds too much like the well known problem that I've seen many times before.

IImSultan: what about hosting a promod server how? cause my friends can't join and some people gets "waiting for the host. .." any help??

bostjanjaksa: it still dosent work.,.

Apex: Dude wtf. I did this correctly all the way and when i went to gameranger. it says it couldnt find my COD4 anymore. it's not showing up in the list so i can host. then i removed the file and renamed my backup one but still doesnt work. This is BS.

SO TURNT: @raclariu No it isnt its Anti-Aircraft I believe he's talking about flak guns.

Hasun Perera: @UnR34LGAMING you are god man !!! it worked for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. thanks alot :)

Bonedripper: Still no luck , but thanks anyway:)
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How to host COD4 on GameRanger