How To Host COD4 On GameRanger

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how to host and join games in game ranger
how to host and join games in game ranger
How to host game in GameRanger
How to host game in GameRanger
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[How To] Use GameRanger To Play Supported LAN Games Online Tutorial
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Osama Mughal: It Worked Thanks :-)

Haris Iftikhar: it still is not working, :/ no one can join my room..though people using the same internet connection as me like my friends sitting with me and using my internet are able to join while others using their own connections aren't able to join.. pls help

Eddy SKontorno: Thanks it still works!!!No lag, my pc sucks > i run cod 4 at min to medium graphics.Settings- Dedicated : no,Auto -team ballance : Yes , Allow voting : No ,Punkbuster : No. 

George Dessa: +kakandinhox no u cant play COD MW 2 in gameranger only cod mw1

rowan purjan: how to get the ip 

nanimaren: thanks, great video!I have cod cracked, I did all but when i play with my friends punkbuster kicks them... do you know what can I do? they have this problem only with my server..

Badabedo000: Do u have an email where I can send u what my console is saying in a pic? 

Louis Laws Clifford: 3 years too late mate.

MrThisDarkness: Yeha i do know how: 1. put mac in a box 2. unpack windows computer 3. do as the video says Hf~!

Nikhil Nag: firewall prob 

Jason Mulder: You should never advice people to turn of their firewall! People need to port forward the correct ports.

Wolf7674: Do you knowe how to put fast download when hosting a mod ??

Zbzy Duh: this works 4 ps3 ?

Razvan Chereches: TY very much is WORKING!!!! TY!!!!!

Merlin ORKO: yes I did that long ago and it worked, thank you for your reply :) anyway

0UnDYinG0: Just disable AA in game options. Its as simple as that :) 

UnR34LGAMING: Thanks for letting everyone know, but I have said several times. turn off AA!

nbhuiyan1230: i found the solution guys...after doing what is shown in the video, if you still have the waiting for host problem, then turn off game ranger, start cod4 multiplayer on it's own, then go to options, select graphics, then turn anti-aliasing off.. the waiting for host problem will be solved. if users cannot connect, set your windows firewall option to moderate and turn off all other firewalls if you have them (such as in eset smart security personal firewall or any other antivirus firewall)

Lukáš Chochrun: I have a some problem......

Merlin ORKO: my friend can not join and when I host it it lags like crazy
How to host COD4 on GameRanger 5 out of 5

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How to host COD4 on GameRanger