Adding Distilled Water To My Shea Butter Whips

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Adding Distilled Water to My Shea Butter Whips
Adding Distilled Water to My Shea Butter Whips
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MoniQue H: Love it! I will try this week ☺

Yezzimblessed: That's the best advice I have to try that I want to add water and coconut oil but , more water then what I seen there.

Oyekade: what is ratio of water and shea butter? i want to try this

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @TheBaroness65 Use a pomade...KCC and Oyin sells them.

Mattie Smith: When buying products for Natural Hair the first ingredient should always be distilled water, oils,etc. I make mine own but I don't call it a whip shea butter but a Hair Moisturizing Lotion in a bottle to make it easy to apply to the hair.

Secret13792: Hey, i'm so dumb I accidentally put tap water into my mix, I forgot that I was supposed to use bottle water. Do you think it is ruined? Should I just chuck it out? By the way, I use mine for my body.

RyNea Soul: Awesome info

guitarawks09: where can i buy some of your shea butter w. distilled watter?

Keisha Charmaine: hmm.. makes sense. thanks for this video

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @soulofgrace43 Hey Soul! Thanks so much for your kind words. I use a coconut emulsifier and optiphen as the preservative...I'll email you the websites on where to purchase.

Gladys Foster: If everyone did not share their methods, we'll still all be in the dark age. Thumb up for people that share, the ones that don't stagnate!!!!

cpitam: Thank you for the video. Where do you buy your emulsifying wax?

til0tifii: Hi...why don't u sell the infusuum23 too. and how much is international shipping? I am in KSA. Thanks. Love ur vids !!!!

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @Abeba82 sorry for the delay in getting back to you...I sent you an email. ;0)

apinkbeauty: This is probably one of the most informative videos Ive ever watched on Youtube. (For me...) I have been trying to figure out why shea butter never really worked on my hair dry.... I made whips and it only seemed to moisturize my hair after I washed it. I talked to my sister about it and I told her that the shea didnt seem to absorb in my hair. I mean seriously, this has been a major mystery for like a year.... So thanks. I may need to order yours! LOL

naturallady1: thanks for this information, I always wonder why hair still always felt dry after applying. Maybe I will try adding a little water to mine.

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @kekedj214 Hi! It can be distilled, deionized, or bottle water. I would not use tap water in my hair products.

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @Secret13792 Hi! I don't think it's ruined. Just use distilled water next time. ;0)

enewt81: so the one i just got (which was chunky by the way ;) did not have water added to it right?

umkish: Does it not spoil? What preservatives do you use? I've thought about doing this, but worried about mold. A small batch of my whipped shea did mold before, but it wasn't exposed to water, just kept in a small container in an unused purse for a few months. Kind of random, but it showed me that shea can mold. I've heard of adding conditioners to shea, possibly water-based ones but not water, so I'm very curious about your experience. Thanks.

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @darkandugly Hi Dark! They are $5 and $ me at the email listed in the Description box of this video. :0)

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @dkblck1958 Hi it really depens on how much you are can add 4 tablespoons to an 8oz...just make sure you add and emulsifier (will help the oil and water mix) and preservative so you won't have a mold situation on your hands.

Abeba82: @FreeWorshipFreeWors No problem....Thank you very much...Should I eye ball the optiphen in the shea butter mix because I plan on making an 8 oz mixture?

mizchei1: Your hair looks amazing!!! How can I get your shea butter mix? Do you ship internationally?

naturaldiva71: How much water do you add

FreeWorshipFreeWors: Gladys if this was not a business for me I would gladly share my formula. I did my research and through much trail, error and expense, I came up with a wonderful formula. McDonald does not share its Big Mac sauce with Burger King and other fast food restaurants. KFC does not share the secrets spices that it puts on its chicken with Popeye's Fried Chicken. In regard to business, there is a balance that must be respected when it comes to sharing information.

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @Keysha72 Great! You will have to emulsifier (will help the oil and water mix) and a preservative (optiphen) so you won't have a mold situation on your hands.

SheSingsLovely: approximately how much water did u add to your mixture?

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @cpitam Hi! I don't share my mixing method as this is the formula for my business. If you do some online research I'm sure you'll find the answers to your questions. Thanks for watching my videos.

darkandugly: Hiiii!!!!! thank you for making videos for natural hair,because WE NEED IT. YOUR AMAZING!!!! I was wondering how much your shea butter whips are????

blackbeautie09: It will have a short shelf life without a preservative. It lasts longer if you keep it in the refrigerator though. It will also separate if you don't add some type of emulsifier to bind the oil and water.

gkdiva6: THis is good information...

cjcaress69: It's important in videos like this, to be very clear that it's more than just water that's added. Or else people who don't know any better will try it and end up with a mold situation on their hands. Glad that you put in the caption afterward, but I am sure that there are people who saw the vid before the update and r just going to be adding in water to their shea, clueless about the consequences.

blessed1203: U do need to add a preservative when adding water or it will mold after sometime. There are natural preservatives that will help with shelf life; however, it still should be used within an 6 month time frame with that natural preservative. For longer self life you would have to use a paraben preservative. So research is the key & I reading books about this topic will help you also.

NaturallySophisticated: I wonder if adding glycerine and/ or aloe vera juice to the shae butter will work better? or mixing all three. i am going to try that

DeeJ085: I did not know that without the water, shea butter wasn't really moisturizing. I just made my first batch of whipped shea butter yesterday and applied it to my hair, so now that I know it needs water, i will remix it up. Thanks:)

LeAndrea Grant: Thanks for the info, I just realized the same thing this week end,my hair dont like shea butter on dry hair, it will have to be dripping wet right out the shower, then it will be so soft, never thought to add water.

kareemtiheed: I just love your videos! Keep up the great work!

prettybrowneyescutie: thanks for posting

Shelley Bee: love it!! you look gorgeous

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @ellexoelle Hi see below...or review the information in the "Description" box of this video. ;0)

jrockpharmd: Thx for sharing your knowledge with us. I've just started making my own Shea butter whips also. I was wondering what should I use as an emulsifier and about how much distilled h2o to add to an 8oz Shea butter whip? I'll stay tuned in.

antionette35: Thank you for the information!!!

cjcaress69: you better watch out for mold. bacteria and fungi love water. Without a preservative you're in for trouble.

cpitam: Does anyone know where to buy coconut emulsifier and optiphen preservative?

kylahsmom1: well, I must reorder soon..I am getting to the end of my original shea butter purchase..can not wait to try the new one! I kiked that honeyhemp conditioner so much, I had to place an order from that stuff!!Stay Blessed - Blondell

FreeWorshipFreeWors: @drroberson4 Hi yes I have to add a emulsifier and a natural preservative. The emulsifier helps the water mix with the oil and the preservative prevents mold from the water.

TheBaroness65: The biggest problem for me are my edges they always seem dry. Any suggestions?

mjeol: For a preservative, has anyone ever tried potassium sorbate? A couple of folk who make their own stuff have recommended it to me. I'm all nervous about preservatives but I want to keep my stuff for longer than a few days. (I don't sell anything, just wanting to save some money and improve the quality of my hair/skin). "Vitamin E T-50" was also recommended

jymmidean22: Distilled or deionized water leaches ions from from everything. That is why water is the universal solvent.
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Adding Distilled Water to My Shea Butter Whips