Part 4 Dieselmeken Shows Stanadyne DB2 Pump In KMM Test Bench

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seawalkersee: I just found this. I too would like to see a rebuild of a DB2 from a Ford. Great video though. Very little information on these, but you have some good stuff.

Euskefeurat: Coolt!

WeRunBrushless: Sweet never thought I'd find a DB2 video on YouTube. I rebuild them for a reman company in Florida.

dieselmeken: @maxhauler Hi. Thanks for looking on the video. There is a big differens between those pumps, GM runs counter clockwise, Ford runs clockwise. Advance and so is also completly differente. Fuelamount is higer on the Ford etc etc.

trojan32111: can you make a video on how to timing a db2 rotary injection pump.?

maxhauler: @dieselmeken oh ok. thanks for that info! I was under the incorrect assumption that they were very similar or identical. getting closer to one day replacing the pump and injectors on a 7.3 Ford Navistar and I am hoping that it will increase my fuel mileage a bit. my truck runs excellent but I've heard that these pumps can use a rebuild after 150,000 miles or so. I'm using lubricity enhancing additive these days (low sulfur diesel here in the US)

maxhauler: Great videos man. Serious engineering here. Is there much of a difference between the factory-installed Stanadyne DB2 Injection pump installed on a GM 6.2 as compared to a Ford IDI 6.9 or 7.3?

dieselwarriordotcom: Cool! Wish someone around here had the stuff needed to fully work over a DB2 pump, the 6.2 is a good engine.
Part 4 Dieselmeken shows Stanadyne DB2 pump in KMM test bench 5 out of 5

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Part 4 Dieselmeken shows Stanadyne DB2 pump in KMM test bench