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Leonardo Martinelli: anyone knows the name of this song?

chuck kaczmarsky: Penkak Silat of Indonesia

J Malana: @bobolandi it's a filipino knife,so maybe yeh..

muhaaaxp: Why the turkish music?^^ The moves are pretty nice, where are you guys training?

VanishingNomad: @bobolandi Silat

Jakub Antonin: 1:45 lol he hit his balls :D

Aaron blackford: hard core.

Claizen: That groin rip :(

yagdan domolov: does anybody know the name of this song and/or instrument being used ?

DaimyoD0: These are reallly freakin stylish takedowns, i must say.

DaimyoD0: Rape male victim during.

EunusRex: Kusura bakma Arrab kardeşim. Kurmuş olduğun savaş sanatları sistemini internetten okudum ve Osmanlı cenk müktesebatını da dahil ettiğini gördüm. Selam ve dua ile.

EunusRex: Kolbaşının kıratı ne alaka amına koyiim?

jiro9cuts0001: If you aren't versed in how to properly use a karambit, yes, it can get you hurt. Don't get me wrong, I like a good Ka-Bar for a main combat knife, but for something that is readily hidden and deployed before the opponent knows it, a karambit fits the bill. There is a 'when to' and 'when not to' use any blade, whether it is a karambit, or a bowie style blade. A good sub-hilt blade does increase retention, but it still be knocked out of the hand. In a grappling situation, give me a karambit.

Taheelur123: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

jiro9cuts0001: You'd be surprised at how many people do know, and are learning to use these in the US. Many kali and silat fighters are picking the use of the karambit up here.

berner: I'd love to see that in a Bollywood film where I dunno, Khaled the poor carpet salesman cannot be with princess Bandi he loves because of her evil sheik brother Gandu and then when they all start singing and dancing, the evil sheik Gandu starts karambitting everyone to death, end of movie.

thepurevandal: the karambit is a combat knife man

thunderousfire: is that a china man using a karambit?? lolol...

dallasgangsta187: are you retarded or just an idiot..? I'm not sure??
karambit 5 out of 5

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