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J Malana: @bobolandi it's a filipino knife,so maybe yeh..

lionheartninja: looks like ninjutsu with all the take downs

giancarlo pro: lol! this dude with the beard teaching Silat looks like the spanish criminal dude from Shaft, u know, the same guy in those new james bond movies with daniel craig!

dallasgangsta187: are you retarded or just an idiot..? I'm not sure??

jiro9cuts0001: If you aren't versed in how to properly use a karambit, yes, it can get you hurt. Don't get me wrong, I like a good Ka-Bar for a main combat knife, but for something that is readily hidden and deployed before the opponent knows it, a karambit fits the bill. There is a 'when to' and 'when not to' use any blade, whether it is a karambit, or a bowie style blade. A good sub-hilt blade does increase retention, but it still be knocked out of the hand. In a grappling situation, give me a karambit.

mefh05: i practice silat too..it's been 5 years or so..this one is interesting..it's official under IPSI in Indonesia but i never see silat mubai branch in Indonesia

berner: I'd love to see that in a Bollywood film where I dunno, Khaled the poor carpet salesman cannot be with princess Bandi he loves because of her evil sheik brother Gandu and then when they all start singing and dancing, the evil sheik Gandu starts karambitting everyone to death, end of movie.

Lionel Mashinge: do people realise his armed when they make these comments? HAHA his cutting nerves, tendons, and main veins. I think he more than controlling or taking advantage, his maiming and killing. And take into mind its a DEMONSTRATION. Amazing cynical people behind keyboards are born everyday.

yagdan domolov: What is that curved looking blade he is using called ? It looks effective as hell for killing as well a concealing (cough cough*) jk :P badass arts though,

enfermero545: you are ricki martin??

silence1sucks: kali and silat, none of that ninjitsu weeaboo crap

dallasgangsta187: Yeahh soo would an Atomic Bomb but what's your point?? If you were ever in the same room as this guy, you would look for the nearest exit!! :)

YinLonGG: i would watch if the musik wasnt so retardet

samurai184: karambit is an utility knife, used for combat

DaimyoD0: Rape male victim during.

chuck kaczmarsky: Penkak Silat of Indonesia

Taheelur123: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

Claizen: That groin rip :(

profsirup: karambit ownz

DaimyoD0: These are reallly freakin stylish takedowns, i must say.

mefh05: do you learn from him? i'd like to know more

thunderousfire: is that a china man using a karambit?? lolol...

greengobl1n: i wouldnt want to mess with the bearded dude. he looks serious.

Aaron blackford: hard core.

baconlover02: dude i would like to learn how to karambit fight. they look like really interesting knives that not too many people in the us would know how to use.

EunusRex: Kusura bakma Arrab kardeşim. Kurmuş olduğun savaş sanatları sistemini internetten okudum ve Osmanlı cenk müktesebatını da dahil ettiğini gördüm. Selam ve dua ile.

dukehitchcock: what is with you copying this same nonsensible gibberish on every video you cant find? go get a job or something

0girle: trash

pattyfpu: These techniques are very dangerous. A lot of people play armchair quarterback and say "that wouldn't work, come on look at this or that. It's all BS" Anyone who pulls a knive is fully capable of killing you and should be taken seriously. This is an impressive video. Anyone who thinks otherwise should google some pictures of knive wounds. It is an ugly ugly sight. Not my particular liking, but impressive video/techniques none the less.

lordhumongos: It looks more based on silat jumande or mande muda than anything from the Bujinkan

hamanokaze1: cool!

kontrabandz: LOL AHHA it sounds like those indian music videos were da background music is so loud

yumboyack02: its called a kerambit, but its spelled karambit as the title.

VanishingNomad: @bobolandi Silat

samurai184: combat knife is better

mefh05: i see..interesting..interesting..thanks for the info friend..

dukehitchcock: the message was for rednatsyb

sprobby: Not entirely people who have a karambit must learn in what ways to swing it otherwise they could cut themselves on the wrist or other fatal areas. But the great about this particular knife is that it is easy to use, but once you learn how to use it effectively, it is near impossible to defeat.

myprecius: rashid, how is silat being adapted within the mid-east muslims. how does it propagate? silat and karambit is definitely a malay heritage. nice to see it's being adopted by mid-east brothers.

mefh05: that looks like an assassin technique..

yagdan domolov: does anybody know the name of this song and/or instrument being used ?

Leonardo Martinelli: anyone knows the name of this song?

LlamaZruleZ: What is the name of this nasheed?

Yakub _: 1:45 lol he hit his balls :D

BelaDiriRedMeat: cimande

jiro9cuts0001: You'd be surprised at how many people do know, and are learning to use these in the US. Many kali and silat fighters are picking the use of the karambit up here.

muhaaaxp: Why the turkish music?^^ The moves are pretty nice, where are you guys training?

LlamaZruleZ: I like that song.

EunusRex: Kolbaşının kıratı ne alaka amına koyiim?

thepurevandal: the karambit is a combat knife man
karambit 4 out of 5

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