3d Monster Maze On The Sinclair Timex ZX81

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007kingifrit: not rly an fps since u dont shoot but this is wehre it began

Simon Parnell: That takes me back :P

Omega Actual: Such simple graphics, but with only one line of written dialogue, you can inspire infinite terror. Rex Has Seen You...

Martial Law: 6fps lol

bukster1: This game is a good example how, with a little imagination you can still have a damn good game on a pretty basic machine. This game and Mazogs were my favourites on my ZX81. I also went on to program Masada Class which you can see on my channel and download from my website.

dannyboy: It's one fps.

ricochetVendetta: Was there any sound anybody know ? I cant live without 8 bit chip sound

Hunter TH: Rex has Seen You..

derekthesec: Cool game without sound

Typhoon: This was the first game I played in my life when I was 12.

Hans Lübeck: Wow that was MUCH better than COD! 

Ian Smith: You have to view it in the context of 1981. It ran on a computer with an 8 bit 3.5MHz CPU, 16k of RAM, with a graphics resolution of 64x48. You should be comparing it with the text only or primitive 2d games that were it's peers, not with your PS3 or whatever. Anything 3d was amazing at that time. This game has a valid claim to greatness.

Rich Stevenson: There where no Sprites on the ZX81 or Speccy. The main character and walls where made up simply of the machines pre-defined character set. The whole model was years infront of its time and really lead to the idea of "3d" games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

dfarmbrough: And then Doom copied this and made a fortune!

Rich Stevenson: Yeah not far off, although really you can attribute Sprites to the early Atari machines of the late 70's/early 80s with Texas also including them on some of their early systems.

tropicallanterns: @Infinatus25 I think it arguably is

Alexo Mello: This isnt even sprites! Sprites just arrive on computer, like, on MSX computers, I think. Here its just extended characteres printed on screen every frame: 4.bp.blogspot.com/_EQSQ007I1_8/Rc87QgnYuZI/AAAAAAAAAEY/19huGexdlPI/s1600/zx81_ascii.png

TheWizenhymer: this game ran at 6 fps

AlluMan96: It's the same formula many games like Enemy zero operates on. it's not what you see or hear it's how it builds it up. In this game you're heart stops when you read the ``Rex has seen you´´ line. + the randomization and sence of being lost helps. Simularly in Enemy zero when you're enemy is invicible and that radar starts pounding ever so faster crap gets scary considering how you have only limited amounts of continues and saves (Which operate on the same source as what you load with ;~~;)

Daniel Vep: מה המצב גיימר?!!!!!!

NibblesBigNuts: OMG! Happy Days. Geeezzz...all the time I spent on my ZX81 trying to get games to load with a tape recorder and wobbly ram pack lol. Good times :D

ThePatrol700: nice this is Batterfield 2 Bad Company ; )

inthefade: This is awesome! I have no experience with Sinclairs, but this is just so fun looking.

jeremysart: Simple, but STILL scary as hell.

Cruithne3753: When you see it, you'll crap bricks.

Peter G: Ahhh, They dont make them like that anymore, How did you record it ?

andresreiter: So..... no antialiasing??? :-(

reverendcutterx: 26 Years. I'm quite a bit older now than my Dad was then :-/ It's even 16 years since I played this on an emulator with my Atari ST! Classic frights, but Fungaloids was a better game.

I CAM45m5o I: i hear this runs at 6 FPS thats awesome

ervinasroblox3: 00:00 The beginning of a legend (3D Games)

TricoL0rd: One of the best games I've ever played!

Velin Apostolov: Yes. It's amazing. Today's games use modules but in the early ages of gaming there were no modules. Actually I am pretty sure that modules first appeared in movies, as they wanted to make realystic creatures.

SuperDarkHamster: is it just me, or "he is behind you" is the creepiest crap ever?

MrSnowman: Not even sprites.

Lloyd Li: Hard to believe you almost didn't see this type of gameplay 'til Amnesia: Dark Descent...

GuilmonBoy: fallout new vegas :O

Cyril P.: Always impressive what one can do with a single K. Now you need 2G for any crap.

BigDuke6ixx: @smithi1 yes, 16k ram was needed. I paid £64 for the ram back in the day, although I could have got it cheaper mail order. Got this game at the same time. The fun didn't last long, but it was a real novelty to navigate around in '3D'.

Vyggy: cool

maxmydog25: Does any one know where I can play or download this?

hevar ali: graphice card?

Eclectic: @smithi1 The people who created Doom have stated that 3D Monster Maze was their inspiration for Doom. So this is the forerunner of one of the most important games of all time.

RV BeEtZ: HOLY FREAHOLY! . the FPS is off the carts!!!!!!! \m/

Rich Stevenson: Try the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, home computer released 1981.

hugothenerd: Was this before Atari 2600?

Alexo Mello: link dont work... This is the article: benzaitenbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2007/02/o-poder-da-sugestao.html

tonypendrey: The basic ZX81 did have just 1k of memory but a 16k ram expansion was quickly marketed. This game and most others need the extra ram.

Jonathan Widdicombe: Its the graphics characters used to give the illusion a 3D environment on a 2D screen. When you think about it what really makes 3D graphics? The game makes further objects look smaller which is all modern graphics do, just with prettier shapes, even stereoscopic displays are just 2x2D images.

Maximus Dasher: @paulykid08 for 1982 thats stat of the art plus graphics do not make a game
3d Monster Maze on the Sinclair Timex ZX81 4.7 out of 5

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3d Monster Maze on the Sinclair Timex ZX81