2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton V8 Misfiring And Hesitation Under Acceleration

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2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton V8 misfiring and hesitation under acceleration (SOLVED)
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2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton V8 misfiring and hesitation under acceleration
2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton V8 misfiring and hesitation under acceleration
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TheTerminator310: @mike caissie Yes, whenever it would do it it would just shake a little at idle, but only on occasion. It was doing that a little even after I got the spark plugs changed out and later on it stopped running on a cylinder all together and started shaking really bad and a code popped up with code P0304 which is cylinder #4 misfire (far back cylinder on passenger side engine bank). The COP was going bad. Changed it out and it's like a brand new truck.

byondstrngth: Spark plugs, do it and the problem will go away

Ben Gaudreault: mine was plugs but it could be coils

Daniel Buchanan: Between 40 and 50 does vehicle shake real bad!

Andrew Cuccia: Plugs man. Just had this problem. Shook around 40-50mph. 

Romancio Gallegos: Around 40-60 my truck shakes really bad. Could it be a misfire also?

Joe Tumminello: same thing with my 2007 F150. no codes, finally replaced plugs and truck drove great - for a while - but beware, in the past year, I've replaced the catalytic converter, and now I am being told that I need a new engine! $8K! Only 130,000 miles. My take, this year (2007) for Ford is riddled with design / mechanical flaws. I'm not a big fan of aftermarket warrantee products, but if you own a 2007 F150, and you can still purchase one, it might be a good play.

Matthew Bellmyer: I've dropped three grand trying to correct the issue with my 07. Ended up replacing the coil packs and plugs across the board. It's been about 2 months since the last time in the shop and about 1.5k miles. Seems to be resolved but the issue tends to come back for most people. But typically with this model and year don't waste money on the plugs your coil packs are the issue

BEBNC1: This problem has plagued me for about 50k miles now... plugs and replaced coils only temporarily fix the hesitations/misfires (come back after 5-10k). Combine this with the horrible head and spark plug design and the overall horrible maintenance issues with the engine (VCT cam phasers). Very, very poor engine design on Ford's part (mechanics consensus). To the point that I will not own another Ford for a while.

tim fist: Hi , Its your PLUGS ! Ours did exact same thing ! Changed plugs - all OK . Watch out changeing plugs VERY Difficult ! Tim

mike caissie: when you say rough idle.. is it like a weird shake when stopped in drive? mine has some sort of a weird shake.. its more of an annoyance

TheTerminator310: 2k? Are you serious? I hope that's not a spark plug change cost. If it is, I hope they kissed you first. When I had the spark plugs changed on this truck (which solved my misfire issue), after tax and everything -- $445.

TheTerminator310: I probably couldn't even lend $45, haha. Mine has been really good too. I'm right at 100,000 right now. So far the spark plugs were the only thing that it needed. Gets about 21 MPG highway. So far I'm happy with it. They're good trucks, but just like any vehicle, something can go wrong and turn into a money pit. I keep up with maintenance very regularly on this one. Hopefully I'll be good for another 100,000.

jasontman36: YO! Sounds better then my truck! Mine finally just quit on me. So far the shop wants 2k to fix everything! I dont have even 1k!

Juan Chalico: Would it tug?

jasontman36: I tried to restart the engine the last time it died way too much! I ended up blowing my battery and starter too! I knew I had a problem about 20k mikes ago but I was an asshole and thought the problem would fix itself. I ended up needing a new throttle body too! Tomarrow they are doing a combustion test to see if the heads and gaskets are still good. I bet they are not! After I get this truck fixed I am going to the FIAT dealer and getting a Fiat 500 Abarth! I am sick of huge gas bills! YO!

TheTerminator310: You drop about 35 horses from a dead cylinder. Yeah, you can feel it a lot, haha. I was lucky that the plugs and 1 coil were the only things that needed replacing. So far, 15,000 miles later it's still doing good, *knock on wood*.

TheTerminator310: Yeah, it's just a sensor(s) that has went bad. I think I'll fix mine by just putting a piece of electrical tape over where the light is, haha.

TheTerminator310: No, it's not that. A simple occasional misfire does not suggest a bad engine, but more so an injector (or injectors), spark plug, spark plug wires, coil pack, etc. Just getting to the source is the main thing. Usually easy. Sometimes, a pain in the ass, haha.

Matthew Pound: I was under the impression that this is just the way 5.4s ran hahah

2003LincolnLS: ummmmmmmm seafoam the truck then see if it still misses

kalloveable: My brother's truck did this and so did my aunts. It was the spark plugs on both of them.

Jared Sebesta: My 06 had same problem . Ended up having low oil pressure ended up scoring my valves ended up getting a new motor. I would get her checked out

TheTerminator310: I've done put alot of carbon cleaners and injector cleaners through the engine. I guess seafoam will be my next try. Probably just going to try a full tuneup and replace wires and plugs to see if that'll do it.

Jared Sebesta: Yeah my bad my phone wasn't showing them

TheTerminator310: That sucks hard, man. How many miles on it? And did it go out all together, or did it just start slipping?

TheTerminator310: I bet it was the hydraulic pump that went out. Does it whine when you put it in Park? That's usually the first thing to go.

Nathan Weiler: it could be your Cadillac converters i have an 04 and it did the same thing check them to see if there clogged

jasontman36: The truck has been great to me. What can you expect after 160K of hard driving and lack of maintenance. Im suprised it got me this far. The truck is paid off and maybe when its fixed I will change my mind. I am a big guy and I dont think I will be able to fit into a clown car anyway! I dont have the money to buy a new F150 yet. Can you lend me 45K?

TheTerminator310: Oh ok. I was fixing to say holy crap if that was the spark plug change charge. But hate to hear that, though. I know about them repair bills. Been there and done that, haha. I'm glad at least my spark plugs were my only issue. Coulda been worse. Hope everything works out for you.

s401081: when i got mine in april a month later 3 cylinders went out and i was running on 5 cylinders i had to replace all spark plugs coil packs and distributor, no problems since and i have put 4500 miles on it since then.

jordan green: mine has been slightly missing since I bought it. It recently began hesitating and sputtering like this one, but today, it started missing harder out of nowhere and hesitates even driving normal. as i got home my check engine light came on and it misses harder than usual at idle. hope its just plugs and a fuel filter.

TheTerminator310: I have heard of a pin that holds the cam phaser in place breaking off. Could have been what happened to yours. When that happens, cam stops, and the piston comes up and hits the valve and destroys the piston. Probably what happened.

Jr Huff: I had the same problems and I changed mine out with ease. I used E3 spark plugs and accel coil packs. Best thing Ever.

MrSwagg0114: Does yours tug too?

Luke Fountain: I have 07 150 King Ranch and I have the same trouble as shown in this picture if I keep a sweaty acceleration through 40mph. Was it the spark plugs for you? And could you point me in the right direction on a removal method cause this would be my first spark plug removal.

TheTerminator310: Oh ok, haha. One of my spark plugs electrodes broke and that's what was fouling out the spark. Running fantastic now.

TheTerminator310: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking it is too. Here shortly I'm going to be taking it in and have all 8 plugs and wires changed out.

Corey Richard: I just had this same problem. Except my problem was I changed them, and one of the new plugs was defective. It was like trying to run on 7 cylinders. Horrible. Took three days before we decided to swap plugs. I put a new set of coil packs, had to buy a new battery, wound up being 9 spark plugs. It really pissed me off lol.

TheTerminator310: No, it came on a little over 2 years ago and has been on since. One or more pressure sensors in the tires has gone bad and needs to be replaced, I just haven't bothered doing it. Does yours flash when you first start the truck for about a minute and then the light goes solid?

motomarcel1: Yes it does lol.

blasterrider555: it's your plugs and wires you most lilkley have a bad coil pack, my 06 had the same issue it went on for months and i got it fixed ended up being coil pack for cylinder #8 that was bad its like a new truck now

TheTerminator310: Wow, that sucks. Glad mine isn't that bad. How much did all of that run you, out of curiosity?

TheTerminator310: Sometimes, it'll hit and miss on startup. Mostly, it always fires right up though. The misfire occurs most often when the engine comes into a pull.

TheTerminator310: Yeah, those tunes will really kill those transmissions quick. And I feel your frustration too man, havin' to shove crap loads of money into something, haha. The transmission by itself will probably cost you around $1,500, plus labor. Really sucks. Hopin' mine will stick it out to 150,000 and I'll be happy.

motomarcel1: Hey bud got a question? Did the tire pressure sensor light came on at the same time when you starting getting your hesitation or before that and what did the dealer do about it. Same thing happened to me, I replaced my plugs but and my tire sensor light is still on.

TheTerminator310: Only one went bad so I just replaced it and the other 7 are the original Motorcraft coil packs that came with the truck new. I don't recall what name of the new coil pack I used, I just got whatever was cheapest, haha.

yellowcow13: Do you have the audiophile sound system? Could you do a demo?

jm69charternet: My Brother's truck did the same thing and my truck did that problem was a bad coil pack did a replace that is all it was.

Corey Richard: What coil packs did you use?
2007 Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4L Triton V8 misfiring and hesitation under acceleration 4 out of 5

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