Top 15 Free Dating Sims And Visual Novels

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Azeckwazion: These are all otome...

i͙i͙k͙a͙w͙i͙i͙ χσχσ: what's number 8 i cant see its bury

Rahma Ibrahim: what is the game name from no.10 can't read that

MorganaRowan: Top 15 sims - for girls. Major otome going on here.

Also... I like Pachthesis quite a bit as well, though I don't like how linear the games tend to be - there tends to be little to do besides talk to your favorite boy all day. Still, her ideas are cool and the art is nice.

Anyway, off to try the other games...

Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank: Tell me your view on RE: Alistair++!

spacerocket09: trying to find a specific one it has like 100 days or something in a school year to get a girl which some pshyco future girl with a gun tells you after shooting you than coming back later and getting knocked out and becomes a possible love interest and you go on dates bringing 3 items coffee, napkins, and a gift i think it's fun but i cant remember its name.

EssyBessy: RE:Alistair++ is a really good one! It's was my first sim game i've ever played! Lost of Mystery! (Took me two times to find out who Alistair was)

Aarthi Karamcheadu: well I played mostly voltage inc even though the main stories are not free I might try some of these other ones

Sweet Serenade xX (XxMovieCatssxX): Really, I've played most of this games and then I saw number 15. I just wasn't really able to bring that one to a good end...

j e s a n n e: Frozen Essence, Fantasia Realm of Thanos and Fantasia Requim of the Abyss are the most amazing games. They're not short and are totally enjoyable. 

birdee92: smart to get copy righted

Bobbie Productions: I realy like pacthesis games

Gabriela Jessica: You know... Most of the game in this list. I'm sure I can draw better than that

Sebastian. Micheails: Katawa shoujo , lets meow meow, Miku Miku Date v2 , girl city(akward at times)

Rose Black: There are dating novel games

Ariasu Ariasu: I love all the games of Pacthesis (they are the ones that end in "Days Sim Date") her games are very sweet, I heard she is also doing a new game called "Stars Days Sim Date" but that was a year ago (or were two?) and i guess maybe she forgot about that game, anyway I keep waiting :c I like Re: Alistair too :-:

kiana crafton: starstruck!! x3

Jennifer Kim: Erm but how come all the pics are low quality even on HD mode??

Jennifer Kim: Lol Pacthesis rules over half of this list XD I've played nearly all of these haha brings back memories

Jamie Williquette: Okay but, Despite the art on Frozen Essence being Frustrating, IT ACTUALLY IS freakING GREAT. LIKE IT HAS ONE OF THE BEST ENDINGS EVER JESUS CHRIST. (The Death Path Endings. They are beautiful.)
Top 15 free dating sims and visual novels 5 out of 5

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Top 15 free dating sims and visual novels