Stone Rocket Stove

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jbrunnez: man your hands can handle a lot of heat

Richard Greenberg: I use 8' of 4" pipe and a 4" 90. Lay the pipe along the ground and support with rocks to elevate pipe end. Build a bed platform 18" over the pipe. Tarp over ridge line covering bed and close off ends. Be sure pipe extends out the end of shelter. Make fire in the 90. Pipe heats shelter. No smoke when it gets hot. Feed fire to regulate heat produced. Works with rocks instead of pipe also.

Mihai Solcan: Have you thought to add some clay betwen the rocks?

Muy Gonzo: Missouri... Love me some summer days @ H. Roe Bartle Boy Scout Camp near Osceola.

David Gaudette: Just what I was looking for. Thank you :)

Keep it up. You are awesome ;)

HardcoreTeabrewer: ...wall for burning whatever you want. The wall of logs/thick branches will also provide fuel for the fire, just make sure they don't burn too fiercely if you can't tend to the fire as long as they burn. And you can place branches between the two walls to place whatever you need heated. A wooden, fiery, burning stove, it may be called :)

HardcoreTeabrewer: ...kinds of wood, as long as it fits, and it has gained enough heat. Just make sure the stone wall has good holes for air at the bottom. And gaps for letting out smoke when it gets excessive. The smoke-holes in the wall will also suck in air. And you can get a stronger fire by having heated air sucked in. This is done by having the air travel through heated material on the way in. So having bigger rocks in the high wall gives a bigger surface for air to travel through, and gives a more stable...

HardcoreTeabrewer: My pleasure! I experimented with making my own rocket-stove-like furnace this weekend. And I found through luck a real good way to make a crazy-hot flame: *build up a circle of stones, with bigger stones on one side. *on the side with bigger stones, build up a wall, this is the side to build the fire against. *build a wall of broad branches to make a wooden wall, to make a long, thin furnace. *light a fire in it, and just push in the crudest firewood you can find ^^ It will be able to burn all..

Carlos Sepulveda: Dave... Gracias for another outstanding video...

BushcraftOnFire: Thanks for that information!!

HardcoreTeabrewer: Sorry, English isn't my native tounge. Valve isnt what I mean... I mean vault or chamber.!

HardcoreTeabrewer: ...learn how to design them well out of rock and metal sheets as well.

HardcoreTeabrewer: You are very well informed. But you could have a lot more fun and get better results if you thought like an engineer. Think in valves and tubes, and think about how to concentrate oxygen-rich heated air. A simple trick from thinking like one: when lighting a fire, make a small furnace with firewood, wherein you place the twigs and tinder. Of course that would be difficult with such a small stone furnace, but if expanded a bit it will work excellently. By designing "furnaces" out of wood, you....

WJ Kemp: I think you people are so lovely =) thank you for sharing all this valuable knowledge

BlazingMandril: "always use field stones" most of the rivers here have basalt as their banks. so that wont explode. and as far as i know most river stones are just polished field stones. unless they have water in their cracks.

José da Vēde: You may want to mention that certain types of rocks can explode when reaching high temperatures!

BushcraftOnFire: LOL.. thanks for sharing that Bro.. Great story!

vertfreak09: I subscribed to your videos, Sir. Keep em coming. I am building a semi permanent shelter that is loosely based on yours. I will post a video responce

vertfreak09: @Justin5king My thoughts exactly. I have put a dakota pit in my shelter. It is much safer. No rocks needed. Like he says rocks tend to explode. Make a dakota pit instead

BushcraftOnFire: @2011gmh Blessings Bro! We do our Minimalist Camp in your area! Give me a call sometime.. I'd love to talk with you!
Stone Rocket Stove 5 out of 5

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Stone Rocket Stove