How To Insulate A Basement - This Old House

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How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House
How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House
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Holmes Approved Products: ROXUL Insulation
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Insulating Basement Walls The Best Insulation for Your Basement
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Krome Illusion: Why was a moisture barrier not used?

Jørgen: Please stop saying the persons name ffs

run2daylite73: if the outside is coated, driving the snap tie outward is making a nice big hole in the damp proofing.

Subgunman: I am doing a similar project on my basement, however here in Greece they do not have these special adhesives, just using a low acid silicone adhesive to the concrete. I also use a serrated knife to do my cutting and to make it easier I spray the knife with a dry silicone spray. To do the drywall I just frame out with steel studs and then hang the drywall. Only problem here is that they do not have "new construction" outlet boxes to pre hang for electric. They only have boxes similar to our old construction work electrical boxes. It is a pain in the a-- to run the smurf conduit into the box since there is no clearance in the hole one places in The drywall to mount the box.

Trip Dipster: hlhl

Samual Jones: looks like crap

Cristian Dinut: americanish dumbs

Abajh Alghamdi: you are very great .
every time I learned a lot from .
thank you very much

Jim L.: I have never seen a basement wall done this way - and for good reason. Yes to the rigid foam, but then you need to build a stud wall in front of that and insulate with fiberglass insulation. The stud wall also give you plenty of room for electrical work.

Harry Cairo: you save lives I hope u know that

john leininger: People who hate styrofoam noise will find this episode to be the best one ever made

Bernie Hunt: What happens when the concrete wall shifts with moisture, freezing and thawing over the years. That happened in the last home I owned and the entire door in the only finished room shifted over 1/2 inch. Wouldn't you want to frame a wall and put a barrier between your framed wall and the concrete wall to allow for minor concrete wall movement? Everything always fits as soon after the contractor finishes the work, but years later - settlement occurs.

Spud 97: Tom Silva is a genius, love watching his projects. However this way to insulate and frame a basement is a waste of time. Build an actual wall around the foundation, then spray foam it. Not only does it work better, it makes it easier for the electrician too. Gouging out foam to make an electrical box fit is a waste of time.

JD Weaver: What I'm looking for is a video to show me how to build a removable insulated wall. I like how cold the unfinished walls get in the summertime. Yes I want to remove the drywall, studs and insulation in June every year. If anyone has a video like that CASH ME IN DA BASEMENT HOW BOUT DAT?

kkdnk1: Bam! Hits his hand with the hammer, cusses and hops around like we all have!

Trinity: 5:37 This sound should be used for crowd control

Calvin Stasica: 5:13 I hate when youtubers shoot the intro in the middle of the video, tricking the viewers into thinking that it's the end of the video.

Mark Wright: Where is the vapor barrier? Concrete will always sweat and the warm air in the room will condensate on the cold concrete. That foam will rot out.

Mark Wright: Who else cringed when he put the wet tool into the dry cement powder?

Robi Janez: aren't you suppose to put plastic vapoor wrap on the foundation wall or leave space for air ventilation which can be done with wood stud framing, then insultation to allow concrete walls to breath? alternatively have exterior 2 inch rigid foam insulation underneath water membrane and black tar on foundation exterior wall
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How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House