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Refuso Againo: Next, the frost penetrates the ground outside the wall another 2' because there isn't any heat loss through the wall anymore. Footing cracks, end walls start to rack, suspended wood floor sags on one side, time to sell.

Dakota Kokotylo: water those holes for me

Yoshi yoshi: Drywall screws are for drywall not for wall strapping. Very dissapointed.

Grenville Nash: Are you able to install electrical outlet boxes to this type of frame?

Joe Maldonado: there are few basements in Fla, USA... but the idea is valid for a cement wall layout....

rdgk1se3019: I built my train layout with that foam board.

Nicholas Philip-neri: I am thinking of putting the Insofast in my basement wall instead the 2x4 frames etc. Is this a good product???

Feedback4Utoday: You mixed up too much paste.. Try to avoid waste. Maybe silicon?

Jason C.: Why not just seal the basement wall with drylok and then build a standard 2x4 wall around it?

Dareis Nogod: Can't believe he's using a push saw and NOT a pull saw.

thanks ace: I wish you guys would have put a material cost for the portion (or all) of the video installations. I know they would be very rough but at least I'd have an idea of what to expect. Great vids tho!

Emanuil Gavrilesku: I

sam111880: nice trick with plastic sample area if you get moisture in it you know you may have a problem. If not probably good to go without sealing. This is sort of what i need in this basement i am at.

Will: What about insinuating the floors and the vapor barrier?

Brady Kolson: Skip all the nonsense, volume up all the way and go to 5:20 this is what you came for

Chrisgtoman: 2:55... I bet big boy ;)

Rediscover Film: Did his brother ever show up?

Dewaltpro picture: First do the ceilings Kids

Dewaltpro picture: Consistency y of peanut butter.Lmaooooooooooo. Consistency of sour cream 😂😂😂😂

Aristotelis Chaniotakis: so I have been planning on finishing part of my basement and there seem to be many ways to do so with the different type of insulation and different way to frame a wall. In another video, I have seen people put the foam board on then put studs over that then in the studs put another layer of fiberglass and then put a plastic sheet for a moisture barrier, is this necessary for a basement? all in all my main concern is what is the cheapest and most effective way to partialy finish and insulate a basement. Thank you and greeting for Cambridge Massachusetts!

(The link to the other video I am referring to is: )
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