How To Insulate A Basement - This Old House

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How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House
How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House
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Holmes Approved Products: ROXUL Insulation
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Insulating Basement Walls The Best Insulation for Your Basement
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georgeEPC: stupidest thing I have ever seem...

So you drove the pins in and possibly created a crack on outside of concrete, which if done properly would have been sealed. So you compromised that. And you're pasting the inside!!! Like another poster waterproof from the outside not inside like this. Don't do this to your house. You could create new leaks, then you will be into epoxy repair (maybe) or fixing it from the outside.
poor advice in this video.

Louis Holland: I like frame wall less Holes in Concrete I'm using screws for bottom plate forcing nails not good. Three big goops per panel's the framed walls can hold the rest of e nsulation Gorilla glue for bottoms plate if you REALLY want strong wall's.

adisharr: I love all the experts mocking what Tom is doing. He should probably check with all of you next time he does a project. People seem to assume the guy is hanging a TV off of the wall.

calisthenics 585: You're supposed to install an interior drainage system. If you seal the water from ever trying to penetrate you're creating a boat. Walls will eventually crack and separate even on a poured Foundation. Too bad for this customer though. Boy it would have been nice to have an HBC certification for this basement. Healthe basements and crawl spaces.

Mike Rose: At 2:55 lol

Spud 97: Tom Silva is a master at what he does. But as an electrician I would honestly be pissed off having to gouge out foam to mount all my boxes. Waste of time.

David Sanders: What about an electrical fire...that would breath very well.

Skip Rope: Christ sakes TOM 2x4 or 2x3 on its side instead of the grid. Wiring up and over ffs TOM~

mikelisacarb: This is an old house?

Pat Wilmot: Are the 1x2 boards strong enough to hang a TV and things like that?

Lynn Eldridge: I live in Alaska...lots of cold. Should I seal the whole basement before I put up the rigid insulation as a vapor barrier?

shawn cell: can you say mold

shawn cell: when you pounded the rebar in you just made the leak worse you fix leaks from the outside or with landscaping

Joe H: Will those fasteners work on block walls?

Gene Lamb: I actually used this method and was sorry I did. 1) those bent bolts were near impossible to find. 2) drilling holes into the (35 year old) concrete walls ate up tons of drill bits. 3) One wall was slightly bowed so that putting drywall over it was problematic. 4) etc. Had I known all the issues, I would have used a completely different method.

Хлебников Денис: It's very silly to isolate the wall and make a cold bridge with a metal spring spike, use plastic !

Erick Lemire: this wall will be wavy as hell ,using these kind of fasteners to hold this crap fornces is damaging the concrete ,cutting foam to make space for electrical outlets will create cool zone around it, why dint you just do it right , build a wall made of 2x4 in front of your foam screwed to the floor and ceiling , way stronger straight wall and have plenty of room for electrical

Mountain Remodel: This kid is fixing an old Farmhouse

Krome Illusion: Why was a moisture barrier not used?

Jørgen: Please stop saying the persons name ffs
How to Insulate a Basement - This Old House 5 out of 5

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