My Industrial Bar Piercing

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My Industrial Piercing: Experience, 1-Year Update, FAQ!
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My Industrial Bar Collection
。o○ My Industrial Barbell Piercing ○o。 ☮ ♡
。o○ My Industrial Barbell Piercing ○o。 ☮ ♡

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Shelby Perez: How much did it cost?:o

summer starr: I'm getting mine next weekend!!!!! I have a lot of piercings on my ear already and they have never really hurt me....I have a high tolerance for pain especially when it comes to needles so you can tell me it hurts you can tell me I doesn't hurt!!!! I honestly don't care cuz it more then likely won't hurt me but yaaaaay I'm soooo excited on and I'm 15 btw!!!!

sophie torma: I don't think that they pierced the first hole in the right angle

Jordan Washburn: How thick is the piercing needle? Like I'm terrified of it hurting. Lol. But I want it done so bad!!! Lol.

Kyra Pross: Omg

Kyra Pross: Mine didn't hurt it was quick

Darcy Roman: I'm getting one for my birthday. It's gonna hurt whatever

AussiePride99100: shut up little cunt

Chloe Rosenberg: getting this tomorrow

cheyenne willenbrink: Getting mine this month for my birthday! I'm scared it's gonna hurt really bad!!! =c

shelbel1212: I want one soooo bad! Mom won't let me have one though. :c

veronica vuitton: Lol If It didn't hurt then why did you make that face xD

macie johnson: did it hurt?

ig_@ninigotyou: i got mines done , it hurts for like 10 seconds , .. lol but i had to take mines out , i think the bar was to small & my ear got infected , but im gonna get it again :) lol

Joe Janesak: @ 0:20 I got scared...

Marissa Hambrick: Im getting this friday (: Im exciting I love piercings !

Fatima Baddu: Looks painfull... And me and my bestfriend are getting ours next Sunday

TheAmanda951128: She's SOOO pretty!

Babyfacceking: I got mine yesterday it doesn't hurt

Alyssa Davis: Goodness i want onnne , But that looks like it hurt like reaaallly baad .
My industrial bar piercing 5 out of 5

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My industrial bar piercing