Hot Glue Upart Wig HIT Or Miss?

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Hot glue upart wig HIT or Miss?
Hot glue upart wig HIT or Miss?
How To: Make A U-Part Wig Using Hot Glue Gun
How To: Make A U-Part Wig Using Hot Glue Gun
My First U Part Wig❤️ ❤️ ❤️With Glue!!!(EASY)
My First U Part Wig❤️ ❤️ ❤️With Glue!!!(EASY)
How To: Make A U-Part Wig Using Hot Glue Gun
How To: Make A U-Part Wig Using Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun U-Part Wig Bob Styled
Hot Glue Gun U-Part Wig Bob Styled
3/4 "U" part Wig w/ Glue!
How to make a 3/4 U Part Wig Glue Edition Hair Tutorial
How to make a 3/4 U Part Wig Glue Edition Hair Tutorial
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How to Make a Hot Glue 3/4 Wig
U part wig for natural hair ( no glue needed)  part 1
U part wig for natural hair ( no glue needed) part 1
Review:Exotic Hair LA U-Part Wig Cap
Review:Exotic Hair LA U-Part Wig Cap

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Brandie Williams: rubbing alcohol loosen hot glue very well. so you can reuse the hair without it being gooey. it just peels right off.

CallMeOneLuv: Hey Ivy can you make a video on how you install your upart and how you blend your hair with it? pleasee my upart is so bulky and it doesnt blend with my hair at all =( Maybe also because my flat iron is crap and it doesnt make my hair straight enough "/

Nae Shubert: I was reading something online and it was saying that you can try rubbing alcohol to remove the glue from any surface now I don't know how effective it will be on the hair but it's worth the try hope this helps! :-) love the videos keep up the good work xoxo

shaylachinaye26: what kind of hair do you have in right now

nia love: your hair looks pretty

sexykey2007: What lipstick r u wearing???

Ivy Powell: @misslasha321 wow good idea!!!

ashleyrp2007: can you take the glue off the weft? or is it stuck on?

cockyme33: oh ok thnks so much

Eirrie1229: which hair is better genesis or madira

Itslisousbaby Stephenson: Ivy I've use the glue gun method and i hated it I wanted to tell you but I thought maybe its something I did wrong and the other thing is using it on your expensive hair and when you take it off the cap I find its a bitch to use it again cuz the damn glue doesnt come off and its so hard to sew cuz of the colour of the glue it doesnt look good anyways let me kno what your out come is. Love watching ur vids gurl keep up the good work

Ivy Powell: @Babylisous1000 :-( im going to figure out something lol im reusing this hair for summer!!!!

ESBEAUTII: I was not expecting those tracks to come off the cap that easy lol


Teneikaw1: U are working that lip color. ;) what is on it?

Ivy Powell: @Teneikaw1 Brave by mac

LiveLaughLoveJapan: hmmmm, i would assume that the hot glue gun method seals the wefts... :]

Lilcutenurse: Iy's still cute and the hair your now is the super cute

JazzyJuJuBee82: I recommend you using my (FUSION) method so you won't have to worry about tracks coming apart love. That was the whole point when I introduced it to help so you won't have headache's. Cheap sticks will give you a non lasting affect. They are made for crafting and Fusion has a high potency adhesive to last when I apply extensions for my clients. Hope this helps you get a better understanding ;-)

FabLaneLooks: What kind of hair is that??!! It's beautiful!

yurika975: I think there are black glue gun sticks. I am thinking about getting some for ebay or something.

Shelley+3: i have a question do you cut the band on the dome cap off!

YaiiShanell: the hair you have in looks extremely natural :) & thanks for this vid

chiney611: is the nail polish you have on part of o.p.i nicki collection if not what is it?

Quandria Lasha: Try the fusion sticks next time if you do this again its much better

Ivy Powell: @ashleyrp2007 It's stuck lol Unless u pick it I'm not doing al that

Jerry Brooke: How many washes will the glue last?

Regina Humphreys: hey ivy what do use to on your edges

QutefaceMUA: I made my first upart last night and it was a disaster lol.. I got it on but its definitely not as easy as it looks. i saw u have the same head i used yet mine just seemed too small. Any suggestions?

MemeAChinaDoll: My goodness girl! You are beautiful!

Jazzmen Brown: Hey, Ivy. When you do your video about closures and stuff can you demonstrate how (or just tell me) how to color them? I have a natural brown closure from and its wayyyy to brown. I wanna color it black, but Im scared I may dye the lace. Any suggestions?

Jazzmen Brown: @poisonflowerivy thanks girl! you're the best!

UpTheAMP12: can you go in the pool with this method?


26classylady: You are so pretty

Ivy Powell: @roosteryme33 i did im sorry it did curl back up the same!!

Jiatae Daley: I tried this when I watched your first vid abt the hot glue wig. But I didn't measure and I glued the excess down. It was way too big for my head. But I'm gonna try again with less expensive hair

Freefalldreams: Yes, it's very very (VERY) beautiful. That said, I can't imagine why anyone who had hair of their own would constantly wear a wig. What you said about not washing it and about the glue's reaction heat made me wonder why you go to this much fuss. I guess you're one of the women who rushes away from any chance of rain, and never puts her head underwater at the pool or in the sea, all for fear of ruining her appearance. I realize a lot of people are like that, but I don't get it.

OSoGorgeouso: I never heard of this until now. I usually put the cap on my head so, a hot glue is a no no. I'm not big on sewing either. Glue has worked out just fine.

smexxibabe1234: So overall would you recommend the vigringlam hair?

Ivy Powell: @sexykey2007 brave by mac!

MotherLioness17: Off topic* I love your lipstick Ivy, what brand and color is it, if you don't mind me asking?

143twinston: what are some of the pros and cons of making a u part wig wigs?

cockyme33: i kinda was hoping u would hv straightened it,, cz i wanted to see if it would curl back up i jus got sum hair frm them in today

tonihubb: Good idea your so purty

Ivy Powell: thnx guys!!!

Tiphanie Renee: check out dare 2 wear hair fb dare wear hair

Ivy Powell: @AHeartAfterHim ok i will do a tutorial on how to fix closures asap!!!!! look for it like friday ok!! :-)

sade8821: Good thing I saw this because I was thinking about doing the glue gun method. But I want a more permanent finish so I guess I'll just sick to sewing it in. thanks

Hot glue upart wig HIT or Miss? 4.7 out of 5

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Hot glue upart wig HIT or Miss?