Carb Problems On Husqvarna 326l Trimmer

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Carb problems on Husqvarna 326l Trimmer
Carb problems on Husqvarna 326l Trimmer
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stratmister: I can't help, but my Husqy chainsaw is doing the same thing at the moment.

th19940305: @Davoutay Yes i do know all this ive been working on them for 2 years now. Ive fixed near 100 weedeaters so its a 2nd life to me. It is just the carb is messed up nothing else is wrong i just need a new carb for it

emmawagner1: Check the prime ball and make sure it has no cracks

th19940305: @1972FordF150 of course, it wouldnt prime right if they werent

Billy Bob: As others have said and just to be clear.The primer bulb pulls the fuel through the carburetor and then dumps whatever isn't used back in the tank. The supply line at the bottom of the carb goes to the fuel tank with the fuel filter on the end. The upper line on the primer bulb goes to the upper connection on the carb to suck the fuel through the carb. The bottom connection on the primer bulb is the dump/return line back into the tank through the other black grommet.

th19940305: yea, new carb, its onlyy like $25 on partstree

th19940305: @workensmart yea i have one on order, i dont know if its gonna come thought its been a few months maybe ill get another somewhere else?

kytrails: Worked all day today cleaning carb

kytrails: Where was leak, I have almost exactly the same trimmer with the same problem

westernhunter38: Check the "In-Tank" fuel filter. Those things get clogged with dust or dirt over time making fuel flow irregular. Also, you say the thing was run before you without an airfilter? That's never good. These 2 strokes are very fussy about having clean air in the mix. Depending how long and the conditions it was run with no airfilter, the cyliner head or rings could be trashed. But it sounds like your getting only the primed fuel to burn. Fuel flow is bad. Replace the fuel filter.

th19940305: @stutest2 ive tryed all of that

kytrails: Only to find that it still does exactly same thing

th19940305: @Liamautomechanic yea i know but any gueses on how to fix it

Davoutay: I hope it's running by now, but if it's not, recheck the fuel line hookup. It's very easy to get the lines mixed up, especially with the remote purge bulb. First of all, the line from the tank (with the filter on it) goes to the carburetor inlet. The line coming out of the carburetor goes to the purge bulb inlet (or sucking) side. The outlet (blowing side) from the purge bulb goes back into the tank.

terrylikestractors: Not sure if you got it fixed or not but I see you have new fuel lines that's what I would check first replaced lines on mine the other day and the man at the hardware shop gave me one size too small when I put it together ran fine on choke but shut off with no choke went back and got size .177 line it sealed tight in tank now with bigger line all is good

Liamautomechanic: take carb off again, strip and clean, dirt still, blocked jet, remove, strip, steep in some gas, blow out carb with air line,reassemble,try that, check compression with a tester,

Liamautomechanic: thats how we cleaned the FIAT carbs 30 years ago, still works today, gum in main jet chamber, soak carb, and metal parts in cellious thinner, blow out chambers with air line, dont get thinner on plastic or rubber parts, so good luck, adjust carb after,

Randy robinson: ya i had same problem, it was the lil screen in carb behind primer

Penguinboy1995: @jonesbrent85 yeah buddy

1972FordF150: This might be a stupid question but.....Are the fuel lines hooked up right ?

Billy Bob: Yeah, I'm sure you have but that information may help someone else, I just thought I would make it more clear on how the lines connect. And yes, one of my local shops can order the carb for $24. I was also told by more than one shop that 50% of the time after rebuilding the carbs they still don't run right. If the rebuild kit is around $10-12 its not worth messing with rebuilding one and still have problems. I hope the new carb fixes it for you. Mine is 7 yrs old and runs like new now :-)

Liamautomechanic: carb starved of gas,

Fred Flintstone: My trimmer is having the same problems.It will only run smooth and full out when the choke is in the half way position.Not that there is an actual half way position. MORON! Which leads me to believe there is an air leak,a fuel vacuum leak,or the fuel is full of crap,like your mouth. You freakin' crap bird.

Mrtocoolforyou12: it needs half choke to run properly

th19940305: @Sandman2578 as i have told everyone its not the lines ive checked them multiple times, i just ordered a new carb for it, it was only $30

Matt Ostrowski: hey take out the spark aresstor and clean it problem solved DONT BUY A NEW CARB WASTE OF MONEY

th19940305: @Sandman2578 Yea i work at a mower repair shop, they have 100s of used carbs but i couldnt find the right one, so i ordered a new one

xboxmanluke: high low speed setting on the carb adjust both

1972FordF150: @th19940305 I've had fuel lines hooked up backwards before and they primed.....The return line was far down in the tank though.

Brent Jones: buy a new carb thats the best i can tell you.

dcplace2007: This kid is a frigging idiot. No shyt it will stop running--you left the choke on the entire time! No telling what else this idiot is doing so this machine won't run. The lever in the up position is in the run position. People like this unfortunately breed.

th19940305: @MyKubotaAUS the exhaust is good

th19940305: @westernhunter38 i have replaced the filter, its not that. The owner has given this to me now since it needs a new carb body, its warped i think from time. It has good compression so its not taht.

Rarrin9378: Bad fuel lines?

hamtalker2007: turn off the choke lol

Brent Jones: @th19940305 i here you on that im going to put a new carb on that echo as soon as get some money becouse im have the same problems with that echo

Brent Jones: @Penguinboy1995 1puglife lol chooch it lol

th19940305: @1972FordF150 yea ive checked mine there correct

MyKubota AUS: check exaust

Wes Keese: check for cracks in gas line or filter in tank or small screen under primer ball remove and put primer ball back on

th19940305: @Penguinboy1995 yea i know i was hoping it was something simple i didnt do guess not though

xboxmanluke: @th19940305 might be a bad diagphram from not using an air filter try a different carb and intake and double check the muffler and muffler screen .... maybe spark plug

th19940305: @xboxmanluke ive tried both, and carb has all new diaphrams

Penguinboy1995: oh no buddy shes pooched :)

th19940305: @Mrtocoolforyou12 it wont even run at half choke, at full it wil for a little then die

th19940305: @jonesbrent85 well i dont want to spend $60 on a new carb im trying to fix it to sell and make some money

ScagSWZU: The same thing happened to me switch the fuel lines on the primer and it should suck the fuel from the carb and not dump it into it

Liamautomechanic: @th19940305 well i had the exact problem with my strimmer, 1st, strip carb down, soak carb metal parts only, in jam jar of thinner for 2 hours,blow out with air line, reassemble two mix screws and diaphram, and other rubber parts[,dont get thinner on rubber parts],reassemble, screw out mix screws 1 and 1/4 turn each, and start,

Barry Brilliant: I am having the same problem. Did you solve it?

Bry4n104: it was a fuel vacuum problem. your the only perso on youtube with as many weed whackers as me. and for all the views out there join the 20 plus trimmer club!
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Carb problems on Husqvarna 326l Trimmer