Toenail Straightening Spring Clip For Curved Or Ingrown Toenails

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go Fish: I couldn’t find these for sale anywhere, so I decided to make some from hair barrettes/ bobby pins. I made them using two needle nose pliers, nail polish remover to remove the paint, and a nail file to smooth out the sharp edges. I used it for a few hours yesterday evening after soaking in warm Epsom salt water and it really flattened out the nail. I used Goody brand bobby pins part# 01465 that I found at a local store.

Alicia Azzara: Where can I buy it? I can't find them anywhere. Who is the seller on ebay?

Mia a: Anyone looking for this google "CurveCorrect" they have them available 

edoswyfe: I can't find it to buy....what do you call it when searching for it?

Dothan Kim: do I have to go to a doctor to get this? or can I buy this somewhere and do it myself?

RSH21: Does it come in different sizes? Everyones toe is different how do you choose the right size


tetranode0: does this work? my toenail was ingrown, but now the nail rubs against the skin because its curved down from when it was ingrown...

Joylyn Day: It looks like a small hair clip to me...

cydoc: anyone know where can I buy this now? It is not on ebay anymore.

Darrell Hass: Well I did a reverse google image search using a few frames from your video and only found "toenail straightening clip" as the name in the US and Yes, they are not easy to find. Hope that helps

Lea n Ale: is it hurting ?

nicolesamsonite: whats the point of this? is it for ingrown nails?

Cathy Baker: Thank you for posting this. I've searched this product and cannot find it anywhere. Would you please provide more information on the product? 

AnnMichelle Dumais: Unable to find one of these, looked all over E-bay and Amazon, perhaps you could list the name of the seller if you still have the information, thanks

yourmom102938: This is the neatest thing ever.

Jayson Tan Po Chew: I live at Malaysia and is there any way to buy this clip ? Cuz I can't buy it from eBay as it only delivers to other country except Malaysia

Jason Wilson: Hey everyone. Here is the sellers name on ebay. homeopathicsolutions. the only problem is , no international orders. So, you would have to find someone in the States to send them out to you or try and talk to the seller.

stuckinthrcity1: Can not find

sixtyfiveford: Who knew such a thing existed....

Tomas Hlavenka: I bent my nail and then cut the toenail off

Jennifer Davies: Did it have a manufacturer name please? I can only find the plastic bracket and that looks poor in comparison. Anyone who finds it please post here :-)

sweetcheeks201165: I wonder if they have one for finger nails? I have one nail that curves over when it grows

tracy vasser: I can't find one. Do you know where I can get one?

sumrsolo: Thank You :) I will look into finding one.

GtJulie Mango: Hi, this is interesting. I need this to reshape my middle toes. They both grow the same awkward way on both feet and can be quite painful during winter months. I will check ebay for this product. Thank you and the Mrs. for posting!!

bozo buns: The guy who was selling the clip is off of ebay currently. I bought one the wrong size and have emailed him to no end. There is another way to solve the problem though. Someone else is selling a plastic leaf spring that you crazy glue on and it basically does the same thing. Then when the nail grows out you just cut the spring off. That was also on ebay. Keep on doing searches for ingrown toenail and you will hit on it.

d c: please post if ANYONE finds it - thanks

Bado Seroy: can't find "homeopathicsolutions" in it would be more helpful if Jason Wilson can give us a link to the store.

doodydot: what is it called? for ebay search. Thank you.

YooperSue1: Not listed on e-Bay under any of the search phrases.

d c: frustrating - i can't find it either
Toenail Straightening Spring Clip for Curved or Ingrown Toenails 4.4 out of 5

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Toenail Straightening Spring Clip for Curved or Ingrown Toenails