Guerrilla Grafters: Splicing Fruit Onto A City's Trees

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Kevin Rack: Here is the future of food security and carbon tax.

Johan Beaurain: ‘Here is a group of pro active San Franciscans who go around town illegally grafting fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing fruit trees. Now people walking down the street can help themselves to a piece of fruit!’ - Bibi Farber, Nextworldtv

NFO: The Guerrilla Grafters are a group of San Franciscans who believe urban trees are a precious thing to waste on simple flowers.

Mike Newell: san francisco spawns guerrilla fruit growers....

Michael Bernstein: Heard of Guerilla Gardening? This is Guerilla GRAFTING! h/t to +Annie Haven.

Felicia Friesema: Brilliant idea. Graft fruiting stock onto non-fruiting city trees to provide food.

Dr. Christian J. Grothaus: via Lahn Jung JuLes . Do you already know what is #Urban #Grafting ?

Todd Hoff: Love this idea!

Stacey Warde: support your local guerrilla grafters…

Earth Beat: On this week's show we'll be speaking to the Guerrilla Grafters group. They illegally graft fruiting varieties of trees to the sterile ones found on the streets of San Francisco. This video explains more...

Long Valley Permaculture: Guerrilla your neighborhood

Bohemian Wrecks: I have a buddy who has sown thousands of MaryJane seeds throughout a few cities. What a way to bless people. I call him Johnny AppleWeed

Vinod P S: Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city's trees

alphasxsignal: The city will lock her up for screwing with their trees.

juki0h: the chink sounds like a retarded 9 year old girl, lol

Test channel. failure.: often I piss at those trees sorry

Hhydrogen4Power: If you take a seed from any fruit it can be grafted into any tree. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. David A. Puchta

JeabAom555: Do the fruits pick up pollutants from the street environment?

massivejester: I think maybe the exhausts from cars can make some fruit not very nice to eat, maybe, im not really sure! ANyone who knows? Very nice idea tho! =)

weeearthlings: SO AWESOME! I'm a gorilla gardener on a small scale but grafting cuts the time it will take for the trees to bare fruit. Good on ya'll beautiful work.

UnitedFarmersOrg: Way cool

8w9hf89hw: dogs piss on those trees

l1f0reilly: I love it! What I can't stand are ornamental trees that make a mess but serve no purpose other than shade and oxygen. They could be providing food too!

Uni Emailer: Of course it's the people that don't pay attention that have the most stupidity to spread around. Did you miss the part where the trees have tenders to prevent such atrocities? You need to eat some fruit.

BaberJacks: worked when mum put a apple tree to a pear

Test channel. failure.: poison fruit

CobMaker: GUERRILLA HORTICULTURE! We gave up our freedom when we stopped growing our own food. I love this...taking it back....

ToolsnFire: @gayraw , grafting is a fundamental of many civilizations' fruit growing practices, for the sake of cloning, consistent higher quality that is.

Illyrien: Impressive, I did not know grafting could do that. I got to check out the limits, this should make it possible to make some rather interesting trees.

michael westrick: You should leave nature alone..Silly Americans

Uni Emailer: Jackass much?

OneTearofJoy: What a great idea! I love it!!!

rorogarion1: The important part of this is getting people to take ownership of the trees. I've had a pear tree and we'd get tons of rotten, fallen pears that needed to be collected and trashed. That said, I love this idea and am glad they are doing this.

Dustrick: It works. We should have done this years ago! People WILL eat fruit if it was right outside their doors.

Ruralife: are they saying that the fruit trees attract rats? I could see how/why that would be a problem.

LuckyGuu: please plant 100,000 Palm Trees around SF, especially The tenerloin! Buy small palms trees and do it, just do it

spikespeigel: this is cool, but it will make a mess lol

DefinedAsHuman: This is awesome on so many levels, unfortunately, pollution, heavy metals, etc, concentrate into fruit.

0olong: What a nice idea. I'm disappointed that all the links on the guerrillagrafters web site seem to be broken though. :-/

donkeycupcake: I've heard that one of the big reasons that people feel like their allergies are going crazy these days, more than, say, a decade ago, is that city designers Only plant male trees and plants in cities, so they wont have the mess of fallen fruit (female plants). So the pollen is everywhere, but no fruit...anyway, this is to explain why cities don't often have fruit-bearing trees around

ASK Wilde Hilde: Check out the Moringa oleifera Tree videos ... perfect for San Diego. An important food tree that could naturalize down there!!

wackkuntucky: this is totally awesome

Jake Martin: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE such a great project keep it up!

ifantisteo: panta anarotiomoyn ti xreiazomaste oles aytes tis axristes neratzies stin athina poy vromizoyn ta pezodromia mono! an itan portokalia mantarinia tha ginotan xamos kai den tha periseye kai kanena na petane stoys dosylogoys politikantides :)

ramayomama: Goddamn if it ain't right outside my house!

david kiang: Thought when it comes to fruit trees, grafting must be done within the same species. Citrus is the most forgiving; lemon, grapefruit, tangerine scion onto orange trees. Apple onto a pear tree doesn't work too well.

Anthony Rizzo: What a gift of life you’re giving. Fruiting trees means more wildlife. More wildlife means a healthier city. Thank you for caring.

michael westrick: Cool......I thought they might do that naturally in nature.....

Paulo Silva: Very good idea, I graft my trees at home :)
Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city's trees 4.9 out of 5

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Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city's trees