Guerrilla Grafters: Splicing Fruit Onto A City's Trees

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FreedomRebels: Great idea ... Anybody in the UK have the skills to do this ?

Žiga Černigoj: Good idea, but I have some concerns. Is this fruit edible? I mean, if you graft a poisonous tree so that it grows apples, these apples are not edible. Ok, maybe better question: are trees poisonous?

goldmaz23: the problem is that they are not grafting the trees right . You dont graft up the limb, you do it close to the base . That way the grafted in tree will take over the tree .

laurie ann wilks: Great idea..

Jesus: Soo awesome!

slipping on the fruit is the worst argument against fruit trees lol

Mosby's men: how about a video on how to do the grafts

kued562: is this even legal?

B Charron: "it says in genesis, "Multiple and be plentiful, and I believe this is what the proverb actually means; to produce, and propagate."

Cindl Bergen: I visited Central America years ago and witnessed fruit trees growing in abundance throughout the urban areas. Then I returned to America and became enraged every time I saw a Bradford "Pear" on a city street. We need free and sustainable food in our society.

alphasxsignal: The city will lock her up for screwing with their trees.

Bohemian Wrecks: I have a buddy who has sown thousands of MaryJane seeds throughout a few cities. What a way to bless people.  I call him Johnny AppleWeed

tyreza79: can we graft any tree to any tree ? or there are rules ? in my city most trees have no familial relation to any fruit tree ? so whats is to do

cryptoprocta: of course they would, but all of our food is heavily polluted with pesticides and herbicides anyway, and the same precautions would have to be taken before consumption

JeabAom555: Do the fruits pick up pollutants from the street environment?

Roxanne Sterling-Falkenstein: Check out the Moringa oleifera Tree videos ... perfect for San Diego. An important food tree that could naturalize down there!!

Uni Emailer: Of course it's the people that don't pay attention that have the most stupidity to spread around. Did you miss the part where the trees have tenders to prevent such atrocities? You need to eat some fruit.

Uni Emailer: Jackass much?

Ian Galope: WHOA

LuckyGuu: please plant 100,000 Palm Trees around SF, especially The tenerloin! Buy small palms trees and do it, just do it

John Dorig: Love it!
Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city's trees 5 out of 5

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Guerrilla grafters: splicing fruit onto a city's trees