Anthony's How To Add Tracfone Air Time Phone Card Video

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Anthony's How to add Tracfone air time phone card video
Anthony's How to add Tracfone air time phone card video
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Tracfone Review
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Unboxing and loading the Tracfone Samsung T404G Triple Minutes Phone with 400 minutes
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francis mingora: net 10 is beather get more mins for yur money 40 muth unlimted 25 bucks 750 mins or 1000 mins for 25 bucks pay as u go 300 mins or 600 txt 30 bucks for 2 muths´╗┐

April TracFone: Hi, this is April and I work for TracFone. If you have any questions or concerns about your service ot tyhe product, please email me your contact information to Please copy and paste this blog info on the email and include your name, contact number and your phone serial or cell phone number.

Bonnie Autry: You don't have to buy a card. You can buy it from

AQuintanilla10: Hey! I work for Tracfone customer service, and customer like you is the one that we appreciate! i hope every people was smart as you are, anyway, you customer please call us when you have an issue with your celphones remember we are here to help you! :)

L.Dot. M.: Much easier to go to their webpage and put your min on there.. LG800G is a good phone I think the Minutes for one year is a good deal too..Thanks TF

anchan15: @SnapDragon112 Thank you very much for your comment. Tracfone is a wise choice to make if you are like me who doesn't need a fancy phone and doesn't depend on a phone too much on a daily basis. When you add a card, it will tell your the remaining minutes and service days. Just remember that if you text a lot, get virgin mobile or some other phone with free text at a reasonable price. I've talked to a few virgin mobile owners and they are quite pleased with it. Good luck!

.:;El_Gallina:;.: Nice vid tracfone are the best i use one as my spear from my smartphone. There in expensive & service is great (-:

tornmask: thx very much (anchan15) for this amazing review, but the era i commited was i didn't unwrap the "Tracfone Savings Book" that came inside the box wen i purchased the LG500G & i put in the code w/o out it, oh well better try nxt time, cheers! x0]

TheGwmichael: The Samsung is what I prefer to the LG. If you get the tracfone year card with 400minutes it is just so easy and inexpensive. Is this card still on amazon I want one? This is a really informing video wel done!

silverreploid CLE: You can find airtime pin numbers online, right? By the way, great video and phone! I have LG420g.

Christopher711: I have internet on my laptop. I can't understand why anybody would want to watch internet on a tiny cell phone screen.


anchan15: @blkcolas If your service expire, you will lose your phone number and there is no penalty fee. You have to upload a new phone card before the service expire. Length of the service days depend on your card. If you get the 60minute card, that is good for three months (the last time i checked).I haven't got any spam texts except for texts from Tracfone. You will get update on your phone card texts from Tracfone 2-3 times a month. Its true that you cannot disable texting I hope this helps

SnapDragon112: I really appreciate this video as this guy has broken it down so that I can understand. I cannot believe that it you buy the year option you only pay 2.5 cents per minute which is amazing. I am planning to move to Tracfone as I really cannot continue with my contract anymore unfortunately life has been a little rough with me and finance's are VERY limited. For the year option is there something that tell's you its been a year now top up again or not?

beyondsnoops: where can youu buy them?

nomadrpg: okay old video. but save yourself some cash and buy your minute cards off ebay for 25-30 dollars lees for the year card. just a suggestion.

anchan15: @blkcolas Your welcome and thank you for your comment. One thing everyone should keep in mind about tracfone is that customer service is very bad. I wish it was better but I guess there is a downside to something that is cheap (in terms of phone plan). Good luck on choosing your new phone!
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Anthony's How to add Tracfone air time phone card video